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GetInsta Review (2022) - Free Followers or a Scam?


GetInsta is a service that purportedly improves Instagram engagement by providing either free or paid followers. They have been in the limelight for the former, however. 

Finding an Instagram growth agency isn’t hard nowadays as these services have become incredibly popular. Most of them only have paid Instagram engagement services, which is why GetInsta has been of interest.

From our experience, however, even paid services can be lacking in quality. You can often get accounts built by an Instagram bot that are clearly fake. So, naturally, a free service couldn’t be much better. Still, we decided to investigate GetInsta ourselves.


What is GetInsta?


GetInsta (now seems to be renamed to GetInsita, likely due to copyright reasons) is a growth service that focuses on providing Instagram followers and likes. They have two packages - one for free, the other for a scaling cost with daily additions of either Instagram followers or likes.

Notably, the company claims to deliver high-quality real followers instead of using botted Instagram accounts. They also don’t request your password, filling out a survey (or some other quid pro quo) and, supposedly, poses no risk.


We’re a little suspicious of these claims. Most businesses in the social media marketing industry can’t achieve such results with services you pay for. GetInsta claims to be able to do that for free. That would definitely rank it among the top Instagram growth tools if these claims were true.


In fact, even if the selling point of GetInsta is the free followers, you’re still much better off buying the subscription they have. There’s no way the they would be of high quality and actually interested in your content.


What is GetInsta used for?


GetInsta is mostly used to boost one’s Instagram account with followers and likes. People and businesses are looking to do so because large audiences grant a great opportunity to either make money (for influencers) or to do marketing (for businesses).

As such, someone who has an Instagram profile with an insane number of real followers will be able to monetize the account easily. Businesses, in fact, will likely flock to the user with lots of offers.


Additionally, the Instagram algorithm seems to prefer people who get a lot of engagement. A growing number of Instagram followers is one of the metrics used by the algorithm in its evaluations. Of course, other engagement factors such as likes and comments also influence it.

So, tools that offer ways to grow an Instagram account quickly are highly attractive to all sorts of people looking to make use of social media. If, like GetInsta, it offers free Instagram followers, the service becomes that much more enticing.

In the end, buying Instagram followers and likes is an investment. The Instagram account in question will then use that increase in engagement to monetize its content.


GetInsta features


GetInsta features
Free Instagram followers Paid Instagram followers Secure site
No password or verification required 24-hour delivery Monthly subscriptions




As previously mentioned in our GetInsta review, there’s two main pricing models - the free and paid followers. The followers work for free through a credit-like system where you get coins, which can be traded for engagement.

So, you’re best off using the paid subscription mode. There’s only one plan with up to 9 different combinations of settings:

  1. You can choose between a 30-day, 60-day, or a 90-day subscription.
  2. You can choose between 50, 150, or 200 followers per day.

For reference, the most expensive and least efficient plan would cost you $2.29 per day or $68.7 per month. Needless to say, GetInsta isn’t the most expensive growth tool. Unfortunately, it delivers anything but organic engagement.

Throughout numerous tests it has been found that the company mostly sends fake engagement. Nearly every Instagram account seems to be botted or, at least, not actually managed by a real person. They seem to be created for the explicit purpose of bringing followers to accounts.


Is the GetInsta app safe?


Nothing is free, especially if it’s done by a business. GetInsta has to somehow make revenue and pay employees. As such, it’s unlikely that they don’t get anything in return for the free followers.


So, if you want to get followers for free, you have to install the GetInsta app, which is a little suspicious. Remember that the company has to pay the developers and everyone else somehow. It’s likely that the application isn’t as innocuous as it may seem. They might be monetizing your data or something of the like.

While we can’t say for certain if the app is safe or not, we’d rather be careful. So, if there isn’t any absolute necessity, we wouldn’t install the GetInsta app.


Alternatives to GetInsta


If you want to get Instagram followers, there are tons of services online that don’t require you to download any apps. In fact, there’s so many alternatives to GetInsta that you'll almost certainly be able to find something that suits your budget and needs.

  • Seek - Buy followers that are acquired with AI algorithms.
  • Growthoid - Get followers through account management and profile targeting.
  • Growthsilo - More or less the same as Growthoid.

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