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How to Fix YouTube 429 Error Code (Too Many Requests)

YouTube error 429: Too many requests indicates that you sent too many requests to the site in a short period of time. This HTTP error is prompted in order to protect YouTube servers from overloading and make sure users don’t spam.

While the 429 HTTP error disables you from any action on YouTube, you can fix it and continue browsing the site or performing actions that you intended. Here’s what you can do:

  • Wait until the ban is lifted. Usually, this can take an hour or two because the error occurs when you send too many requests in a short time.
  • Send fewer requests. This can help bypass the rate-limiting error because you won’t trigger it.
  • Reset your internet connection. Some internet service providers have dynamic IP addresses, which means that resetting your internet will get you assigned a new IP address.
  • Use YouTube proxies. With proxies, you’ll be able to use a new IP address with every request or at set intervals, which will help you fix the 429 error.