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Socinator Review 2022


Social bots are a great help to social media marketers in any business. They automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks. But they also come in with risks of getting social accounts blocked.


That’s why it’s important to find a reliable bot that would have enough features to outweigh the risks. Is Socinator one of those?


In this review, you’ll find out what exactly Socinator is, what the software is used for, and how much it costs. We’ll review the main features, and list the pros and cons, so you can make up a wholesome view of the tool.


What is Socinator?


Socinator, or the Social Dominator, is a social media automation software, also known as a bot. The tool automates various tasks on social media platforms. It works on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, and other popular social networks. 


The software is mostly used for growing social media accounts and automating tasks. Depending on the platform, Socinator can automate different tasks. For example, the bot can follow Instagram accounts based on certain keywords they interact with, comment, and like posts. On YouTube, the bot can automatically watch videos, auto downvote or upvote other users' content,  and grow your channel subscribers.


Socinator needs to be downloaded to your computer. The software only works on Windows Operating System, so you can’t access the app on your phone or Mac OS. To start using Socinator, you should purchase your preferred plan on their website. Then, download their software to your Windows computer, insert the license key, and set up the settings.


Socinator Features


Socinator has different features for different social media platforms. We’ll review the features for Facebook marketing but keep in mind that similar features apply to other social networks.


Activity Statistics


Socinator dashboard


Socinator offers tracking your business performance via activity analytics reports. A is a convenient feature for analyzing the effectiveness of your marketing strategy.


Auto Friend Requests


The software can automatically send friend requests or respond to the requests your account receives. You don’t have to do anything, sit back and watch your friend base grow. You can target users that engage with content in your industry. Automatically send friend requests to these users and gain more active followers.


Auto Engagement


Socinator automatically engages with other Facebook users by liking their posts, commenting, or even sending private messages. You can even automate replies to your messages.


Task Scheduling


All the tasks that can be automated with Socinator, can also be scheduled. Some social media platforms find it suspicious if accounts are active around the clock and may flag those accounts as being run by bots. Scheduling tasks is an effective precaution.


Multiple Account Management


Socinator has proxy support. It means you can manage a number of social media accounts across different platforms at the same time, without the risk of getting your home IP address blocked.




Socinator's pricing


Socinator’s pricing depends on how many social media accounts you want to automate. Each subscription plan works on all the social accounts. The smallest plan called Professional automates 10 social accounts and will charge you $9.95 every month, or $99 a year. 


If you’re looking to automate an unlimited number of accounts, the Enterprise plan will do that for you. It costs $69.95 monthly, or $699 a year.


Socinator does not offer a free trial but when you’re purchasing a subscription, you can try out the software for $1 for the first five days. You can also book a demo to see Socinator in action at your chosen time. 


Pros & Cons of Using Socinator


Let’s see what benefits Socinator offers and if they outweigh the downfalls.


Pros Cons
Multiple account management May get your social accounts blocked
Works on different social networks No free trial
Extensive FAQ on the website Only works on Windows OS
Questionable reviews


Is Socinator Legit?


Socinator seems to be legit. The website contains an extensive changelog, where you can check how the software is being improved. While the app doesn’t feature a free trial, you can book a demo before committing. 


The website contains a blog and has an extensive knowledge base with FAQ. The knowledge base features screenshots that help better answer users’ questions. 


You can reach Socinator via Skype and Telegram chat, and the website has a chatbot installed. 


It’s true that Socinator only has very few reviews on Trustpilot, and they’re nowhere near positive. People complain that Socinator got their social accounts blocked, and, to be honest, that’s very likely. But that’s the risk with any automation tools out there.


Proxies for Socinator


Socinator has a proxy support feature. It’s great because proxies reduce the chances of getting your accounts blocked. Social platforms, especially Instagram and Facebook, identify social bots in no time. And once your account is flagged, it’s only a matter of time until it gets blocked.


You may come across two types of proxies for social media: datacenter and residential proxies. With Socinator, we recommend using residential proxies. These proxies are harder for social platforms to detect because they’re connected to real devices and resemble human users.


The internet is full of free proxies but they’re like mouse traps. Most free proxies are already blocked on social media because they’re shared among many people at the same time. If they’re not yet blocked, chances are that they’ll block your social media account. 


We recommend getting reliable social media proxies for managing your accounts, such as Metrow Facebook proxies.


To start using our proxies with Socinator, all you need to do is get proxy credentials and enter them under Proxy Manager on the Socinator app. Once you verify the proxy, you’ll see its status. If it says “working”, you’re ready to roll.


Alternatives to Socinator


If you’re not convinced by Socinator, here are our top alternatives for this software:




If you’re looking for an Instagram automation tool, GramDominator is a good alternative to Socinator. It’s also in the same price range as the Social Dominator. The tool has loads of features, read a full GramDominator review to find out about them.


Final Word


Socinator has its cons but at the end of the day, it does the job. The software has a number of features that social media marketers will find helpful. 


The software is run by bots, and it can get your social accounts blocked. Yet, as long as the software is being used carefully and with reliable proxies, it’s a good option for social media automation.


Your proxies await.

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