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Why do you need proxies?

Many websites have multiple ways of spotting and blocking bots, and they also limit the number of accounts created from one IP address. If they catch anyone going over the limit, they might ban all associated accounts. Proxies help circumvent these bans.

Your main pain is the same IP for everything.

Additionally, marketers use proxies for:

  • Avoiding geo-restrictions
  • Avoiding IP bans
  • Avoiding action blocks
  • Avoiding firewalls
  • Automating online processes


Metrow proxies will:

  • Lower your chances of getting IP blocks and IP bans while managing your accounts (and you will not get your home IP address blocked either). You can use a different proxy (IP) for every account or action.
  • You can also access restricted content, restricted websites, and even the target audience that is in a different location. Metrow doesn’t have a country or a request limit, so you can choose your IP source from over 190 locations, and the IP pool is over 10 million IPs.

You can find more technical details here.