Jarvee Review 2021


Jarvee is a social media automation tool that has been on the market for quite some time. It rose to prominence as a replacement for another tool called MassPlanner. Since there was a gap in the market for an automation tool for social media platforms, Jarvee stepped in.


Several years have passed since Jarvee entered the market, however. A lot of alternatives have cropped up, the Instagram algorithm has been updated numerous times, and growth strategies have changed. How does Jarvee stack up against all of these events?


We’ve decided to write out an in-depth Jarvee review as there have been conflicting reports about its efficiency. As many of our proxy users want to use such tools for Instagram growth, giving a fair rundown on the software seems worth it.


What is Jarvee?


As mentioned in the introduction, Jarvee is one of many automation tools used for social media platforms. While Jarvee can cover nearly all major social networks, it rose to fame due to the Instagram growth automation options it offers.

Jarvee seem to sell themselves as a way to “grow all your social accounts 10 times faster”. In our eyes, that’s a lofty statement. Even with the best practices, proxies, and social media accounts, a bot can only get you so far.

Nevertheless, the main selling point of Jarvee is automating the growth of social media accounts. They do that by providing features like the ability to schedule posts, automating liking and unliking, auto comments, etc.

Of course, the features differ across multiple social media platforms. Jarvee hasn’t been as popular for sites like LinkedIn or Tumblr. The most powerful and useful features have always been used for Instagram growth. They have some dedicated features such as hashtag research and spin syntax.


What is Jarvee used for?


You might already have an inkling of what Jarvee is used for. It’s a simple social media bot. Users set up posts and tasks from within Jarvee and leave it to do its thing. Essentially, it greatly reduces the time you need to spend managing multiple Instagram accounts or any other social media profiles.


As such, Jarvee or any other similar software is an almost necessary part of a social media marketing strategy. Businesses and entrepreneurs cannot devote a lot of time to manage multiple accounts. So, such software becomes a lifesaving tool for anyone who does social media marketing.

Finally, it’s a self-service tool. Jarvee does nothing for you. Unlike some automated services that sell followers or likes, Jarvee will require some legwork before any tangible results can be reached.

Pros and cons of Jarvee

> Pros
> Cons
> Still works great for many social media websites
> Against the Terms of Service of most social media sites
> Works with custom proxies
> The Instagram algorithm has a high chance of detecting Jarvee
> Transparent pricing
> Windows-based software (other operating systems need a virtual machine)
> Free trial
> Steep learning curve
> Great customer support

Many Jarvee review websites say the software isn’t as great anymore. That, however, is due to the changes in Instagram automation and detection. As Jarvee has been primarily used for Instagram growth in the past, the sentiment is understandable.


Jarvee, however, is still legitimate for many other platforms and social media sites. According to Trustpilot, people have been having great success on LinkedIn and some other websites. Some still use it as part of their Instagram engagement strategy.


How much does Jarvee cost?


Jarvee’s pricing strategy highly depends on how many social media accounts you will be using. Unlike many other Instagram automation and social media growth tools, Jarvee gives you all the features they have with any plan.


In direct pricing terms, Jarvee has four plans:

  • Starter - €29.95 per month. Can manage 10 social accounts.
  • Regular - €49.95 per month. Can manage 30 social accounts.
  • Professional - €69.95 per month. Can manage 70 social accounts.
  • VPS & Jarvee - Custom pricing. Provides additional support and tips.


As far as we know, the allotted social account numbers can be split in any way. For example, you might use Starter to run 1 Instagram profile and 9 of whatever other social media. Equally, you could use the same plan to run not even one Instagram profile. You have full freedom on how you use social accounts.


Is Jarvee legit?


If you’ve gotten this far into our Jarvee review, it should be fairly clear that it’s legitimate. While the effectiveness of the software can be debatable, it definitely works as intended. We should note, however, that for Instagram growth it might not be as great anymore.

You might notice that our Jarvee review is a little different from others. Most people really bash it for not being as effective. From what we gathered, however, Jarvee still works. Effectiveness and ban rates highly depend on proper usage of the software. With Jarvee, it can be difficult as there’s so much customization.


In fact, there’s an important factor that’s rarely mentioned by many reviews, bot users, and any Instagram growth agency. That factor is the usage of proxies.


Can Instagram detect Jarvee?


The answer is “it depends”. As mentioned previously, the effectiveness of such software greatly depends on proper usage. So, if you want to grow your Instagram account, you have to follow the best practices to avoid detection.


One of the most important ways to protect your Instagram account from a ban is to use proxies. Luckily, Jarvee has proxy support, which allows you to evade bans much more easily.

In simple terms, a proxy is an intermediary machine that’s connected to the internet. Instead of connecting directly to a social media site or application, your request is first sent to the proxy. It then relays the same information to the intended recipient. As a result, the recipient thinks that the request originates from the proxy.


In slightly technical terms, that means your IP address is changed. Since most social media websites track users through IP addresses, proxies become irreplaceable. If you don’t use a proxy and use automation tools with your Instagram account(s), the platform will have an easy time detecting you.

With a proxy, however, things get a lot more complicated. For example, if you have a proxy for each Instagram account, it will seem as if different people are working on them. Thus, Instagram would have a harder time tracking that every Instagram account belongs to the same person.


Out of all the numerous types, the most important one for such tools is a residential proxy. They are basically any household devices that’s connected to the internet. Since an internet service provider assigns them an IP address, connecting through a residential proxy makes it seem that any regular user is using it.


There are other types such as datacenter proxies. These are not as great for using Instagram engagement tools as they come from servers owned by businesses. Datacenter proxies also usually come in packs of similar IP addresses (called a subnet). Clearly, Instagram would be a little suspicious if many accounts were managed with business-based IP addresses that all look fairly similar.


Finally, there’s one last consideration to keep in mind. When using Instagram engagement tools, make sure to use them in a way that would be humanly possible (and likely). If you schedule 100 posts each hour, proxies won’t matter much. It will be clear to Instagram that a bot is doing all those actions.




Jarvee is a social media bot that provides numerous useful features. While it used to be completely unmatched in the Instagram engagement sphere, now some do not consider it to be king anymore. It does, however, still work well for the platform if the proper proxies are used.

Finally, Jarvee rose to fame for Instagram, but we shouldn’t forget that it offers botting features for all other social media sites. It still is a tremendous tool for sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, and others.