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GramDominator review 2022


GramDominator is an Instagram automation tool. It’s powered by intuitive Artificial Intelligence and offers a wide range of features, such as automatic likes, follows, and reposts. GramDominator’s main goal is to help companies with Instagram marketing strategies by automating every action on all of your Instagram accounts. 

In this review, we’ll list GramDominator’s main pros and cons, go through the tool’s features and subscription options. At the end of the review, you should have a clear view of what this tool is about and if it really is “everything you need to increase your Instagram traffic and sales,” or if it’s just a faux advertising slogan.


Quick rundown



  • Easy to use. Once you download and install the desktop client, you’ll notice that the user interface is very simple and self-explanatory.
  • A lot of features. GramDominator has a bunch of features that allow automating nearly every possible action on your social media accounts.
  • An unlimited number of social media accounts. With GramDominator software, you can handle as many Instagram accounts as you need.
  • Only two subscription options. This could be a drawback for some, but those who have a hard time making decisions will definitely appreciate it.



  • You’ll have to keep the application running. For GramDominator to work, your computer and the application will have to be turned on.
  • You may still get banned. Since bots are not allowed on Instagram, your accounts may get temporarily suspended for using GramDominator.
  • Limited payment options. Most current automation tools support crypto payments, but GramDominator only accepts payments via PayPal, PayTM, or Stripe.
  • Only offers a desktop client. The tool does not have a mobile app nor browser access. It has to be downloaded to your computer.




GramDominator is not a browser-based automation tool, it requires downloading a desktop client, and you need to install GramDominator to your computer. Most similar tools are either browser-based or have a mobile app, but it’s not the case here. Anyway, downloading the application only takes a moment, so it shouldn’t be a problem. 

A slightly more annoying part is that the application needs to keep running to do its tasks, and your computer has to stay turned on. Yet, it’s important to remember that your Instagram bot should remain inactive for around 6 to 8 hours every day. Otherwise, Instagram will detect it and may block your account.

Apart from that, GramDominator offers all the features that may essentially help reach your marketing goals. From auto likes, comments, posts, and shares, GramDominator not just schedules tasks but actually automates them.

Let’s look into the main features a bit more closely.


GramDominator features


Like module

To get more exposure, GramDominator automates post likes. Liking posts help your Instagram profile get noticed by other users and grow your follower base if they like your content. It also ensures a steady flow of likes to your posts since most users appreciate likes and like your posts back.

The best part is that the Like module allows setting a variety of custom triggers. For example, you can set the tool to search for and only like high-quality images or those posted by specific users. You can also target pictures with specific keywords or tags. This helps grow a follower base that is interested in what you have to offer rather than a random crowd that never converts.


GramDominator features


Post module

Insta Poster feature allows scheduling posts. It doesn’t limit the number of accounts you want to post from, so you can schedule posts for all of them at the same time if you wish. This is especially useful if you want to engage your Instagram followers, regardless of your time zone. 

If you have no ideas of what to post, GramDominator offers an auto repost feature. It reposts photos with the keywords that you set or takes an image from a specific user.


Comment module

Insta liker/commenter module finds trending images and comments on them. This feature offers a number of commenting options. For example, you can set the tool to leave comments under photos posted by someone’s followers or comment on specific user’s pictures.

If you’re looking for an even more individual solution, you can create your own list of photo IDs and comment on a custom list of posts. This is an excellent option if you’re targeting niche posts that rarely fall under the most popular images.


Follow module

An auto follow feature is probably more of a standard than an extra for any social media management tool. And that is for a good reason because this feature allows growing a number of relevant followers, which is often one of the key performance indicators for any Instagram marketing strategy. 

The Follow module allows searching for users based on the content they interact with, which can even be your competitors’ content. These users may already be interested in similar products to what you offer, so you can connect directly to them and turn those leads into clients. 

GramDominator’s Follow module also lets you automatically unfollow users that don’t follow your account back. 


GramDominator for instagram



GramDominator offers to create unlimited campaigns for as many of your accounts as you need. This feature is especially helpful for Instagram marketers who want to keep track of their account performance since the feature provides detailed analytics of all the activities done with the accounts. 

You can also manage campaigns via a single software, and everyone who has ever worked with Instagram marketing will appreciate that.


Other features

One of the other features that deserves more attention is Insta Scrape. This feature extracts data from Instagram, which can be helpful for marketing analysis and building promotional tactics. Auto filtering allows extracting only the information that you need based on your set criteria.

Blacklisting and whitelisting users are also worth mentioning. GramDominator allows building blacklists. Any account that ends up on that list will be skipped even if it meets your criteria set for a specific search. Meanwhile, whitelisting means that the software won’t unfollow your whitelisted accounts.


GramDominator subscription options


gramdominator pricing


GramDominator offers two pricing plans, monthly and yearly: 

Plan 1 charges $9.95 monthly and includes unlimited accounts and campaigns, Follow, Poster, Like, and Comment modules, and an Inbuilt Scraper. 

Plan 2 costs $79.95 yearly, which saves $39.45 a year, compared to Plan 1. This option includes exactly the same features as the first plan.

Both membership types charge $1.00 for the first five days, which is a nice option for those who would like to test the product before committing to longer subscriptions. 


Final word


We’ve listed most of GramDominator’s features, and it’s time to admit that the list is not short. The application automates nearly every action for social media marketing covering everything from posts, comments, followers to shares and likes. GramDominator allows managing multiple accounts and also provides valuable insights. 

It’s not hard to see that GramDominator has been built with a busy marketer in mind, and it has turned out quite well. We may even forgive that GramDominator works only when your computer is on. 

So, while GramDominator’s list of benefits may seem just as long as the list of drawbacks, at the end of the day, it’s still one of the best social media automation tools. 

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