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Best Residential Proxies for Reddit

Scrape Reddit, run bot software, and manage multiple accounts without breaking a sweat with Metrow proxies.
reddit proxies
Unlimited Reddit proxies
for every user
10M+ IP addresses
with any plan
Global coverage
from 190+ locations
Automatic IP rotation
with up to 30 min. sessions

Turn Reddit blocks into a thing of the past

integrate proxies with bots

Manage multiple Reddit accounts

Reddit runs on the idea that a single person should have a single account. Making multiple Reddit accounts will heavily and negatively affect your upvoting and downvoting powers. You can even get shadowbanned.


Residential IPs are the way to circumvent these issues. With enough addresses, you can easily run upvote bots without fear of Reddit blocks as you can always just create a new account. Additionally, all of them can be created on different residential IPs, meaning that the website will have a hard time tracking them, making you able to upvote and downvote with full power.

reddit proxies to avoid blocks

Get Reddit data with ease

With our residential and mobile IPs extracting Reddit data won’t be as challenging as it used to be. Every mobile and residential proxy in our pool has been carefully selected to ensure that they come from real household devices.


Coupled with our impressive server uptimes, you scrape Reddit data without worrying about losing access to the website. Even if you do land an IP ban, simply switching to another residential proxy out of over 10 million will solve the issue.


With Metrow, you can make Reddit data into something that’s easy to acquire and focus on analyzing the results.

Grow business with proxies

Build a Reddit bot empire

While others try to slowly build up their reputation, you can use our mobile and residential IPs to run a Reddit downvote bot network that will ensure that your content stays afloat. Our proxies will work equally as well in promoting content through upvote bots.

Take full control of Reddit data by using residential proxies that will be undetectable by the platform. Build up multiple accounts and ensure that the world gets to see your content.

The best residential Reddit proxies on the market

how to get proxies

Residential and mobile IPs for conquering Reddit

  • IPs lasting up to 30 min.

    Every Reddit proxy in our pool comes with customization options. You can tweak the proxy settings to switch IPs after each request or hold on to a single one for up to 30 minutes.

  • Easy authentication

    Make use of residential and mobile proxies in just a few simple steps. Whitelist your IP address or send the USER:PASS combination to our endpoint to authenticate. Once that’s done, you can use our residential and mobile IPs freely.

  • Unlimited mobile and residential proxies

    Our Reddit proxies are virtually unlimited - use as many IP addresses, connections, and sessions as you need. Our Reddit proxies are priced by traffic and that’s the only thing you pay for.

Reddit proxies with unbeatable prices

  • 5000+ ASN targeting
  • Only 3G and 4G IPs
  • Customizable IP rotation
  • Unlimited connections
Mobile Trial
$2 one day + VAT
$35 /mon +VAT
$160 /mon +VAT
100% safe transaction
We accept these payment methods:

Additional features added for free:

  • Unlimited threads
  • Dedicated account manager
  • User:pass authentication
  • Whitelist IP authentication
  • Dashboard and proxy usage statistics
Multiple payment methods

Buy residential proxies or mobile IPs through our payment provider Paddle. They have enabled all of the most popular online payment methods - PayPal, Credit and Debit Cards, iDEAL, and Google Pay. Get residential proxies with the most convenient method.

Monthly plans

Residential proxies and payments shouldn’t produce any anxiety. We want to help you focus on what truly matters - scaling your business. Our monthly subscription model for mobile and residential proxies will automatically renew so that you can focus on creating value.

24/7 customer support

Want to make better use of rotating residential proxies? Reach out to our customer support team! We have experience with rotating residential proxies, mobile IPs, and everything in between. We’ll get you through even the greatest challenges.

Customizable plans

Building up towards something amazing and need more traffic for your residential IPs? Get a custom offer by using our contact us form, tell us a little bit more about your plans, and we’ll get you as many residential IPs and traffic as you need to make your dream a reality.

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Your Reddit proxies await

Your proxies await.

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