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How to Fix Discord 429 HTTP Error

You may receive an error code 429 or get an error message You Are Being Rate Limited on Discord. This error can appear if you perform the same action too many times in a short period of time. Here are some examples of what may cause this error:

  • Using an auto-clicker
  • Spamming emojis
  • Trying to enter a text verification code multiple times

In general, any action repeated multiple times can flag your account as sending too many requests and trigger the Discord 429 error. The platform uses this error code to ensure that users don’t overload their servers or that nobody hacks other users’ accounts.

However, the You Are Being Rate Limited error message can be triggered accidentally without any vicious intentions. If this happens, you have several options to bypass or avoid this error code:

Wait It Out

Discord’s rate limit ban can last any time between fifteen minutes to an hour. You can log out of your account and wait until your ban is lifted. However, if waiting is not an option, then you should also try other methods.

Use Discord Proxies

Discord’s rate limit error message is triggered when too many requests come from the same IP address. To solve this issue, use Discord proxies, which will help you surf anonymously and avoid the ban. Since this error blocks your IP address, proxies will be effective for lifting the ban.

Using proxies is the most effective way to avoid the You Are Being Rate Limited error altogether. Proxies shield your real IP address, and you can also rotate them to get a new IP address assigned with every request.