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Build an audience of a vlogger

Video production and interaction with your audience is very time-consuming. Unfortunately, the success of your channel depends on consistency. This is where Youtube automation software steps in – it can help you automatically schedule your videos, post comments and click ‘like’ on them. 

Since Youtube doesn’t promote inactive videos, and a small new channel can only have so much activity, gathering your Youtube audience can be very difficult at first. Achieving this milestone is easier with Youtube automation software and bots like Jarvee or Socinator. If you pair your proxies with these bots, you can generate views and subscribers. Besides, the first day after posting is crucial, and the views generated by proxies can be the boost you need for your video to go viral.

avoid IP blocks with proxies

Make your videos travel the world

Proxies are essential if you want to conduct your marketing campaigns from China, Iran, Eritrea, North Korea, Sudan, South Sudan, Syria, Tajikistan, or Turkmenistan. Youtube is blocked in these countries, but high-quality proxies can make this block go away, and let you access huge volumes of restricted content. 

If you come by a video and you see "Video unavailable", that means it’s blocked due to Copyright and Intellectual Property Protection Laws. If you want to have the opportunity to see these kinds of videos and their metrics (the like/dislike rate and comments), then using proxies is the only way to achieve this.

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Conduct flawless Youtube research

The obvious Youtube scraping benefits include anything from Youtube profile analysis, market research, identifying influencers, and performing content gap analysis, to finding trending topics. It allows you to find royalty free video and audio materials (they usually have the CC mark). Whether you’re building your own scraper or using a ready-made solution like Scrapebox, you’ll need real IPs to cross out the word “aspiring” next to “Youtuber”.

avoid free youtube proxies

Free Youtube proxies will not work

These proxies are low-quality ones that bring more trouble and bulk blocks than fame and fortune. However, our tried and tested proxies will deliver – see for yourself by shooting your shot with a 100MB trial for just $2.

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Why you should use our Youtube proxies

  • IPs lasting up to 30 min.

    Choose the slow rotation to make your IP last longer. Create, automate and manage multiple accounts without any IP blocks.

  • Unlimited geo-targeting

    Bypass all blocks with IPs from 190+ locations, including state-level and city-level targeting.

  • Unlimited proxies

    Unlimited IPs, targets and concurrent connection requests as you pay per traffic (GBs).

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