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ScrapeBox Review (2022)


The market is saturated with search engine optimization (SEO) tools that can seemingly do magic. Rapid growth, maximized traffic, and top rankings on the largest search pages are some of the promises these companies advertise. As all of them advertise in a similar fashion, it’s easy to become confused, so reviews are the best way to learn the honest truth about SEO tools. 


ScrapeBox is a highly popular tool that stands out from the crowd. Just like most other tools, it promises to fulfill all SEO needs and deliver the best results. Let’s see if this tool has what it takes to deliver on its promises.


What Is ScrapeBox?

ScrapeBox review (2022)

ScrapeBox is an automated SEO tool powered by web scraping. Backlink building and task automation are among the main ScrapeBox features. They have so many features that they position themselves as “The Swiss Army Knife of SEO”.


Some ScrapeBox reviews discuss whether this is a blackhat tool, but this seems to be a faux concern. ScrapeBox is a broadly used tool employed by many SEO agencies, well-known brands, and even Fortune 500 companies. Some businesses in the past may have used this tool for something other than what it’s intended to be used for, but the responsibility for this highly falls on the users and their intentions. 


What Is ScrapeBox Used For?


ScrapeBox has many functions that can help optimize websites for search engines. For example, it can find relevant high traffic blogs and automatically leave comments on their comment sections with a link to a certain website. 


ScrapeBox Features


ScrapeBox has hundreds of features. These cover all the essential SEO tasks such as URL harvesting, competitor research, link building, site audits, list filtering, etc. Along with the many features, ScrapeBox also has add-ons that can be mixed and matched to help users achieve the best SEO results.


Let’s take a closer look at some of the best ScrapeBox features.


Search Engine Scraping

ScrapeBox can extract data from over 30 search engines

Search engine harvester is a feature that allows gathering thousands of URLs from more than 30 different search engines, including the most popular ones, such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. 


The process is quick, so you can easily collect massive lists of links that are relevant to your target keywords and your industry. You can even target long-tail keywords.


It is especially useful for monitoring your competitors and their SEO performance, as you can see what links take the top positions on the search engine pages at a specific time. This feature also lets you find relevant blogs where you can leave comments and boost your traffic. Moreover, you can research relevant products or simply find relevant information for building your content.


Mass Backlink Building


Backlinks are essential if you want your site to get a better domain rating and authority. In essence, the more relevant sites link back to your website, the more traffic you can get. 


ScrapeBox generates backlinks quickly and with minimum manual effort. The tool can automatically find relevant blogs or other sites where linking to your website would be beneficial. 


The software also features automated or semi-automated commenting. The latter can be done using the Manual Blog Commenter feature, and it will let you post higher quality comments. On the other hand, automated commenting can help you build backlinks quickly and efficiently.


Moreover, the software has filtering for target sites based on your criteria. For example, you can set it up to target only those sites that have a high page rank, a certain outbound link count, and even a specific number of Facebook likes. This way, you can post on high traffic blogs and bring more visitors to your site.


Multiple Proxy Support


ScrapeBox has a feature that can save you from getting your IP blocked. How does it work? You need to import or paste a list of proxies and ScrapeBox will use this list for posting comments, scraping, and checking page rankings. Using proxies can ensure that you stay anonymous while getting the most out of the SEO software.


Moreover, ScrapeBox can help you test proxies and find out if your IPs work on scraping search pages.


Keyword Scraping


Keyword scraping is one of the main ScrapeBox features. A fast and robust multi-threaded scraper can help you gather massive lists of relevant keywords.


Scraping, once everything is in place, only takes a few seconds. It works by gathering data from search engines and e-commerce sites, which publish suggestions. For example, when shopping online for a certain product, users see relevant search suggestions. That is what the keyword scraper targets.


Additionally, it also allows filtering by defining certain words that the keywords should or shouldn't contain.


Competitor Analysis


ScrapeBox allows analyzing your competitors and their backlinks. This feature enables you to get helpful insights about your competitors, such as what pages rank best on their sites and where they place their backlinks. 


Creating Sitemaps

ScrapeBox can automatically generate XML sitemaps

You can create XML Sitemaps quickly with ScrapeBox’s powerful sitemap creator. This feature turns raw URL lists into XML Sitemap files, which are ready for search engines.


When creating an XML Sitemap, in most cases, all the URL’s need to come from the same domain. Most site creators will also require access to the domain’s server in order to generate URL lists and the sitemap. 


With ScrapeBox, you can create an XML Sitemap out of multiple domain URLs, for example, your backlink URLs, and even get them indexed. Moreover, it can be done very quickly.


Bulk Form Submitting


The Contact Form Submitter feature submits messages to web contact forms in bulk. By doing that, you can gather more leads or pitch products.


Submitting contact forms has a better open rate than traditional emails. Since you’re approaching leads through their own channels, your messages are more likely to be noticed. 


The contact form fields can be customized to match whatever forms you need to submit. You can enter your wanted data before running the software and submit forms anonymously by using proxies. The tool can submit hundreds of forms in a minute.


How Much Does ScrapeBox Cost?


ScrapeBox costs $97 for lifetime access. This means you only have to pay once and can use the software for as long as you need. The license covers a single computer, but you can transfer the license to another device once every month. This is helpful in case you get a new PC or update your operating system.


The license fee covers minor software updates and bug fixes. You also get 33 add-ons as they’re included in the one-off payment.


Best Proxies for ScrapeBox


The best proxies for ScrapeBox are Metrow residential proxies. Since these IP addresses are connected to residential home addresses, they’re less likely to get banned when accessing search engine pages. Residential proxies resemble regular user IP addresses, so they’re much harder to detect and can ensure greater anonymity. 


Meanwhile, datacenter proxies often don’t work on search engines because servers can identify these IP addresses as proxies very quickly. 


High uptime is also an important factor to consider. Make sure your proxies can run with minimum downtime. Otherwise, your scraping projects will stop. Having a large list of IP addresses can also be helpful, as ScrapeBox supports multiple proxies, so one IP can quickly get replaced with another one in case the first one gets disconnected. 


Free proxies are often unreliable, especially when it comes to scraping search engines. They don’t ensure maximum security, so your anonymity can get compromised easily. A better choice is to get paid residential proxies from a reliable source.


Wrapping Up


ScrapeBox is a powerful SEO tool that employs web scraping to help companies rank better on search sites. This tool has a number of features that automate SEO tasks and help build a robust marketing strategy.


The tool stands out from the crowd with the number of features it offers. Hundreds of features and just as many add-ons mean users can make the most out of this tool.


Another difference compared to other popular SEO tools is the fact that ScrapeBox delivers a lifetime license. Users only need to pay once and can enjoy what ScrapeBox has to offer for the rest of their lives.


ScrapeBox allows gathering helpful data while staying anonymous. This can be done by utilizing your own proxies with the tool. All you need to do is get reliable residential proxies from a trusted provider and import that list into the software.


If you’re looking for robust SEO automation software, ScrapeBox may be the one for you.

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