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Ingramer review 2022

proxies for Ingramer

Ingramer, previously known as Inflact, is a multitool kit used to grow your Instagram accounts. It previously marketed itself as one of the most effective Instagram bots out there. Ingramer brings with it almost all of the features you'd find in any other Instagram bot, however, it's supposed to do everything better than the competition.


We decided to take it upon ourselves to find out whether Ingramer's claims are true. For our Ingramer review, we'll go through most of the features available and evaluate them. Finally, we’ll give our closing thoughts on whether Ingramer should be used for your Instagram strategy or should you look for Ingramer alternatives.


Quick rundown



  • Transparent and clear pricing
  • Verified payment gateways
  • Extensive feature set
  • Email support



  • In violation of Instagram's Terms of Service (as all bots are)
  • 24/7 support can be unresponsive
  • For experienced users (no tutorial/FAQ)




It should be noted that like all Instagram bots, Ingramer violates Terms of Service. Instagram doesn't consider botting to be an acceptable activity, which means using Ingramer can lead to account suspension. However, if used intelligently and with high quality proxies, the threat of a suspension is minimal.


Like all Instagram bots, Ingramer can become an irreplaceable asset for any social media marketer. With its extensive feature set, managing numerous accounts and growing your follower count can be a breeze.


Ingramer features


Ingramer comes with a long laundry list of features, each of which are used to automate processes that would otherwise take a significant amount of time. You will certainly find numerous features that will help you power through all the annoying Instagram account management aspects.


Ingramer web


Auto messaging


Sending out automated direct messages is the bread-and-butter of any marketing strategy. Ingramer makes it possible to set up automated direct messages. Usually, they are sent when certain criteria are met such as when someone subscribes to an Instagram page. Automated DMs are tremendous for industries such as ecommerce, which get tons of interested clients.


Of course, the automation features are much more extensive than simple welcome messages. However, they won’t get anyone too far. It isn’t that great for extended conversations as it can’t properly imitate an advanced chat bot, let alone a human. As using bots can be frowned upon by social media users, it’s likely that automated DMs are best used sparingly.


Ingramer also provides automation based on trigger words or phrases, making it easier to generate replies that seem genuine. Finally, there’s even multilingual detection available that some users might find useful.


Instagram post scheduler


All Instagram strategies revolve around a posting schedule. In fact, most social media managers will probably spend a significant amount of their time managing scheduling.


Ingramer has perfected the combination of organic posts and  scheduling. It allows users to retain full control over their posts by enabling them to schedule videos, images, and stories for the entire month. Additionally, full post and story customization is available, so once they’re set up, no further tinkering will be needed.


Instagram stories viewer


If required, Ingramer can automatically view the stories of any Instagram account. However, the feature is somewhat limited as it can only store a list of up to 100 accounts. Anything above that will have to be viewed manually.


Smart unfollow


Some time ago, smart unfollowing wasn’t really all that smart. Bots would follow numerous accounts then unfollow those that haven’t returned the favor. However, Instagram has since caught on to this strategy.


Ingramer stays one step ahead of the social media giant by providing extensive customization options for the same process. Instead of automating unfollows in such a simplistic manner, the bot provides many more criteria. Unfollows can be done in a variety of ways, starting from simple time-based settings and ending with engagement-based criteria.


Inflact hashtag generator


Ingramer offers to save marketers the headache of constantly following and finding trending hashtags on posts. This feature attempts to automatically find and select relevant trending hashtags that are trending to increase visibility. Ingramer essentially follows other users and evaluates the content provided for the post to generate hashtags.


So far, the hashtag generator can be a bit of a hit-or-miss. While it definitely finds a lot of trending and relevant hashtags, it doesn’t differentiate between spammy ones. Some caution should be exercised.


However, it should be noted that with proper use, their hashtag generator can greatly cut down on the time spent researching hashtags. It might take some experimentation, but once it gets going, it’s hard to look elsewhere.


hashtag generator for instagram


Font generator


While definitely a small feature and nothing to write home about, the font generator lets Ingramer users customize their posts just a tiny bit more. Basically, the tool lets users customize the bio and posts of their Instagram account by picking out of 80+ font styles. That’s all there is to it, really.


