What proxy locations do you support?

We have IPs from every corner of the world. In total, we support more than 190 locations:

  • Residential proxies - countries/cities/US states.
  • Mobile proxies - countries only.

You can find all locations in the Metrow dashboard and their endpoints under the ‘Proxy management’ section.



To customize locations, use the domains specified below:

> Country
> ctry_ISO.metrow.com
> Change “ISO” to the ISO code* of the country.
> Any location
> any.metrow.com
> Our system will select a random location.
> City
> city.metrow.com
> US state
> st_us.metrow.com
> US fast pool
> fast_us.metrow.com
> Selectively chosen and safely kept fast US proxies.
* For example, if you’re targeting the US, the domain will be ctry_us.metrow.com and if you’re targeting France - ctry_fr.metrow.com. You can find ISO codes here: https://www.iso.org/obp/ui/#search