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Social Boost Review (2022) - Real Followers or a Scam

social boost review

The importance of social media as an outreach tool for contemporary businesses is hard to overstate. And Instagram is clearly among the top platforms for social media marketing. So, when someone claims to be able to boost your Instagram follower base, it’s bound to grab your attention. 


This is how the Instagram marketing service Social Boost has made a name for itself. But is it a worthy solution for you or just a scam that will take your money and run? In this Social Boost review, we will look closely at the quality of this Instagram growth company and how it ranks as a growth service for 2022.


What is Social Boost?


Before figuring out whether Social Boost is legit, let’s quickly go over what exactly it is or claims to be. Social Boost advertises itself as the #1 Instagram marketing agency in 2022. Their objective is to get you more engaged Instagram followers and they claim to be the best there is at doing it.


A bold claim, for sure, considering that there is plenty of competition, especially in the business of social media marketing and Instagram growth. Let’s see what Social Boost is offering in order to prove this claim.


Instagram growth challenges


Properly managing an Instagram account is essential for any digital business. If you operate such a business, you need to keep posting Instagram stories and other quality content in order to keep people interested and always wanting more. Additionally, you have to find ways to gain more engaged followers by reaching your target audience.


However, not every business can allow themselves to have a dedicated person for Instagram account management. Most small companies do not have the resources necessary to ensure that the follower base will grow naturally to a satisfying level.


When faced with these challenges, companies might turn towards several solutions. Buying followers might seem the most obvious one as it’s also the easiest. However, this means additional spending for an uncertain product. After all, fake followers might make the façade of the Instagram profile, making it look better by raising the numbers, but those won’t be the high-quality Instagram followers one is really after.


Another now almost classic social media marketing tool that can be used is bots. Instagram bots will like and comment on targeted posts, as well as follow particular Instagram accounts in order to increase your visibility and reach a broader target audience. The problem with bots is their lack of humanity. They cannot read properly into the context of the post and have no creativity to offer when leaving a comment. So, bots aren’t very likely to get you engaged followers either.


What are you left with? You can turn to the marketing professionals, such as Social Boost are claiming to be. Let’s see if they can offer something better than a common Instagram bot.


Social Boost features


With all the Social Boost features, it’s easy to get tempted. They boldly offer to overcome the aforementioned shortcomings of the other ways of getting followers.


Custom targeting


On their website, Social Boost is claiming to target your personally defined audience, thus getting exactly the kind of real followers you are looking for. According to them, you would describe the features of the follower base you are targeting to their growth expert in a short conversation. These features could include various demographics, for example, age and gender, and personal information such as interests.


Handmade growth


The most alluring promise that Social Boost is making is that of doing away with bots and automation. They claim to be able to get you organic follower growth by employing marketing professionals who will personally manage your account to attract real and engaged followers. 


This sounds very enticing for two main reasons. First, Instagram is very strict about using automation, effectively outlawing bots, thus using them would risk getting your Instagram account banned. Secondly, handmade growth naturally means better-quality followers, that is the kind of people you actually want to attract, and not just meaningless numbers displayed as your followers.


Growth analytics


Social Boost is also promising to raise the standard of Instagram marketing once and for all by utilizing growth analytics. However, it’s not immediately clear what they mean by this and how exactly it would help you. Additionally, it is not stated what analytical information you would be able to access yourself to make your own analysis and judgments.


24/7 Customer support


Non-stop customer support is another nice feature that Social Boost offers. Being able to check in with them regarding issues and questions you might have can really make your life a lot easier and raise trust by raising understanding of what’s being done with your Instagram account. 


Is Social Boost legit?


With all the promises Social Boost is making, the question running through everyone’s head is, usually, is this real or too good to be true? Let’s look at Social Boost’s pros and cons.


Pros and Cons


Pros Cons
Hand-picked and trained account managers personally taking care of your Instagram growth. It’s not entirely clear how professional these professionals are nor what ensures the quality of their training.
Analytics and other help with the content creation could really attract the right kind of followers. It’s not clear how much or how well they’re doing it. Additionally, such services as analytics are only for higher-priced plans.
Customer support seems to deliver on the promise to be available 24/7. Multiple reports agree on the average response time being below 5 minutes. Prices are high given the lack of transparency.
There are multiple reports of their attempt to suppress negative reviews, which also makes positive reviews and ranking on any Instagram rank service questionable.


