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UseViral Review (2022) - Is it Legit?


Taking the first steps on social media networks is difficult for any business, entrepreneur, or influencer. The algorithms are somewhat rigged against small players, so you must find external tools for social media growth. Unfortunately, not all of them are worth the money, with some outright scams.

That is why we decided to write a UseViral review. It is one of the most promising services with an exceptionally large number of features for different social media networks. Let’s look into the pros and cons of UseViral and answer whether you should give them a try.


What is UseViral?


UseViral is an all-inclusive social media growth service that can help you with most platforms. They have various packages for Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Spotify, TikTok, and many other social media networks. Most of the services are packages of likes, comments, followers, and similar user engagement metrics. 


Their official website is full of positive customer reviews and promising promotions. As UseViral is a social media growth service, not an automation tool, we should underline the risks with using one. Both of the categories are broadly defined below.

Automation tools, such as those for YouTube, use bots to ease the management of multiple accounts. They automate liking, following, commenting, and many other tasks saving time and increasing the visibility of your social media accounts.


Social media growth services boost your social media growth by almost instantly increasing the needed metrics for a fixed price. Instead of meddling with bots, you simply pay and see the engagement in your social media accounts skyrocket. Since the growth is so quick, it is somewhat more noticeable.

UseViral falls into the latter category and has been on the market for several years. Operating on the largest number of social media platforms, it encompasses a number of features that other social media growth services or automation tools do not deliver.


UseViral features


There are three steps to buying UseViral’s services. The first step is choosing a service - you can select from one of the many available social media networks and packages. Larger quantity orders are usually cheaper per unit of user engagement metric.


The second step is to enter the details of your social media accounts - username or a profile link. You don't need to provide your password. Then you have to make a payment. UseViral accepts common payment cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover). Unlike some other social media marketing services, it doesn't require you to pay with cryptocurrency.


Lastly, you wait for the results on your chosen social media platform. No more actions are needed from your side as UseViral takes care of everything else. Most services are delivered within 24 hours. Sometimes there are exceptions, but you can always contact their customer support if any issues arise.

The list of packages is extensive as all social media platforms have different metrics you can boost. On top of that, there are actions available outside social media networks. We won’t be able to cover everything in our UseViral review, so we chose the ones that best highlight the pros and cons.




UseVrial's Instagram promotion service is quite extensive. They offer followers, comments, likes, and views (ordinary, story, or reels). Other engagement metrics include saves, shares, impressions, and even mentions or story poll votes.


The most advanced feature of their Instagram service is targeted followers. You can pay to receive not just any followers but a target audience according to gender and location. Their location list isn't very extensive but covers the basics - India, Europe, Hong Kong, Korea, and the United States.




Out of all social media platforms, TikTok is the fastest-growing among the young generation. It didn't take much time for UseViral to add the basic features for this platform. You can purchase video views, live views, likes, shares, followers, and comments. Compared to other growth services, it is quite cheap too.




There's a lot of money to be made on YouTube by promoting your business or monetizing channels. UseViral can kickstart your campaign by increasing YouTube subscribers, views, watch hours, likes, and comments. There's not much more needed if you work smart and invest some time.


For those who do not have the patience for growing their own channel, UseViral offers the possibility to purchase an already monetized YouTube channel. The hard work is already done, as it has a thousand subscribers and four thousand watch hours.




A good reputation on Twitter means a lot when it comes to increasing the number of active followers on this social media platform. UseViral can deliver all the basics for fast growth on Twitter - followers, likes, retweets, and video views.




LinkedIn is the place of social media growth for professionals. Business representatives and freelancers use it to find quality leads and partnerships. But results on this platform take a lot of engagement - followers, likes, views, shares, connections, and comments. UseViral can increase all of these metrics for you to build a good reputation.




Facebook is the largest social media network today. So, unsurprisingly, UseViral has an extensive list of features for this platform. You can purchase followers, likes, video views, comments, friend requests, likes, and reactions for a personal profile. 


Business uses include actions such as fan page and website likes, product and service reviews, votes on pools, and post shares. An interesting feature of this growth service is the possibility of buying website traffic from Facebook to your website.




If you want your music or podcasts to reach a bigger audience, Spotify is the place to do it. But to get recommended to listeners and featured on popular playlists, you need a significant amount of monthly listeners, followers, plays, and saves.


UseViral growth service can provide these metrics in no time. Even more, it covers other similar social media networks too. Tidal, Deezer, and Audiomack have equivalent features available.




Pinterest might seem like a small platform for effective social media campaigns. But it is the best place to reach the target audience for those into arts and crafts. UseViral sells Pinterest followers, Re-pins, saves, likes and reactions. There's not much more you need to get the ball rolling on this platform.


Android and iOS


UseViral can also boost the popularity of your app, as it has features for Android and IOs. You can purchase app installs (Android and IOs) and app reviews on the IOs store. Unfortunately, the features end here, but Android and IOs features are a very welcoming addition to the rest of UseViral's features.


Purchasing social media accounts


Creating and growing a large number of accounts yourself takes a lot of time. UseViral can solve this problem by selling the needed accounts to you. 

They provide social media accounts for most platforms, and some even have additional customization options for the time and location of creation. However, you will still need to take some precautions and use quality residential proxies while logging in. Otherwise, you risk getting the accounts banned.


Website traffic


Sometimes social media growth services are not enough, especially if you need to attract customers to your website. More website traffic can increase your website's authority in the eyes of Google, which leads to more visitors from organic search results. UseViral has an additional feature to increase your geo-targeted and referral traffic.




One of the reasons you don't get enough active followers might be the lack of reviews for your products or services. UseViral can cover your Google, Trustpilot, Yelp, Facebook, and TripAdvisor reviews. Interestingly, they even offer negative reviews, so you could react to them quickly and show clients that you care about solving the issues.


