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How to Fix Reddit Error Code: 403 (Forbidden)

If you receive error 403, Reddit has banned your account. This error message can appear whenever you try to comment on a thread or perform any other action on the platform.

You may get a ban for a few reasons:

  • Too many comments
  • Posting the same comment multiple times
  • Your account got flagged as a bot

You may get banned from a single subreddit or get shadowbanned. To find out if the 403 error code means you got a shadowban, try to load your user page with this url: Log out, and refresh the user page. If you receive a Not Found error, then it means that your account is shadowbanned.

Try these actions to avoid the ban or get the ban lifted if your account got suspended:

  • Message the administrator and ask to lift the ban
  • Create a new account 
  • Use Reddit proxies, which will help you shield your IP address and avoid the ban 

Using proxies will help you avoid getting banned altogether and enhance your anonymity.