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Stormlikes Review (2022) - Does It Work?


Social media marketing industry is a competitive field, and effective growth, especially for Instagram accounts, may require extra efforts. Luckily, social media growth services are there to help you out.


Stormlikes is an Instagram growth aid that focuses solely on delivering Instagram likes. In this Stormlikes review, we’ll discuss whether this Instagram service really works. We’ll also take a look at its features, review the pros and cons, and provide alternatives.


What is Stormlikes?


Stormlikes is an Instagram liking service. You can buy likes and video views from Stormlikes to boost your Instagram account. The company claims to provide only genuine views and likes that come from real Instagram accounts rather than Instagram bots.


Exchanging likes on Instagram isn’t an unusual practice, except it’s not clear where the Stormlikes’ likes and views come from exactly. Their website doesn’t have an about us section or any other information about the origins of the likes. And yet, the service promises to deliver likes and video views instantly and only from real and active Instagram profiles. 


How Does Stormlikes Work? 


Once you register for Stormlikes service, you’ll need to fill out an accountability form. It’s exactly what it sounds like - you take all the accountability for the outcome of using their service. So if your Instagram account gets blocked due to using the Instagram growth service, it’s all on you.


However, such a form isn’t unusual, it’s pretty standard. One of the Stormlikes pros is that they only require your Instagram username but not the password. This means that they won’t be able to log in to your Instagram profile, and you can safely keep this data to yourself.


Once you purchase the service, you can enjoy Stormlikes features and watch your Instagram account grow.


Stormlikes Features


Considering the nature of the service, Stormlike has quite a few features. The service offers different targeting, delays, and other options that allow users to boost their Instagram account. Here are the main features: 


Country targeting

Targeting specific countries helps with Instagram growth. If your account gets likes from your target geo-location, more Instagram users in the same area are likely to see your content. If you’re offering services for a certain region, this feature may significantly contribute to your social media marketing efforts.


Gender targeting

Similarly to country targeting, gender targeting allows picking a gender that your content is the most appealing to. This feature may also make your Instagram growth seem more organic. For example, if your account is advertising products specifically targeted at male athletes, you can choose to get likes only from male social media users.


Automatic detection

Once you upload a piece of new content, Stormlikes will automatically detect it within 30 seconds. This feature saves time and effort since you don’t have to take any extra steps to ensure your new content gets noticed. 


Randomizing likes

If you only just started using Instagram growth services, suddenly getting many more likes may raise suspicion and flag your account as being run by Instagram bots. To avoid that, Stormlikes offers to randomize your likes and control how many likes each post receives.


Delaying likes

Receiving too many likes too quickly may raise a red flag. To secure your Instagram account, Stormlikes offers to delay likes or simply adjust the speed at which you receive likes and video views.


Matching video views

If you prefer video content to other types of posts, Stormlikes can make sure your videos get noticed. Once you upload a video, the service can be set to deliver the same amount of views as it brings post likes.


Stormlikes Pros & Cons

Just as any Instagram automation service, Stormlikes comes with both pros and cons. Let’s see which side outweighs the other.


Pros Cons
Secure website. The website is Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS), which means that the sensitive information you provide is encrypted. It’s not much, but similar services often don’t have an HTTPS website. Customer reviews. Stormlikes has a 3.1-star rating on Trustpilot and many 1-star reviews from people who paid for the service and never received any likes.
Friendly price. Stormlikes offers some of the cheapest Instagram growth services. Their price starts at $1.39 for 50 likes. Lack of information. There’s no information about the origin of the Instagram accounts the likes come from. They might as well be Instagram bots and get your account blocked.
Extensive FAQ. You can find answers to most of your questions on Stormlikes’ website. If you don’t find a needed answer, submit a request to their support, which claims to work around the clock.





Stormlikes offers competitive pricing compared to other Instagram growth services. They don’t offer a monthly subscription, and you only pay for the likes you get. You also have an option to cancel the service at any time.


The pricing varies depending on how many likes you’re looking to get. You can purchase from as few as 50 likes for $1.39 up to 7,500 likes for $49.99. If you’re looking to get something in between, 250 likes will cost you $4.49, and you’ll be charged $12.99 for 1,000 Instagram likes. The more likes you get, the cheaper each of them will cost. 


Any plan you pick promises to include real likes (or views, if you’re posting a video), will not require a password, and will start delivering likes in as quickly as 5 seconds.


You can test Stormlikes by getting a free trial. It includes 10 likes, and to get it, all you’ll need to do is provide your Instagram username. While 10 likes is certainly not much, it should be enough to test the service and decide if you’re willing to commit to a larger purchase.


Stormlikes Alternatives


If you decide that Stormlikes is not for you, you can certainly find alternatives to this Instagram growth service. Some of them offer even more features to choose from. Here are the best alternatives to Stormlikes:


Mr Insta



Mr Insta is an Instagram bot that can make social media marketing efforts much more effective. The tool has many features, including audience targeting, which is a great option for those who are looking to gain more engaged Instagram followers. 

With the tool, you can buy Instagram followers or likes. The service is more expensive than Stormlikes. For example, Mr Insta charges $6 for 100 likes and $25 for 1,000. Meanwhile, with Stormlikes, the same amount of likes would cost you $2.49 and $12.99, respectively. 

Even with higher prices, Mr Insta deserves to be considered Stormlikes alternative. It’s an Instagram bot service, but a reliable one. To learn more about this tool, read a full Mr Insta review.





Nitreo is another Instagram growth hacker that advertises to deliver only organic growth. However, this service reveals more information on how it works compared to Stormlikes.


The tool uses artificial intelligence (AI) automation to interact with Instagram users. Nitreo automates interaction with other accounts, which can result in more Instagram followers. For example, it can automatically follow (and then unfollow) Instagram accounts, this way getting more engagement from organic Instagram profiles.


Contrary to Stormlikes, Nitreo only offers monthly subscription plans and has no free trial. The cheapest plan costs $49 a month. 


We have published a Nitreo review and given our verdict about this Instagram growth tool, so if you’re interested to learn more, check it out.





Just like Stormlikes, Growthoid promises to deliver organic Instagram followers and likes. The tool advertises to provide a moderate organic Instagram growth that doesn’t raise any suspicion or get your account blocked. However, some reviews suggest that their service may not be as good as promised, so make sure to do a bit of research before turning to Growthoid. 


The service charges a monthly fee that starts from $49/month. A premium subscription would cost you $99/month. Unfortunately, Growthoid doesn’t offer a free trial, so testing before buying is not an option.


To learn more about this social media marketing tool, read our Growthoid review.


Final Word


Stormlikes is an Instagram liking service that can help grow your Instagram profile. It has targeting features that may help engage with relevant Instagram accounts and gain more interested followers. 


The service advertises to provide organic likes from real and active users but it doesn’t reveal how Stormlikes works exactly. Trustpilot reviews suggest that the service may fail to serve some of its clients by not delivering what was promised.


Stormlikes is cheap, and if you want to buy Instagram likes without a monthly commitment, this is exactly what this service offers. However, the social media marketing industry is competitive, and we have to admit that there are Stormlikes alternatives that seem to be more reliable.

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