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FollowingLike Review 2022

Social media bots are a great help to many marketing experts. They automate tasks, help get more visibility, and reach marketing goals. FollowingLike is one of the most popular automation services, especially for Instagram growth. 


FollowingLike advertises to have been created by a team of social experts, developers, and marketers in 2015. The tool is now running in its fourth version.


We’re about to review FollowingLike, its features, what it’s used for, and answer the most common questions about this tool. 


What is FollowingLike?


FollowingLike is a social media automation software, also known as a social media bot. This tool works on various social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, Linkedin, and others. It helps social media marketers automate tasks on their accounts. 


For example, FollowingLike offers an Instagram bot that can automatically like, comment, and follow posts and other users on the platform. It helps with Instagram growth and task management. FollowingLike can perform various automated tasks, depending on the social media platform.


However, most social networks are not keen on bot activity. If used carelessly, social media bots can get your accounts blocked, sometimes without a way to get them back. That’s why it’s important to know the risks before using any social media bots, including FollowingLike. 


What is FollowingLike used for?


FollowingLike covers the basic features that any social media bot offers. The tool works on any social media network and the automated tasks that FollowingLike can perform slightly vary based on the platform. We’re mostly looking at the Instagram bot features, and here are the main ones:


Social media marketing


Social media is one of the best channels for growing brand awareness. Social media marketing experts often use various automation tools, such as FollowingLike, to get more visibility to their brands. For example, an Instagram bot can help a social account manager find their target audience faster. How? FollowingLike can search the platform for users that engage with content based on specific keywords.


Task automation


In order to make the most of social media accounts, companies need to keep them active. Constant engagement with the followers, posts, and likes are essential for a successful Instagram account. However, these tasks are time-consuming and require a lot of manual work. FollowingLike has an auto comment feature, auto likes, and auto reposts. The bots can automate all the daunting tasks to keep your social accounts active.


Growth service


Auto following is a great feature for Instagram growth. This way your social media account gets noticed and if your content is appealing, you can get loads of users to follow you back. What FollowingLike offers is a pretty standard Instagram growth service, but you need to be careful not to block your accounts. Blindly following people without any breaks will get your Instagram profile flagged, and may eventually block it.


Multiple account management


FollowingLike features proxy support, which means that you can get proxies and manage multiple accounts at the same time. Proxy support is a great feature. FollowingLike has a few partnerships with proxy providers but it doesn’t mean that they’re the best choice. Keep in mind that only a trusted proxy provider will help you keep your account running. Using free proxies may get your account blocked.


Pricing of FollowingLike


FollowingLike pricing depends on how many accounts you want to run. You can choose between different social platforms but if you want to run multiple accounts, they have to be on the same platform. 


If you choose one or five accounts, the service charges a one-off fee, not a subscription. For example, a five Instagram account lifetime license will cost you $237 but you may be lucky and receive a mysterious 35% discount, so the tool will cost you $154. 


Unlimited accounts have two pricing options - a monthly subscription, or an unlimited license for a set fee. Unlimited Instagram accounts will cost you $95.6 a month (that’s with the discount) or $219 if you pay once.


You'll need to leave your email address to see the FollowingLike pricing


FollowingLike accepts all the standard payment methods, plus cryptocurrency. Every buyer gets a 100% money-back guarantee within 36 hours of their purchase. 


Pros & Cons of Using FollowingLike


Now, let’s see what pros and cons we found for this FollowingLike review:


Pros Cons
Works on many different social media platforms High chances of getting your account blocked
36-hour money-back guarantee Horrible user interface
Has a limited free version (Facebook and Instagram bot only) Very expensive for what they have to offer
Offers a custom development The bots are difficult to set up
Seems to have significantly improved over the years


Is FollowingLike Legit?


FollowingLike IV looks legit. It’s expensive, and it still does have a horrible user interface, but it managed to solve a lot of issues that FollowingLike III had. What issues are we talking about?


Before writing this FollowingLike review, a lot of research had to be done. And most FollowingLike reviews suggested that it’s not legit. Their website wasn’t safe, there was no information about the support nor the company, and different social media bots looked like they came from different providers. There were questions about the existence of an account manager, who was being advertised as a bonus, and a lot of users complained about getting constant network error messages. The company was also sending emails about network connection problems.


We don’t have solid proof that all of these issues have been solved but recent FollowingLike reviews from their users suggest that the tool got at least somewhat better.


Is FollowingLike Safe?


It’s difficult to tell whether FollowingLike is safe because no social media bots are safe. They can get your accounts banned very quickly, and if you run the bots carelessly, that will happen to you, too.


If you get a lifetime license of FollowingLike bots, there’s no guarantee that they’ll work forever. And they probably won’t. But you get 36 hours to change your mind after committing.


Best Proxies for FollowingLike


To lower the chances of getting your account blocked while using bots, you need to use social media proxies. FollowingLike has proxy support, which means that you can use the bot with your chosen proxies.


Social media bots run on two types of proxies: datacenter and residential. Datacenter proxies are fast and cheaper than residential ones but they are easy to detect. Social media platforms rarely tolerate bots and proxies, so if they notice you using datacenter IPs, your accounts may get banned. 


Residential proxies are the best choice for running social accounts. These IPs are connected to residential addresses and real devices, so they resemble human users. Residential proxies are nearly impossible to detect, so they have much smaller chances of getting blocked, compared to datacenter proxies.


Metrow offers residential proxies for social media accounts. These proxies work with any automation software so you can be sure to get the best results with any tool you choose.


Final Word


FollowingLike is not the greatest social media bot service. The tool is expensive and only covers the basic features. If it gets into the hands of an inexperienced social media marketer, it will block the social media accounts and will bring more harm than benefits.


On the bright side, FollowingLike seems to have considerably improved over the years. Maybe in a couple of years, it will be one of the big players in the game. Meanwhile, we suggest using FollowingLike alternatives.


However, if you decide to use FollowingLike for your social network, make sure to use it with reliable social media proxies to reduce the risk of getting your accounts banned.


We hope this FollowingLike review helped you decide about using this bot service for your social accounts. If you’re considering FollowingLike alternatives, read our reviews and see what tools are worth your time.


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