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How to set up proxies?

We use domain:port format (a.k.a endpoint:port format), which can be integrated into other tools with ease. While the exact steps might differ between tools, you’ll need three main things:

  1. Authentication details. Read more.
  2. Proxy address. Read more.
  3. Proxy session type. Read more.


To setup Metrow residential proxies:



We use username:password and IP whitelisting authentication methods. You can find your username in the dashboard under Residential proxies -> ‘Proxy management’. 




Proxy address

Location stands for domain/URL or what might also be called 'proxy location’/‘endpoint’.






Also known as ‘proxy session type’ (IP rotation frequency) and is determined by the port number. We offer slow and fast rotation.



Use these 3 parameters to set up proxies in your tools/browser/devices.