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Mr Insta Review [2022] - Free  Followers or a Scam?

Mr Insta review

Mr Insta has been in the sights of many Instagram influencers and users. It’s one of the most popular services for followers and likes. The Instagram growth service industry, however, has lots of shady businesses, fake followers, and unreliable delivery.

The reviews you read about any Instagram growth service online are also all over the place. We decided to change that by starting our series of evaluations with a Mr Insta review. It’s one of the most popular Instagram growth services out there, but does it hold up in quality?


What is Mr Insta?


Mr Insta is an Instagram growth service that offers several different ways to boost social media accounts. We use plural, because they don’t serve just Instagram, but nearly all social media platforms. We will, however, be mostly focusing on the Instagram side of Mr Insta.


As a growth service, Mr Insta offers a wide variety of packages for growth. You can buy followers, likes, views, comments, etc. There’s also some geo-specific services such as targeted followers from the USA/UK.


Mr Insta also offers a way to get free Instagram followers. Users have to follow a specific Instagram profile or several and, in turn, they receive followers back. From what we gather, it’s essentially a trading system that might be able to generate organic followers.


How does Mr Insta work?


Mr Insta is a traditional Instagram growth service. You spend some amount of money to buy likes, followers, or anything else they offer. Mr Insta delivers the bought product in a day or two.


We should note that there’s no organic growth with Mr Insta. Most of what they sell are most likely botted Instagram accounts. In other words, they are fake followers. While they won’t disappear or unfollow you (at least in bulk), most of them don’t produce any traffic. Mr Insta has a decent track record of keeping those followers you bought, but they will still dwindle over time.

Additionally, using services like Mr Insta is against the Terms of Service of Instagram. While the chance of getting banned is extremely slim, you should always keep that in mind. Buying followers and likes is not something the social media platform likes.


Finally, it’s extremely likely that Mr Insta uses an Instagram bot to get and deliver all of the services. It isn’t anything by itself, but it means that if you got one, you could do more or less the same things with some effort.

Yet, Mr Insta is still popular, because they deliver. They are a legitimate service that clearly outline what they will provide, whether it’s automatic followers or likes, and do exactly that. In an industry where scams and low quality services are a-plenty,  Mr Insta stands out.


Mr Insta features


Wide variety of services


As mentioned above, Mr Insta has an incredibly large amount of services they offer. None of them have anything to do with organic growth, which is unfortunate, but they still do more than most Instagram growth services.


You can buy followers and likes, all with various settings and variations. For example, on Mr Insta, automatic followers that slowly trickle in over a month are available. So are geo-restricted followers. Finally, you can even get more free followers by the previously mentioned trade system Mr Insta has implemented.


There’s also numerous packages for likes, IGTV views, and many more. Basically, if you want to grow your Instagram profile, Mr Insta can do everything for you.


Audience targeting


Supposedly, Mr Insta draws from a pool of active followers that are at least tangentially related to your Instagram page. In other words, whenever you buy Instagram followers, Mr Insta tries to bring you profiles that match your regular audience.

Reports vary on how effective Mr Insta is in doing so. It doesn’t matter much, though. Most of what you get are fake followers, which won’t produce any engagement on their own. So, you should always be looking to buy either real followers or use the fake ones as a way to boost the visibility of your content. Mr Insta’s followers won’t be worth much otherwise.


Lots of payment options


Mr Insta doesn’t cheap out on payment options. Out of all the Instagram growth services out there, they’re probably the one with the most possibilities to pay.

You have the regulars such as credit and debit cards. There’s, however, tons of cryptocurrencies available. If that’s not enough, they have enabled payments through WeChat and Alipay, and even some gift cards. Mr Insta sure knows how to make payments accessible.


Mr Insta pricing


We won’t be reviewing the pricing for everything Mr Insta has as that would take ages. Since followers and likes are the two most popular options, we’ll look at the basic packages for both. Note that there’s a lot of variation if you choose to customize or look for something more specific.


Followers Price
250 $10
500 $25
1 000 $40
2 000 $60
5 000 $110
10 000 $190
Likes Price
100 $6
200 $9
500 $14
1 000 $25
2 000 $39
5 000 $59
10 000 $89
20 000 $129
50 000 $179


Mr Insta pros & cons

Pros Cons
Audience targeting Few real followers
Buying followers is easy Can get your Instagram account banned
Lots of payment options Some followers and likes disappear
Decent pricing

Is Mr Insta legit?


We’ve mentioned legitimacy several times in our Mr Insta review, but we’d like to reiterate that, as of the time of writing, Mr Insta is  a legit service. Once you buy followers or likes, input your Instagram username, and pay, they are always delivered without fail.

That doesn’t mean Mr Insta is completely safe. While they won’t scam you out of money, your Instagram account can still get banned. The chances are slim for social media platforms to catch on, but it’s always there.

You can reduce the likelihood of having your Instagram account fall into the bad graces of the website by buying smaller amounts and not rushing it. Social media platforms catch on quickly only if something completely out of the ordinary happens.


Alternatives to Mr Insta


If our Mr Insta review didn’t make the company seem convincing, there are plenty of alternatives. Growth services like Mr Insta are a dime a dozen, so you won’t be hard pressed to find something that suits you.

  • Growthoid - Growth agency. They generate real followers through organic growth. They don’t sell any followers or use bots in any way.
  • Nitreo - Instagram bot. Works by queueing up tasks based on selected profiles and generates Instagram followers through engagement.
  • Seek - Growth service. A direct competitor to Mr Insta that sells Instagram followers.
  • Growthsilo - Growth agency. Works by delivering you an account manager that targets and interacts with specific profiles. 

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