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Dux Soup Review (2022)

Dux Soup

Dux Soup is a LinkedIn automation tool that promises to take care of lead generation for you. They allow you to set up multiple workflows with many customizable features such as skill endorsements and personalized messages that are sent with adjustable delays.


While it has been one of the more popular LinkedIn automation tools in the industry, they have gone through their own ups and downs. With the social media network cracking down on lots of automation tools, the utility of Dux Soup comes into question.

We’ve decided to investigate and write a Dux Soup review for those thinking of buying a subscription to the LinkedIn automation tool in question.


What is Dux Soup?


Dux Soup is a Google Chrome extension that is used to automate LinkedIn lead generation and many other aspects of the business side of the social media website. As it’s attached to a specific browser, it has a fair share of limitations, which we will outline later.


On the other hand, since it’s an extension, there’s nothing too complicated about the process of using it. Most of Dux Soup can be intuitively grasped if you have some technical knowledge. Additionally, if you are already familiar with LinkedIn search and ways to find qualified leads, Dux Soup will be even easier to get a hang of.

It, however, can be considered as a blackhat automation tool by LinkedIn. While that still means Dux Soup is legal, it likely goes against the Terms of Service of the social media website. Improper use of the extension can almost certainly lead to a ban.

As such, some care has to be taken when using it for LinkedIn lead generation. Using it to blast massive amounts of messages in a clearly automated manner can lead to restrictions or an outright ban by the platform. Dux Soup is best used somewhat sparingly.


What is Dux Soup used for?


While its primary purpose is to generate leads through LinkedIn outreach, Dux Soup can do more than that. Even the starter version can automatically go through the profile of a LinkedIn account, use filters, and make notes.

Advanced versions give you more power when generating LinkedIn leads. Paid plans enable you to automatically send messages, which basically reduces the manual work to a complete minimum. In the end, it’s simply software that attempts to automate all interactions with LinkedIn profiles.

In the end, it’s a tool for LinkedIn growth. While most of that will be building your network and connecting with LinkedIn profiles, it’s much more than just a simple lead generation extension. In fact, the Turbo Dux plan adds some important functionalities.

With the most expensive plan, you can integrate Dux Soup with CRMs and other lead generation tools. As such, Dux Soup simply becomes a part of your tech stack, allowing you to reach even better LinkedIn growth results.


Dux Soup used for
Find new prospects Record manual LinkedIn profile visits
Support for Sales Navigator Target tagged LinkedIn profiles
Download data from profiles Automated messaging
Export to CSV View automation history
Set up drip campaigns Manage drip campaigns
Record profile data Send automatic follow-ups


Dux Soup pricing


Dux Soup has three distinct pricing plans. The first one is, of course, completely free. You simply install the extension and can start using it. It is, however, the most limited one. All you can do is visit profiles, take notes, and find prospects.


With the Pro Dux plan ($14.99 per month or $11.25 per month on annual billing), you’ll be able to squeeze out more LinkedIn growth as it will enable you to make use of the Sales Navigator better. Additionally, you’ll be able to upload and download lists whenever you like.


Finally, the Turbo Dux plan ($55 per month or $41.25 per month with annual billing) adds features that are most useful to larger businesses. You will now be able to integrate Dux Soup with CRMs, create multi-channel workflows, and monitor campaign performance.


Dux Soup alternatives


As any software in today’s world, Dux Soup has its fair share of competitors. Some of them offer better lead generation, others better control over your LinkedIn profile. Either way, every Dux Soup alternative will have something that may make it better:

  1. Zopto - one of the main Dux Soup competitors. Works as a great lead generation tool with numerous automation functionalities. Unlike Dux Soup, it’s a cloud-based tool that will work a lot smoother than any Chrome extension.
  2. MeetAlfred - a simple Dux Soup alternative. Basically, a generic LinkedIn search page and profile automation tool with some fancier workflow settings.




Dux Soup is a somewhat simple, but powerful LinkedIn automation tool that still works perfectly fine. While it may not be the fanciest piece of software, being a Chrome extension, it still does the job perfectly fine. In fact, Dux Soup might be perfect for someone looking to get started with LinkedIn account automation.

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