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Phantombuster Review (2022) - Is it Safe?


Data extraction can be a real challenge, but the process becomes a light breeze with the right automation tools. In this Phantombuster review, we’ll take a deeper look at the tool and its main features, check out its cost, suggest how to use it safely and if it’s worth your time.


If you’re here to get the answer to the question of whether Phantombuster is safe, then we can tell you right now - it’s safe if you take the necessary precautions. We’ll get into more detail about what steps would help you use the software securely, but first, let’s review what Phantombuster has to offer.

What is Phantombuster?


Phantombuster is a data extraction and automation tool. Phantombuster extracts public data and automates tasks to help with lead generation, marketing, and overall business growth. The tool works on various social media platforms, such as Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, and others.


The main benefit of Phantombuster is that the tool can automate actions, which otherwise would take up a lot of precious time. The tool can run around the clock if needed and automate tasks that would take multiple people to perform.


As Phantombuster extracts data and automates tasks, it saves companies a lot of time and resources. Businesses can focus on analyzing the extracted data and working with new leads that the tool helps to generate.


How Does Phantombuster Work?


Phantombuster works similarly to most other social media automation tools, but it also has a couple of extra features. Here are the main functions that the tool performs:

  • Action automation - the tool can perform nearly any action that a human could do on the web.
  • Data extraction - Phantombuster helps build databases by automatically extracting public information from the web.
  • Action scheduling - any action that Phantombuster performs can be scheduled or set up to run when triggered.
  • Automated workflows - chain automation allows building effective workflows, even without any experience in the field.


The tool also tailors different actions to specific social media sites, meaning task automation becomes an option even for those who have never worked with similar tools before.


Phantombuster Features


Phantombuster offers different automation features that vary from one social media platform to another. The so-called Phantoms take care of automation and data extraction on different sites and tailor automation flows for that specific platform. Here we’ll cover the main features that Phantombuster offers on the most popular social networks. 



Instagram automation



Automating Instagram tasks can help attract new followers, interact with relevant accounts, and get more exposure to your social media profile. Phantombuster has a number of features that help with various tasks on the platform: 

  • Hashtag collector feature extracts posts linked to a particular location or a hashtag.
  • Follower collector Phantom extracts a follower list of a specific Instagram account.
  • Auto commenting feature leaves comments on a predetermined list of posts.
  • Auto following allows automatically following or unfollowing a list of accounts.
  • Auto likes feature clicks “like” on a list of posts on the platform.



Facebook features



Many companies use Facebook to get more clients and more visibility to their brand. Phantombuster quickens the process by automating different tasks:

  • Ads library scraping feature scrapes and exports ads published by specific Facebook pages.
  • Auto likes Phantom clicks “like” on a pre-set list of posts on the platform.
  • The message sending feature automatically contacts profiles with a personalized message.
  • Page reviews collector extracts a list of reviews from different Facebook pages.
  • Auto post commenting feature extracts a list of profiles that commented on a post and their comments.
  • Post liking Phantom extracts accounts that have liked a specific Facebook post.



Linkedin automation features



Linkedin automation software helps add new connections and interact with other profiles without lifting a finger. Phantombuster extracts valuable public data and offers additional features on Linkedin:

  • Network growth feature extracts Linkedin profiles from a search or a specific group and automatically sends connection requests. Users can easily track who accepts the requests.
  • Search export Phantom scrapes and exports Linkedin search results into a convenient format, such as a spreadsheet.
  • Profile scraping feature can collect any available data from Linkedin profiles, such as email addresses.
  • Network booster automatically sends connection requests with personalized messages to a list of Linkedin accounts.
  • Contacts extractor provides a list of your network connections, which can be helpful as a first step of a workflow.
  • Message sending feature automatically messages Linkedin connections with a personalized text.



