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Do you support whitelist IP authentication?

Yes. If you use residential proxies or mobile proxies, you can whitelist your IP in the dashboard under

If you never whitelisted you IP before, you will see your current IP address. It's not whitelisted yet.



proxy whitelist ip feature

To whitelist IP you have two options


Option 1. Edit IP address


1.1 Click ‘Edit’ button

proxy whitelis ip - edit IP

1.2 Add IP address you want to whitelist and click ‘Save'. Clicking ‘Save' will automatically activate whitelist IP authorisation.

proxy whitelist ip- save IP

Option 2. Activate current IP address


All you need to do is simply click ‘Activate’ and your IP address will be whitelisted.


proxy whitelist ip - activate.

Once whitelist IP is activated, you will see the IP address and green bubble indicator.

If you no longer want to use this authentication method - simply click ‘Deactivate’.

proxy whitelist ip-deactivate