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How to Bypass Instagram 429 Error Code (Too Many Requests)

Instagram returns an HTTP error code 429 if you send too many requests in a short time. The site is using this error message as a precaution to protect its servers against attacks that could overload them. 

If you receive this error code on Instagram, you should:

  • Reduce the rate at which you make the requests. The error message indicates that there are too many requests, so reducing the number of those can help you solve this error.
  • Wait and try to make requests after some time. The 429 error indicates that a large number of requests were made in a short time. Usually, there’s a cap on the number of requests made in a certain time period, so waiting should solve this issue.
  • Get Instagram proxies and use them to send requests from different IP addresses. Proxies will help you balance the load, and all of your requests won’t be coming from the same IP, which can help you avoid getting the error.