Twitter automation



Phantombuster also offers to automate actions on Twitter. It can help grow the engagement on your business social media account and extract valuable data from public accounts. Here are the main features the software offers for Twitter users:

  • Follower collection feature allows extracting a list of followers of any public Twitter account.
  • Auto follow feature can follow or unfollow a list of Twitter accounts for you.
  • Automated liker means you can set the software to automatically like a list of tweets on the platform. 
  • Auto poster enables you to schedule and automatically post pre-written tweets.
  • Auto retweeter Phantom can automatically retweet an entire list of posts.


Phantombuster also covers other social media sites, such as Quora, Pinterest, Reddit, TikTok, Craigslist, and more. The tool has a number of features tailored for each platform, which ends up as a long list of various automation actions. 






Phantombuster offers different pricing options depending on task execution time per day and how many Phantoms will be used. The price also depends on whether you’re choosing a monthly or an annual billing. Monthly plans range from $30 to $90 per month.


As the name already suggests, the smallest plan called Free Forever is free. It contains 10 minutes of automated task execution per day. It also covers one slot for Phantoms, which means you can only have one Phantom installed on your account. 


While 10 minutes are indeed not much when it comes to task automation and data extraction, it could be useful for small companies with minimal budgets looking to test different automation options.


The most popular option is the Business plan for $70/month, if billed monthly. This subscription plan contains 3 hours of task automation every day and covers 10 slots for Phantoms that solve up to 200 CAPTCHAs. With this plan, you also get priority support, and if you choose to get billed annually, you also get a dedicated expert to help you out.


Depending on the plan, subscribers also receive bonus email credits that vary from 20 to 1,500 emails per day. These credits refer to the attempts that Phantoms make to find a verified professional email address with the Phantom email discovery service.


Phantombuster offers quite a few subscription options, which means that businesses of various sizes and with different needs can find a suitable option for them. The tool also comes with a 14-day free trial, so you can test it before committing to a subscription.


Proxies for Phantombuster


Getting blocked and compromising your social media accounts are some of the largest risks when using automation and data extraction tools. Most sites have various algorithms in place that help them identify bots. If used carelessly, social media accounts run by automation tools will quickly be flagged as suspicious. 


Some Phantombuster reviews say that the tool is completely safe to use as it comes, but in reality, there are steps that need to be taken to reduce the risk of getting blocked. Phantombuster itself has a great advantage - it can set a rate limit for different social media accounts. 


Companies with less experience in running automation on their profiles often learn rate limits the hard way by getting their accounts suspended. Following Phantombuster’s recommendations allows reducing the risk of blocks.


Another essential step is using social media proxies. Phantombuster runs in the cloud, which might be placed far from your original location. Sites can flag your account if, for example, some of your requests come from Germany and others come from the UK. To avoid getting your account flagged, use social media proxies that are in the same country as your original location.


The best proxies to use with social media automation are residential proxies. These IPs belong to residential home addresses and help perform automation tasks in a way that resembles the actions of organic users. When choosing the best proxy provider, it’s important to pick a reliable service because only then you can be sure the proxies are not blocked.


Final Word


Phantombuster is a helpful tool for social media task automation and data extraction. Using this software can help companies boost their business by generating more leads and getting more exposure to potential clients. It also helps gather public data that can be used for improving business strategies and getting to know different markets.


Phantombuster automates various tasks, such as comments, likes, follows, and sending connection requests. The tool works on different social media platforms and offers automation features adapted to specific sites. The software's pricing starts from $30 and goes up to $900 a month, but users can also test it for free for 14 days.


Just like any other automation tool, Phantombuster brings a risk of getting your social media accounts blocked. However, the software has rate limit settings in place, which help reduce the risk of blocks. 


Companies that use Phantombuster should also integrate social media proxies, because they enhance security. Proxy users can pick an IP that is near their original location and this way reduces the chances of getting their social account flagged.


To summarize this review, Phantombuster is safe to use, but it has to be done carefully and with reliable social media proxies.

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