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Social Media Proxies

Choose reliable residential proxies for your social media management. Be sure your multiple social media accounts are smoothly managed without IP blocks and location restrictions. Forget searching for a free proxy every time you need to manage your social accounts. Save your time, value your anonymity.
social media management proxies
Unlimited proxies
for every user
10M+ IP pool
with any plan
Unlimited geo-targeting
from 190+ locations
Automatic IP rotation
with up to 30 min. sessions

Social Media Proxies for a Block-Free Account Management

proxies to manage accounts

Manage multiple social media accounts - choose from 10M+ dedicated proxies

Whether you're just starting to tackle social networks or you’re one of those high-skilled social media marketers, you probably know that you won’t get far without quality social media proxies. You might have the best bots in town, but that won’t save you from getting banned. But our social media proxies will.

Many websites have multiple ways of spotting and blocking bots. This is where our residential proxies come in to make your bot look like an actual user. 

unlimited IP locations

Safely connect to social media networks around the world

Dip into our pool of over 10M IP addresses, and use precise geo-targeting to reach your users in their own homes with ease. Now you can post Craigslist ads in New York, create Reddit or Facebook accounts in India, and manage multiple Instagram accounts for a German audience from your own couch.

Metrow social media proxies allow connecting to a wide selection of locations. You can target countries, states, and even cities. No free proxies would enable you to connect to different locations and stay as secure as our social media IPs. To be honest, our price is probably even too low for what we’re offering!

avoid IP blocks with proxies

Dive through multiple social media accounts without any limits

If you still wonder why use a proxy for creating social media accounts, the answer is right here.

Various social media sites, such as Instagram and Twitter, limit the number of accounts created from one IP address. You might need to create and manage more than one social media account to reach your target audience.

Our proxies come with multiple different IPs, so your home IP address will not get blocked before you manage to hit sign up. Choose a slow rotation session (up to 30 min) to create your new accounts – all of them will use their own proxies. Make as many accounts as you want – our IP pool of 10 million will definitely come in handy. 

Accessible residential proxies

  • Only real devices IPs
  • Sticky or rotating connection
  • Country/city/state targeting
  • Unlimited threads
Resi Trial
$2 one day + VAT
$10 /mon +VAT
$47.5 /mon +VAT
100% safe transaction
We accept these payment methods:

Additional features added for free:

  • 190+ locations
  • User:pass and Whitelist IP authentication
  • Dedicated account manager
  • 10M+ IPs pool
  • Dashboard and proxy usage statistics

Other types of proxies available 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are social media proxies?

    Social media proxies are residential IP addresses that are connected to a residential home address. To create multiple accounts on social media, companies use more than one IP address. It’s simply because creating a bulk of social media accounts from one IP address will get the IP blocked. To create many accounts, companies need help from proxy servers. 

    Some proxy providers may offer free social media proxies. But the cost of a free social media proxy is a constant struggle of finding an IP that is not blocked. They may also compromise your anonimity. Dedicated social media proxies free you from the hassle of constantly looking for reliable IPs for managing multiple accounts. Choosing private proxies that you pay for saves you time.

  • Why use a proxy for creating social media accounts?

    For those individuals, who only have one Facebook account, a couple of Instagram profiles, proxies are not needed. However, companies often use multiple accounts on social media networks to build on their brand. 

    Social media automation is one of the main tasks for those who provide social media service. A single IP address does not do the job when you need to create social media accounts for many users. This is where social media proxies become irreplaceable. 

    Proxies allow connecting from locations all over the world. Social media accounts often provide content relevant to different locations, so proxies help you reach content and audience that otherwise wouldn’t be available.

  • Why are rotating residential proxies perfect for bulk social media accounts?

    Residential proxies are IP addresses assigned by Internet Service Providers (ISP) to home addresses or mobile devices.  Every individual who uses the internet has an IP address assigned to their home or their device. And this is the case for everyone around the world. When using residential proxies, you can use different residential IPs, and change your location. This allows receiving content that may be unavailable from your original location.

    Our social media proxies allow targeting different locations. You can set your proxy location by choosing from a list of countries or multiple cities.

    Rotating IPs ensure that your bot activity online resembles real users. If you send many requests to the same target from the same IP address, the IP gets banned. Rotating proxies mean that you can change your IP address with every request you send, or keep the same IP for your set duration. Doing this allows you to manage bulk social media accounts without getting blocked.

Your proxies await.

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