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Growthoid Review 2022


The social media marketing industry is tough, especially when it comes to growing followers. Instagram users often turn to Instagram growth services to help boost their account visibility. 


While some growth services are run by Instagram bots, others have a seemingly more appealing offer. No fake engagement, no fake followers. All you need to do is tell the service what audience you’d like to target and focus on creating content, the rest will be done for you. Does that sound good?


That’s exactly what Growthoid offers. We’re about to review what Growthoid is, what features the service has, and for what price. We’ll also provide you with our take on whether Growthoid is legit, and what other options you have for boosting your Instagram account.


What is Growthoid?


Growthoid is an Instagram marketing agency that provides Instagram growth service powered by AI technology. The tool brings organic followers to Instagram accounts. Growthoid does it by targeting Instagram users that follow popular accounts in the same industry. 


Growthoid is not an Instagram bot and it’s not an automation tool. It advertises to be an organic Instagram growth service. Instagram is not keen on bots but it doesn’t ban organic growth. So, technically, with Growthoid, your account should not get banned. 


However, some Growthoid reviews say that this service got their Instagram accounts blocked, so keep on reading to learn more about Growthoid.


What is Growthoid used for?


Growthoid mainly focuses on Instagram growth but it has multiple features. Let’s see what this service has to offer. Here are the main Growthoid features:


Dedicated Account Managers


Most Instagram automation services take your money, give you access to the bots, and leave you to figure out the rest on your own. Growthoid has a different business model. Every client gets a dedicated account manager, who takes care of your account’s growth. The account manager engages with targeted accounts so you don’t have to do any of that.


Targeted Follower Growth


Growthoid promises to bring Instagram followers that are relevant to your account and the industry you’re targeting. This is a great feature because relevant followers are more likely to engage with your content and be active. Relevant Instagram followers can also turn into buying customers, so if that’s your goal, Growthoid can help you boost your sales.


Instagram Growth for Any Industry


Niche industries often get less attention on Instagram than the popular ones. If your Instagram business targets a very specific audience, attracting new followers organically may be a challenge. Growthoid works with any industry and promises maximum organic growth to any Instagram account as long as it features good content.


How much does Growthoid cost?


Growthoid has two pricing plans: Standard Package for $49 a month and a Premium Package for $99 a month. Both plans feature a 14-day money-back guarantee. There’s no free trial but you can cancel your subscription at any time.


Growthoid's pricing for a Standard package


The standard growth plan features moderate organic engagement. It’s hard to tell what it means exactly because Growthoid doesn’t specify how many Instagram followers your account will gain by using their service. This plan also covers essential targeting features, standard support, and has a speed limit. None of these features are explained on their website.


Growthoid offers a premium package


The premium package promises to bring maximum organic growth, priority support, and maximum speed. It also covers all targeting features. Again, there’s no indication of what those features are.


Growthoid’s pricing is confusing, to say the least, because it covers features that basically mean nothing. Also, both plans say to give a $50 discount, which is a cheap marketing trick. 


Pros & Cons of Using Growthoid


We try to give as objective a Growthoid review as possible, so we listed all the pros and cons in one place. Check out what we found:

Pros Cons
Organic Instagram growth No free trial
Relevant followers No guarantees for the number of followers
Works on any industry Vague pricing description
Dedicated account manager Fake reviews on Trustpilot
Loads of negative reviews related to billing


Can I Trust Growthoid?


We don’t recommend trusting Growthoid. We know that this Instagram growth service may look legit from first sight. They have a nice-looking website with seemingly positive reviews. But if you dig deeper, you’ll see that some things just don’t add up.

First of all, the reviews. On the Growthoid website, there are a few nice reviews. We checked the Instagram accounts the reviews came from, and the number of the followers mostly add up. However, Growthoid doesn’t seem to boost engagement. When you have nearly 50k Instagram followers on your account, you’d expect to have at least one or two comments on your posts, which is not the case with the featured accounts. 



Another red flag is Trustpilot reviews. As soon as you open Growthoid reviews on Trustpilot, you get a red warning notification saying that Trustpilot has found fake reviews for this company and removed them. Moving on to the reviews that are still there, many of them talk about being scammed by Growthoid. A number of people say to have had their Instagram accounts blocked by using their growth service.


Last but not least, Growthoid’s website. It doesn't reveal any information about the company or where they’re based. If you scroll to the footer, you’ll find out that Growthoid in fact does offer Instagram automation. Is it run by bots? Who knows.


Also, the first thing that Growthoid offers on the homepage is a free 3-day trial. But their FAQ section clearly states that there’s no free trial for Growthoid.


Growthoid does not offer a free trial


Proxies for Growthoid


Growthoid doesn’t offer proxy support since it’s not a bot service. However, if you run multiple social media accounts, you should be using proxies to avoid getting your IP address blocked.


If Instagram notices that you run multiple accounts on one IP address and suspects that you’re using a growth service, it will flag your IP address. That’s why you should use Instagram proxies for your account management.


Residential proxies are a great choice for Instagram because they are connected to real devices and residential addresses. Metrow offers great residential IPs for Instagram account management. Check them out.


Final Word


From first sight, Growthoid looks like a perfect Instagram growth service. No bots, no automation, just pure organic growth and engagement boost for your Instagram account, regardless of your industry. 


However, looking deeper, Growthoid raises a few red flags. Fake reviews, vague pricing, and no guarantees for follower growth suggest that this service may not be as good as advertised.


Even though Growthoid promises organic followers, it may be safer to turn to proxies and Instagram bots because with them, at least you know what you’re paying for. Also, with bots and proxies you clearly know the risks, which also means that you can avoid them. This is not the case with Growthoid.


If you’d like to check out Growthoid alternatives, we have done thorough market research and reviewed a number of Instagram growth services. Check out the reviews and pick the best service for your case.


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