As one can see after looking through the table, pros seem to be mostly falling short for the promises Social Boost are making. Cons might as well mean that you’re about to get conned. They are advertising heavily as using real and capable people for the actual work and technology for analytics. 


However, the easily available information does not go beyond just that – an advertisement. And although there are positive reviews of Social Boost, their legitimacy has been heavily disputed and negative experiences seem to suggest far less than is promised.


We will get more into that and make our final verdict about Social Boost shortly. But before deciding on the quality of the service, there’s one more thing to take into account – how much does it cost.




As mentioned above, Social Boost is not cheap. And the more you want out of it, the higher the price will be. They charge $59 a month for their basic plan, $99 for Premium, and $249 dollars a month for what they call a “Turbocharged” service. 


The Basic plan doesn’t give you anything beyond the promise of organic growth and 24/7 customer support. You only get targeting with the Premium and the dedicated account manager at the Turbocharged plan.


Thus, basically, with Social Boost, you are buying something of unknown value, and the more you want out of them, the more that something is. The prices jump drastically if you want to get most of the attractive features they are offering, which is already enough to raise suspicion.


However, there is another dubious aspect of their pricing as it is displayed on their website. If you are viewing the website from a European Union country, you will see the same prices, but expressed in euros instead of dollars. And when viewing it from the UK, the same prices will be in pounds. 


But, at least in early 2022, $249 converts to a bit over €219 and below £184. Thus, it would seem that just for connecting from the EU server you are charged €30 more and for using the UK server £65 more as compared to connecting from the US.


These might be actual price differences as well as a website glitch. Or it might be both – a glitch that they are exploiting for more money. In any case, this certainly does not add to the trustworthiness of Social Boost.


Final verdict


Our investigation of the Social Boost services and various reports revealed a lot of suspicious features of this Instagram growth service. The especially worrying accusation regarding this service is that they in fact use automation to follow random profiles, getting you fake followers when you get followed back, as is the usual practice in Instagram outreach.


Additionally, people claim to have their Instagram accounts banned or under investigation for using bots after turning to Social Boost. The fact that the whole selling point of Social Boost is their vow to use only real people makes this an even more serious allegation. But should we trust it over the positive reviews of the service?


The answer might lie in the Social Boost website itself. What they call a “powerful strategy” is making target accounts receive notifications from you and then check out your profile. This is in fact not so much a strategy as a common-sense activity aiming at Instagram growth. Now, this does not necessarily mean that they are using bots to attract the attention of targeted accounts, but it would seem a possibility given the fact that nothing much is explained about their actual strategy.


The usage of buzzwords without clear meaning is noticeable throughout their entire website. The example that stood out the most for us is the fact that as one of the features of their most expensive plan they simply mention “turbocharged growth”. Naturally, this is meaningless without elaboration, once again showing that you know nothing at all about what you’d be getting from these guys.


With all these findings we can’t help but proclaim Social Boost as very much unlikely to be anywhere near as good as they advertise. They are not necessarily an outright scam, but many signs point to the fact that they care more about advertising themselves for your money than actually providing the service they promise. In the end, the verdict is that you are probably better off looking elsewhere for help with your Instagram account management.


Top 4 Social Boost Alternatives

For those who have expected Social Boost to be the answer to all their Instagram growth problems, it might be disheartening to find out that it’s probably not what it promises to be. To end this review on a lighter note, let’s take a look at the top Instagram growth tools that are already established. The following seem to be trustworthy Social Boost alternatives.




Growthoid seems to currently be the best established Instagram growth service, verified to actually offer what Social Boost promises. Additionally, Social Boost is clearly overpriced as compared to Growthoid, with the latter’s most expensive plan being priced at $99 a month and cheaper options available.




Another consistently highly-rated tool is Nitreo. They offer Instagram algorithm analysis and similar methods to support the organic growth of real Instagram followers.




Growthsilo offers many similar options as the aforementioned tools. It is a safe and affordable option, boasting some well-established brands as their customers.




Finally, there is Seek, offering AI-powered Instagram growth of real followers. They’re also known to be trusted by various companies and influencers around the world.


Summing up


To sum up the main points of this Social Boost review, this Instagram growth service is priced much too high for the lack of clarity regarding what they actually do for you. Even if they’re able to achieve some of the results they promise, many have found them extremely disappointing. 


This makes it not worth the risk of trusting them, especially when there are safer choices out there that might not be promoting themselves so aggressively. Therefore, we advise you to look elsewhere for your Instagram account management needs.


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