Proxy session (port)

IP rotation speed defines the proxy session.

The port number/range indicates the type of session you want. Each location has a separate port/port range for each rotation speed. 

You can find all ports in the dashboard >  ‘Proxy management’ > ‘Choose session’



You can choose different IP rotation speeds with Metrow:

Fast rotation 

The IP will change with every request in your chosen location.

  • This type of session uses 1 port, example 5000.
  • We rotate the IPs automatically.
  • An example in the domain:port format:

Slow rotation

You can choose to keep the same IP in your chosen location (or any location) for up to 1 min., 10 min., or 30min. Use dashboard to generate slow IP rotation domain:port examples. 

  • This session will give you port range, example 5001-5999. 
  • You can use any port from our port range for this session. You can also change them time to time to get the freshest IPs.
  • We rotate the IPs automatically.
  • You will need to add the ‘sessionduration’ next to the domain:port format.
  • An example in the domain:port format:


A heads up:

  • The IP rotates automatically regardless of which port you choose.
  • The moment you send your first request is the moment that your session starts being timed.
  • The session will end when no response is received from an IP address.

List of ports will be updated shortly.


Once you have user:pass, domain and port you are ready to integrate Metrow proxies to the tool/bot you use. Find more examples here.

If you have any further questions, don’t be shy – start a chat with our support team. Feedback excites us!