UseViral: Pros and Cons




Security. UseViral’s website uses HTTPS encryption, the payment methods are trustworthy, and they do not ask for passwords or registration. However, they do not have an About Us page, so credible company information is lacking.

Customer support. UseViral is responsive to customer queries through their contact form. You can check your order status, get answers to general questions, and order customized services if needed.

Instant delivery. UseViral promises fast delivery, so most orders take twenty-four hours. If it takes longer, you can contact their customer support. 


Refund policy. It is good to know that you can get your money back if UseViral does not meet your expectations. While they advertise a thirty-day money-back guarantee, a deeper look into their Terms and cConditions shows a fourteen-day full money-back guarantee, which is a little suspect. Still, it is better than the market average.




Reviews. Although there are plenty of positive reviews on UseViral’s website, it isn’t a credible source. Searching for reviews on sites like Trustpilot brings up no results, while forums and blogs are a mixed bag of varying opinions.


No free trial. While it isn’t a deal breaker, it gives a lot more credibility if you can test at least some of the growth features before paying. This great practice is becoming increasingly popular in this market, so hopefully, UseViral will catch up.


Subscriptions. At the time of writing, only the features of Instagram likes and followers come as a subscription service. UseViral competitors have long ago moved to a subscription-based model, which is not only more convenient but can also save money in the long run and make your accounts look more legitimate.


Lack of targeting. UseViral only offers targeted Instagram metrics, while all other platforms do not have this option. An advanced social media marketing strategy will require targeting specific demographics and locations on multiple platforms. UseViral isn’t the tool for this.


The possibility of bans. Although UseViral claims to take measures against bans, their methods are not well specified, and there is no possibility for the customer to control any of them. For example, controlling the pace of follower growth is becoming a necessity as social media platforms are getting more strict.




We won’t be able to cover the pricing of every feature in our UseViral review, but it is an important factor nonetheless. Understanding the main pricing plans will help you decide between choosing this all-inclusive service or looking for a separate one for all social media platforms.


UseViral has some affordable features. For example, Mr. Insta charges more for followers, with 6 USD for 100. However, for other social media networks, competitors have more flexible pricing. For instance, most TikTok growth services function on a subscription basis, so you might save a significant amount of money choosing them.


We provide a more extensive pricing list of metrics below. But the conclusion is that UseViral is an averagely-priced growth service, and you can find cheaper alternatives most of the time.




Likes Price
50 $1.47
100 $2.97
250 $4.99
500 $6.99
1000 $12.99
Followers Price
100 $2.97
250 $4.99
500 $6.99
1000 $12.99
2500 $29.99


Views Price
1000 $3.00
2500 $4.00
5000 $7.00
10000 $12.00
15000 $15.00
Likes Price
100 $2.00
250 $4.00
500 $7.00
1000 $19.00
1500 $15.00


Subscribers Price
100 $29.00
200 $35.00
300 $49.00
500 $97.00
750 $125.00
Likes Price
100 $4.00
250 $8.00
500 $15.00
1000 $28.00
2000 $49.00


Likes Price
100 $9.00
250 $14.00
500 $26.00
1000 $50.00
2500 $100.00
Followers Price
100 $9.00
250 $14.00
500 $26.00
1000 $50.00
2500 $100.00


Likes Price
250 $9.00
500 $16.00
1000 $29.00
2500 $59.00
5000 $99.00
Followers Price
250 $9.99
500 $18.00
1000 $29.00
2000 $54.00
5000 $69.00


Likes Price
100 $18.00
250 $29.00
500 $49.00
1000 $89.00
2500 $170.00
Followers Price
100 $6.00
250 $13.00
500 $25.00
1000 $49.00
2500 $99.00


Monthly listeners Price
1000 $6.00
1500 $13.00
2500 $25.00
5000 $49.00
7500 $99.00
Followers Price
100 $6.00
500 $10.00
1000 $14.00
2500 $28.00
5000 $42.00


Re-pins Price
100 $3.00
250 $6.00
500 $11.00
1000 1000
2500 $40.00
Followers Price
100 $8.00
250 $14.00
500 $26.00
1000 $54.00
2500 $125.00

Android and iOS

Android app installs Price
100 $49
250 $109
500 $209
IOs app installs Price
50 $79
75 $109
100 $130



Most social media accounts UseViral sells have similar pricing. A notable exception is monetized Youtube accounts, where the price for one account starts from 599 USD. However, the pricing doesn’t say much when purchasing accounts, as you must know their quality before buying.


The best strategy is to test multiple social media marketing services with smaller purchases before committing to one of them. There are plenty of alternatives for purchasing social media accounts on social media platforms like Instagram, Reddit, and others. Depending on your needs, other providers might be more budget-friendly.

Number of accounts Price
1 $2
5 $8
10 $15
25 $29
50 $57

Is UseViral legit?


UseViral is a legit growth service, but you should still take some precautions while using it. The possibility of bans and lack of trustworthy reviews are risks that come with most social media growth services. More noteworthy is that UseViral lacks free trials, subscriptions, and targeting features.


However, the risk of overpaying while using UseViral is the biggest concern. They provide the convenience of having almost every social media network covered in one place, but the pricing model isn’t always competitive. 


The best approach is to compare prices with other providers for every feature and choose the one that fits your needs the best. Test their features in low quantities and get in touch with their customer support to see for yourself how they would react to any issues.




The verdict of our UseViral review is mixed. The service does not live up to the hype advertisements, though it is a legitimate service with an impressive list of features. It will not replace every other social media growth service you have used previously, but it is worth a try.


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