Font generator won’t do much for anyone’s Instagram strategy. It likely won’t grow organic followers by a significant measure. Yet, it’s a nice way to personalize any account that might tickle the fancy of some users.


Data and analytics


For those who are highly data-driven, Ingramer provides numerous statistical tools to measure the effectiveness of their strategies. All of the important information is listed under the “statistics” tab.


Ingramer provides a large swath of data points for every user such as the amount of interactions and engagement, new followers, etc. Nearly everything that has happened as a result of Ingramer’s automation can be tracked and measured, making analysis easy and simple. Finally, statistics can also be cleared whenever necessary.


Ingramer pricing


While Ingramer brings a host of impressive features that will be useful to nearly anyone, the pricing model doesn’t give easy access to them. Instead of going for a traditional software pricing model, Ingramer chose to develop specific modules.


Modules are essentially grouped-up sets of features outlined above. Currently, there are four of them available, each of which adds to the price. It’s important to note that each module is also priced differently. All of them, except for the hashtag generator tool, are sold on an account-basis. 


Listing out all of the price combinations is nearly impossible due to the amount of customization available. However, the full package for one account costs $82 (or €70) per 2 weeks. They also provide subscriptions for 1 month and 3 months at a time, which, as is usual, reduce the overall price.


It’s important to note that the Ingramer pricing strategy can get a little confusing. They only list prices by summing up all modules and providing per account costs. If more accounts are added, the listed price falls. However, the total price increases as the person will be paying for a subscription for all added accounts at once.


Ingramer pricing


Finally, Inflact does not seem to have a free trial. While the call-to-actions on their pricing page such as “Let’s try it” might seem to indicate towards some free plan, only the statistics page (which is useless without a subscription) is available without paying anything.


Is Ingramer legit?


As far as we’ve used it, we have no reason to doubt the legitimacy of Ingramer. It is a powerful Instagram growth tool that helps marketers achieve better results than they manually ever could.


Of course, as mentioned previously, legitimacy doesn’t mean Ingramer is risk-free. Instagram doesn’t allow bots on their platform and Ingramer is no exception. While getting banned is unlikely if no extreme measures are taken, the risk is always there.


However, in regards to being legitimate software, Ingramer is as legit as it gets. Ingramer won’t steal Instagram accounts or do anything that might seem scammy or suspicious. It’s a tool created to serve as an Instagram growth tool and not much else.


Additionally, Ingramer (or Inflact) has hundreds of reviews on known consumer review websites such as Trustpilot. It also has a decent rating, which hovers above 4.5 at all times. In short, Ingramer clearly has earned the trust of consumers and, as far as we can see, is a legitimate tool.


Safe use of Ingramer


If you decide to use Ingramer to grow your Instagram accounts, there is one important thing to keep in mind - proxies. Instagram can easily track automation if it happens from one device and the same IP address across several accounts.


That’s why proxies become mandatory. They provide Ingramer users an opportunity to switch IP addresses when required, making it harder for Instagram to track any associated actions. If proper proxy usage is maintained, the chances of getting blocked by Instagram are nearly nullified.


Additionally, Ingramer safe use strategies should follow the etiquette of all social media. In short, that means avoiding spammy posts and hashtags. Posting too frequently or replying too quickly too often can arouse suspicion and eventually lead to bans.


Ingramer review: final verdict


So, should you be using Ingramer for your Instagram growth strategy? While we can’t promote breaking the Terms of Service of Instagram, we should note that the tool performs exactly as they market themselves. It’s a reliable all-purpose Instagram bot that can help you grow and reach your target audience better.


However, as with all tools, it can do both harm and good. Experienced users who know their way around proxies and account management won’t have any issues. Inexperienced users can run into troubles or even get their accounts banned. Therefore, if you intend on using Ingramer, be sure that you have the skill set required and the proxies needed to follow your aspirations up.

Your proxies await.

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