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What proxy rotation do you support?

With residential and mobile proxies we support proxy rotation after every request or after a set amount of time. We call these methods fast and slow rotation.

The port number/range indicates the type of session you want. Each location has a separate port/port range for each rotation speed.

Fast rotation


IPs will change automatically with every request and they rotate within the chosen location. 


Slow rotation


IPs remain static for 1, 10 or 30 minutes. After the time period elapses, the IP is rotated automatically from within the chosen location.


Sessions are timed from the moment you send the first request. It will end after the chosen time period or when no response is received from an IP address.


Slow rotation sessions will assign a port range such as 5001-5999. You can pick any port from the range. Changing from one port to another will force an IP address change. IPs are otherwise rotated automatically.


You can use the dashboard to customize rotation settings when generating a proxy list through our dashboard. You can find these settings in the dashboard under  ‘Proxy management’ -> ‘Choose session’. Additionally, you can manually customize the session duration by adding sessionduration next to domain:port.


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