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Nitreo Review (2022) -  Best Instagram Growth Service?

Nitro is a unique Instagram growth service in that it purportedly doesn’t use bots. It does everything every other Instagram growth service on the market, except without the risk and with more efficiency.


If you’ve been in the game for some time, those may seem like some bold claims. After all, don’t all Instagram growth services use bots and sell mostly fake followers? Nitro would be a complete outlier. As such, we decided to investigate the company and their cliams by writing a Nitreo review.


What is Nitreo?


Nitreo is an Instagram growth service that supposedly delivers organic growth. Unlike many other such services, they don’t sell real or fake followers. They do deliver followers, just in a different manner.


Additionally, they supposedly do not use bots, but an artificial intelligence system to generate followers. Again, this would set them apart from all other automation services as it would make them a lot safer. While we aren’t perfectly sure using Nitreo wouldn’t be against Instagram’s Terms of Service, it’s still a lot better than using any other growth service.


As such, Nitreo is used by Instagram influencers, marketers, and the like to boost their profiles. Due to the organic nature of the service, any Instagram profile growth seems natural, only a little faster than usual.


How does Nitreo work?


Nitreo uses advanced artificial intelligence automation to engage with Instagram accounts and users. According to their own website, it’s a lot like getting a personal account manager who does actions for you.

We should note that it’s still technically a bot, regardless of how advanced the technology is. Good AI might be able to seem human-like, which significantly reduces the chances of getting banned, but we have to call a spade a spade.


There are three main ways Nitreo generates real followers for an Instagram account. First, they automate following and unfollowing. Since all people get a notification when an Instagram account follows them, it’s a strong signal to follow back.

Automation tools for most of the actions on Instagram is another feature. Nitreo can do everything for the user, including viewing Instagram stories, liking, commenting, etc. All of these features generate real engagement for the Instagram account you are interacting with, but also increases the likelihood others will do the same.

Finally, Nitreo includes a suite of growth tools that make finding your target audience easier. These include the usual suspects such as hashtag generation, location targeting, and finding similar profiles.


Nitreo features


Multiple Instagram growth tools


Most Instagram growth services sell one thing at a time. If you buy followers, likes will have to be purchased separately, and so it goes. Nitreo provides a 3-in-1 package with an additional sprinkling of risk reduction.


Some of those features, however, will require you to put in some work. While most Instagram growth services require no input from you, Nitreo can only be used effectively if you already put out content on the regular.


Increased safety


We haven’t heard, seen, or read about anyone getting banned by using Nitreo. Other Instagram growth tools will often run at least a slim chance of getting blocked. Mostly, because they deliver clearly inorganic growth, which can be easily noticed by the social media platform.


Some people say Nitreo is completely safe, however, we cannot say so. Instagram has a careful approach to allowing automation tools. As Nitreo isn’t certified by the company, we would assume there’s still a possibility, however slim, of getting banned.


Organic growth


One of the worst aspects of using most Instagram growth services is that they generate fake growth that’s easy to notice. Lots of people, including your target audience, can notice such growth and call it out.

Remember that, generally, buying Instagram followers is frowned upon. So, most growth services can actually have a negative effect on a profile if someone notices. They then might have a drop in real Instagram followers.


Nitreo pricing


A product or service could have all the most amazing features, but a terrible pricing model and it would be a flop. We’re giving pricing the fair share in our Nitreo review, because costs are the most frequent reason to avoid buying something.

Note that it’s hard to accurately evaluate the value Nitreo might bring to your Instagram account. Other growth services are easy to compare as they sell a set amount of followers or likes for a set amount of money. Calculating a simple ratio is easy.

Nitreo, on the other hand, requires you to put in some effort in content creation. Without it, the service can be ineffective. So, take the prices with a grain of salt and think of how you would be able to post and engage with your followers on Instagram.


Nitreo pricing


As is usual for software services, Nitreo gates some features behind the more expensive plan. Unfortunately, they don’t provide a more expansive explanation on what is added in “Speed”.


Compared to other similar services, Nitreo is only slightly more expensive (with the “Speed” package) per month than ~2000 followers on various platforms such as Mr Insta. Note that Nitreo is unlikely to generate that many followers per month, but everyone they do bring will be of much higher quality. 


In the end, Nitreo isn’t all that expensive for natural growth. It’s a much better service than simply buying followers for those who want to be on Instagram for the long-term.


Nitreo pros & cons


Pros Cons
Organic growth Requires effort
Relatively cheap No free trial
Safer than most services Slower than most services
Great support
Builds an engaged audience


Is Nitreo legit?


We’ve said it several times throughout our Nitreo review that the company is legit. But we’d like to emphasize that not only are they legit, they are some of the most legitimate services out there.

Out of all the automation software and growth services, Nitreo seems to be one of the safest and most reliable ones. Nitreo has a highly professional and tailored feel to it, unlike some other growth services in the industry.

As such, if you think Nitreo might be valuable to you or your business, don’t hesitate.


Alternatives to Nitreo


Nitreo does have its drawbacks, primarily due to them being a little slower and requiring effort. Some of us just want results now and here. As such, we’ll be listing down some Instagram growth services and agencies that might be able to deliver results differently.

  • Growthoid - Growth agency. Nitreo direct competition as they attempt to generate followers organically.
  • Mr Insta - Growth service. Sells lots of engagement packages, starting from followers and ending with comments.
  • Seek - Growth service. Sells Instagram followers for quick results.
  • Growthsilo - Growth agency. A manual version of Nitreo. Assigns an account manager to help with growth.


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