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How to Fix Facebook Error Code: 4

Facebook error code 4 often comes with an explanation: Application request limit reached. This can happen when making too many API requests with an application. Facebook API has rate limits on the API calls made by applications. 

The two main types of rate limiting that an application can run into are application-level rate limiting and page-level rate limiting. Which rate limiting you possibly ran into depends on the types of API requests you made. Application-level rate limiting is the one that returns the error message 4.

This rate limiting applies to calls that are made using any access tokens that aren’t page access tokens. If you make any API calls after the rate limit is exceeded are throttled and will return you the error code 4.

All the limits apply for one hour. This means that your calls will start returning successful results when the calls over the past hour fall below the limit. You can see your usage percentage on your app dashboard.

To solve this error message, you have a couple of options:

  • Wait until your API calls made over the past hour fall below the rate limit. 
  • Use proxies. Facebook proxies will help you avoid error code 4 altogether because you’ll be making API calls from different IP addresses.