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How to Bypass Twitter 403 HTTP Error

Twitter error 403 Forbidden means the server understood the request but is refusing to fulfill it. This seems to be a common issue that users run into. 

The 403 error code appears when requests are being denied due to Twitter update limits. For example, these limits are up to 1,000 direct messages per day, 400 follows a day and 2,400 Tweets. Most of the limits are time-based, which means that your ban will be lifted in a few hours.

Some users also report receiving this error when they get logged out of their user account and try to log back in. In some cases, having the Remember me box checked when logging in may also trigger this error code.

In general, Twitter uses this error as protection against spamming and unwanted bots. 

Here are suggestions for solving this error:

  • If you hit the update limits, wait until your user account is cleared of the ban
  • Make sure you’re using an SSL/HTTPS connection
  • Apply for Elevated access on the Twitter developer platform
  • Use Twitter proxies to avoid Twitter blocks and 403 Forbidden error