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Trusy Social Review [2022] - Is It Legit?

Trusy Social

Trusy Social is a popular Instagram automation tool that purportedly uses some secret techniques coupled with dedicated account managers to deliver an organic boost to profiles. Unlike other growth services, you can’t really buy followers from them directly.


They seem to push themselves as a completely unique service that has “cracked the code”. Trusy Social definitely has the design and website UX to match. But that says nothing of the service quality. We decided to investigate how good they are at what they do as using an Instagram growth service has some inherent risk.


What is Trusy Social?


Trusy Social is an Instagram growth service that sells account management packages instead of followers directly. In other words, it’s a company that helps influencers by providing effective Instagram growth through several means.


Maintaining Instagram growth is of central importance to anyone who wants to treat their profile as a business. The algorithm treats accounts that have consistent growth much better. Additionally, it provides consistent Instagram engagement, which is also beneficial for being promoted by the algorithm.

As a result, taking advantage of an Instagram growth service is immensely popular among influencers and many other users of the platform. It makes the arduous task of creating content and attracting followers just that bit easier.

Trusy Social is only a little bit different from most other Instagram growth services. They, instead of offering packages of followers, sell all-around engagement packages. These are monthly subscriptions that include a dedicated account manager, followers, likes, and other social media growth assets.


How does Trusy Social work?


Just like any Instagram growth service, Trusy Social works in a fairly straightforward manner. Users can go to their website, sign up, pay for the subscription package, and have everything done by the service.


Instead of, however, being able to pick which services to be delivered, Trusy Social sells everything in one go. Once a user signs up, followers, likes, views, and many other things will be delivered on the regular.

Unfortunately, from the looks of it, the social media growth is not as organic as Trusy Social seems to claim. They boast about fully organic growth that is managed by dedicated account managers. Real world experiences, however, state otherwise.

They seem to deliver fake followers to every Instagram account through the use of bots. It’s hard to explain otherwise as the profiles are highly generic, come in droves (50+ of them in less than an hour), and seem to do every action en masse.

What seems to be going on under the hood is that they acquire or create profiles with bots that are then used to deliver engagement. That means there’s little to no organic growth to be found. Sure, they deliver more than fake followers, but the likes and views aren’t likely to be coming from real Instagram accounts.


Trusy Social features



What truly stands out is that Trusy Social delivers everything in one subscription-based package. That may be a benefit and a drawback, depending on how well the company performs.

As a drawback, you never know what you’re truly getting. The packages have fairly generic-sounding benefits such as an account audit, expert guidance from influencers, a dedicated account manager etc.


As a benefit, it’s a lot simpler and more consistent. Inconsistent bursts of quick growth, from real or fake accounts, will seem suspicious to the social media platform. It may attract attention and an investigation, which could lead to a ban.

Trusy Social, supposedly, should avoid this as they deliver their services on a monthly basis. While you might be getting some fake followers, at least they arrive consistently, which should reduce overall suspicion.


Celebrity partnerships

Trusy Social has a few partnerships with some household names from Instagram such as Jake Paul and Cardi B. These provide guidance for newcomers to the influencer community. 


How much of that advice is truly generated from the influencers is hard to guess. It still is, however, a fairly noticeable benefit. Any advice that provides help with organic growth is definitely welcome. Especially if those people have already grown their profiles.


Customer support

Few Instagram growth services offer customer support that is as good as Trusy Social. Most of them don’t even have dedicated teams. If they do, it takes days to get a response.

Trusy Social seems to have invested a bit more in providing customer support. While you may be getting some canned responses initially, they seem to quickly take over with some more legit service.

Finally, there’s also a 10-day money-back guarantee. Coupled with good customer service, it should make the initial purchase seem less risky.


Trusy Social pricing


There are four packages available in total. Each of them provides slightly more benefits than the last one, however, how much is unclear. They look pretty much the same from the outset.

  • Micro Influencer - $97 per month.
  • Influencer - $197 per month.
  • Personal Brand - $347 per month.
  • Elite - $627 per month.


As you can see, little seems to be added with the pricing plans. For example, there seems to be no difference between Influencer and Personal Brand. However, it seems Trusy Social may deliver more followers and engagement with the higher priced plans.


Trusy Social pros and cons


Pros Cons
Good customer support Expensive
Monthly subscription Little to no real followers
10-day money-back guarantee Some positive reviews are suspicious
Easy to use -
Dedicated account manager -


Is Trusy Social legit?


While the short answer is “yes”, the longer answer is much more disappointing. We mean “yes” only in the sense that it’s not a complete scam. They do deliver some real followers, but the amount of them is marginal.

Whether there’s truly a dedicated account manager is also up for debate, as they seem to be fairly unresponsive. What Trusy Social really seems to be is a glorified Instagram bot and an expensive one at that.


So, while they won’t take your money and run away without providing anything, the services rendered are lacking in quality. Whether you’re looking for a small push or true growth, there’s definitely much better options out there.


Alternatives to Trusy Social


So Trusy Social isn’t all that it’s made out to be. Luckily, there are some great alternatives in the industry that can make Instagram growth a lot easier. Some of them are also completely safe to use.

  • Growthoid - Growth agency. Delivers fully organic growth by interacting with profiles.
  • Mr Insta - Growth service. Sells automated generation (i.e. followers, likes, views etc.).
  • Seek - Growth service. Sells Instagram followers that are delivered quickly.
  • Growthsilo - Growth agency. Direct competitor to Trusy as they assign a dedicated manager to your account for growth promotion.


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