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Metrow Dedicated ISP Proxies

Get ISP proxies that will help you perform web data extraction, botting, and many other tasks effortlessly
ISP proxies faster
with limitless traffic
Extensive ISP proxy selection
with any plan
Residential IPs
with top-notch speeds
Static IPs
with infinite duration

Hassle-free ISP proxies

avoid facebook blocks with proxies

Dedicated ISP proxy pool

We don’t need to force sharing on our proxies. Our pools are large enough for everyone, even with the quality we guarantee for each ISP proxy we have. Perform any task, such as web data collection, without fear of blocks, slowdowns, or other disruptions.

Residential proxies for multiple accounts

Automation optimized

Websites are privy to proxies and bots being used nowadays. Simple datacenter or residential proxies might not be enough with the first being banned too often and the second one too slow. Our ISP proxies have been battle-tested against various software and websites, showing everyone that they can grant all of the combined benefits of residential and datacenter proxies.

unlimited IP locations

Static IPs

Static IPs. Some tasks require you to hold on to a single IP for extended periods of time, otherwise you run the risk of getting blocked or banned. Our ISP proxies provide static addresses, so you can rest easy and build up a realistic, human-like profile for each IP. 

Proxy services that will help you scale

Integrate proxies with bots

The best ISP proxies for nearly any use case

  • Vetted IP addresses

    Our pool consists of carefully selected proxies from Internet Service Providers. Every IP delivers the highest possible performance, regardless of the use case.

  • Simple authentication

    We’re a proxy provider that values simplicity. Use our or your USER:PASS combination to start using any generated ISP proxy list. Focus on value instead of tinkering with authentication.

  • Unlimited threads

    Run as much automation software as you like. Our proxies will let you perform as many tasks as required simultaneously. The only limit is your own capabilities.


Unbeatable proxy plans

Get access to IPs that combine all the features of a residential proxy with those of a datacenter proxy.
  • Dedicated proxies
  • Static IPs
  • US based
  • Unlimited bandwidth
ISP Starter
$30 /mon +VAT
ISP Newbie
$65 /mon +VAT
100% safe transaction
We accept these payment methods:

Additional features added for free:

  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited threads
  • Unlimited concurrent sessions
  • Dedicated account manager
  • 24/7 support
  • User:pass authentication
Popular payment methods

Get over the payment hurdle with ease. Our payment provider and processor Paddle will let you purchase subscriptions with PayPal and Credit or Debit Cards.

Monthly subscription

Purchasing a plan with us is easier than with nearly any other proxy provider. We’re running a monthly subscription model that renews automatically, so you don’t have to lift a finger.

Experienced support

We’re always here to help, even if you find basic proxy setup challenging. Our industry-leading account managers and customer support agents will be able to answer any questions you have.

Customizable plans

None of our standard plans fit your business model that well? Contact us, describe your needs, and give us some time. We’ll get back to you with an offer that will be perfect for the both of us.

Let’s get started

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