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FollowLiker review 2022


FollowLiker is automation software that works on multiple social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr. The software automates social media tasks and helps grow your follower base. 


FollowLiker is a multipurpose tool that offers various features, and we’ll review them to get a comprehensive look at the software, especially for automating Instagram tasks. Since Instagram is not keen on bots, automation tools often have a number of drawbacks. We’ll walk you through the main pros and cons of FollowLiker and review its pricing to help you decide whether it’s worth investing in this tool.


Quick rundown



  • Loads of features. FollowLiker is not shy on Instagram automation options and seems to have everything you need from an Instagram growth service. We’ll discuss the details in the feature section.
  • Easy to set up. Download the software, choose what tasks you want to automate, set the target audience, and let FollowLiker’s Instagram bot do the rest.



  • Lack of transparency. On their website, FollowLiker fails to mention that users with Mac and Linux operating systems will need a Virtual Private Server (VPS) to use their software.
  • Hard to get in touch. The website has a contact form but no chat, email, or phone number to reach the support. The website says that their customer service works 24/7, but FollowLiker reviews suggest differently.
  • No mobile version. The software is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems (you need to have a VPS for the latter two), but it doesn’t offer a mobile version.
  • Your computer needs to be turned on. FollowLiker service works only when your computer is on. It’s also recommended to limit manual operations while the app is running.
  • No free trial. Considering relatively high prices for the service, it would be nice to try out the tool before buying it, but FollowLiker does not provide a free trial.
  • Bad reputation. It’s overwhelming how many bad reviews FollowLiker has on various review platforms and comparison sites.




Social media automation software is a great help to anyone who manages multiple Instagram accounts because it saves time and helps gain Instagram followers faster. The provider advertises FollowLiker as “a very powerful, reliable & super flexible multipurpose software that makes it easy to automate all your social media tasks.” Yet, various reviews suggest that FollowLiker may not be as good as advertised. 


All the pros and cons aside, FollowLiker allows managing multiple accounts and automates most social media tasks on different platforms. Let’s walk through the main Instagram automation features and see what FollowLiker has to offer. 


FollowLiker features


Follow/Unfollow users

The software offers an auto-follow feature that automatically adds people who meet your set parameters. For example, it can follow users who discuss a specific topic defined by your target keywords or hashtags. FollowLiker can also follow users based on their location or language.


You can also auto unfollow users that have not followed you back in a few days. You can make exceptions to your selected users by whitelisting them.


This feature may be helpful if you’re looking to meet your Instagram follower growth strategy goals.


FollowLiker  Follow and Unfollow users


Like/Unlike photos

FollowLiker can automatically like images posted by selected users or based on hashtags and keywords. You can create a list with set parameters of what pictures the software should like.


The software also automates unlikes. It can unlike images after a set amount of days, and you can set a limit of unlikes you want to perform in a run.


Comment on photos

The auto comment feature allows posting automatic comments on the images that meet your set parameters. You can pick hashtags, keywords or create a custom list of images that should get a comment. 


Bear in mind that some users find FollowLiker’s comments spam-like, which may get your Instagram account banned. And what good are automated tasks if your account is blocked, right?


Share photos and videos

Keeping your Instagram account active is important if you want to get more engagement from your audience and see the follower count grow. FollowLiker helps automatically share photos that can be uploaded directly from your computer. The posts can be scheduled, and you can also limit photo and video sharing. 


Send direct messages

Automated direct messages allow sending private messages to your Instagram followers. You can also send thank you or welcome messages to your new followers, which is a nice way to get your account noticed. 


User and photo search

FollowLiker automatically finds images based on your set parameters. You can set keywords and hashtags to find new images.


followliker screen


Blacklist and white list users

You can build a list of users that should not be automatically followed or whose images should not be liked or commented on. The tool also allows automatically blacklisting unfollowed users.


Whitelisting helps build a list of accounts that should not be unfollowed.


Schedule tasks

This feature allows scheduling single or multiple tasks. You can add intervals between tasks, which is a great feature if you don’t want your account to be flagged for being run by Instagram bots. 


Add proxies

If you’re automatically managing multiple accounts with one IP address, your Instagram account will get banned in no time. To avoid that, users add proxies and manage accounts with different IP addresses. 


FollowLiker pricing

FollowLiker offers three subscription plans for Instagram users. The price varies based on the number of accounts you need to manage.


If you plan on managing one Instagram account, you’ll need to make a one-off payment of $57.99 and later pay $5.99 every month. For five accounts, the downpayment is $77.99 plus $5.99 a month. For unlimited accounts, you’ll need to pay $97.99 plus the monthly fee.


followliker pricing


In short:

  • All three subscription plans include all the features. The only thing that changes depending on your subscription is the number of accounts you can manage.
  • All the plans offer 24/7 support (although it’s not clear how soon they respond to the clients).
  • There is no free trial, so you cannot test the software before making the one-off payment.


Is FollowLiker legit?

Based on all our research, FollowLiker does not seem to be legit. We’re not suggesting that it’s a complete scam, but to be honest, it doesn’t look very trustworthy either. 


Let’s look at what seems suspicious to us:


  • Spam comments. Users suggest that FollowLiker randomly tags users in comments and creates messages that look like spam. This may be because automated messages are not optimized for target users.
  • Lack of company information. Trustworthy companies often present their teams behind the products. Or at least have an “about us” section on their website to share their values. FollowLiker does neither of those things. 
  • Lack of transparency about the product. As we mentioned, MAC and Linux users need to take extra steps to start using the software, which is time consuming. But this information is nowhere to be found on the website. Also, why not offer a free trial? 
  • Hard to get support. From the user reviews, it seems that the 24/7 support is nothing more than a marketing trick. And as we mentioned, the only way to get through to them is via a contact form that doesn’t look very promising.
  • The software may stop working. Users report that after some time, the software stops working. This may be related to the fact that Instagram blocks bot traffic. And FollowLiker’s pricing seems to be built the way to make them the most profit even if your account gets blocked instantly.


Final word


It’s not hard to guess the conclusion of our FollowLiker review, so you may already have a good idea of what we’re about to say. Here it is: save time, avoid FollowLiker


While the app offers many features for social media task automation, the drawbacks of the service are hard to ignore. The internet is full of negative reviews and serious accusations toward the service provider and their communication. The website does not seem trustworthy either. The price for the software is relatively high, especially for those who manage less than five Instagram accounts. So if you wish to keep your account safe, FollowLiker may not be the best choice.


All in all, FollowLiker’s drawbacks outweigh the benefits, so it’s safe to say that there are better alternatives for Instagram automation on the market.

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