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5 Best YouTube Automation Tools (2022)

YouTube is more or less just like all other social media platforms, differentiated only by the fact that producing content takes a lot more effort. While there’s a much better opportunity to turn YouTube accounts into profitable businesses, it takes a lot longer to get there. 


A single YouTube video might take dozens of hours to produce. Compared to an Instagram photo, that’s an enormous amount of effort that might lead someone nowhere. Add all the YouTube algorithm requirements, optimizations, quality expectations and you have a ton of strain put on the content creators.


So, there’s no surprise that many turn to YouTube automation tools. These tools were invented and developed by savvy individuals that want to make content creation easier. Some of them go further than others.


What is Youtube Automation?


YouTube automation tools can be separated into two distinct categories - software and growth services. The former is similar to bots for all other social media platforms. They automate tasks and provide suggestions (e.g. SEO optimization, content creation, etc.). Using these YouTube automation tools takes some getting used to.


On the other hand, there’s always automation tools that simply sell various engagement metrics such as likes, views, channel subscriptions, etc. These Youtube automation tools are a bit more expensive, but they do take away all the effort from the content creators.


We should note, however, that neither of these tools are acceptable in the eyes of YouTube’s rules. They are black hat methods that essentially circumvent or completely ignore YouTube’s Terms of Service. As such, they might result in getting your channel banned.


While bans from the social media platform is unlikely if automation software is used sparingly and intelligently, they are always a possibility. Bans might even come just a bit later, so you should always err on the side of caution when using YouTube automation tools.


In the end, while it’s not illegal to use YouTube automation tools, it’s against the Terms of Service. You run a chance, no matter how slim, of getting banned.

How does YouTube automation work?


Both types of automation tools rely on the same foundation, which is bots. These are dedicated automation software that performs tasks without manual input. Usually, they may be used to create YouTube accounts, comment under videos, produce views, etc.


Automation software you buy outright does exactly that. You have to configure everything yourself, set up the tasks, provide proxies. Some automation tools might also help you produce SEO optimized video content and have other features. By using such software, you have to have some technical knowledge, but you also get lots of control over the process and results.


Growth services, as we call them, use the same YouTube automation tools to deliver results. They, however, take all of the hassle on their own shoulders. The YouTube channel owner simply focuses on creating content. Likes, views, subscribers or whatever they bought are delivered by the growth service.


Growing YouTube channels through these methods, as a result, is a lot easier. Automation software, while it can be costly, delivers many benefits, but most importantly, a better shot at generating passive income.


Additionally, YouTube users may be attracted to channels that get a lot of engagement and have a lot of subscribers. As such, using automation software makes any scalable YouTube channel reach their peak a lot faster.


The advantages of YouTube automation


Scaling your YouTube channel faster isn’t the only benefit. They are numerous and plenty while there’s only two or three drawbacks. All of them being related to the fact that YouTube automation tools employ black hat methods. As such, they are bannable, can be costly, and might require technical know-how.


The risk is minimal while providing numerous advantages. First, social media is driven by social proof - a lot of subscribers, views, and likes attracts other people. They are more likely to watch and subscribe.


Additionally, the YouTube algorithm rewards engagement and frequency. Since YouTube automation tools create more free time to think of video concepts and create content. As such, there’s more time left for video production that can be used to get on the good side of the algorithm.


Finally, large YouTube channels attract attention from brands. They might send more offers to someone who has a lot of subscribers. In turn, generating income becomes a lot easier, which can be reinvested into the YouTube channel.


Best YouTube automation tools


We will be mixing in both types of YouTube automation tools into our list. Both have great candidates that can help people skyrocket their YouTube channel. As such, we don’t leave anyone out.


1. UseViral




Pricing: Varied.


UseViral is a popular growth service for social media platforms. They provide numerous packages, which include YouTube automation. Their primary product is YouTube views.


You can also buy subscribers and likes, but if web design is anything to go by, UseViral is heavily promoting their viewer packages. They seem to be on point and always deliver them in a timely manner.


Like with any growth service, you’ll have to create videos to take advantage of the packages. Since views are usually dropped on a single one, it’s best if you have ideas for viral videos. YouTube views don’t come cheap, so spending them on some content that doesn’t have potential would be foolish.


As a Youtube automation tool, there’s nothing much to write about UseViral. It’s a great service that delivers on their promises. Prices are a bit high, but they’re considered the YouTube automation tool industry big shots.


All in all, it’s simply worth the money. You won’t get any more reliability and results anywhere else. Their service selection, however, is somewhat limited. So, if you need more flexible YouTube automation tools, check out the other entries.


2. VidIQ





Pricing: Free plan available, paid plans start at $7.50 per month.


VidIQ is a famous extension and YouTube automation tool used by nearly every large content creator. It has a whole host of features that are beneficial for YouTube marketing. 


The primary goal of VidIQ is to provide optimization recommendations that may improve a creator’s presence on the platform. Commonly used features include SEO optimization, keyword suggestion, video content ideas, and several others. They also include in-depth data and analytics as part of the package.


As they are not a growth service, you won’t find any views, likes, or subscribers for sale. It’s a true-to-the-heart YouTube automation tool that’s intended for those who are serious about their channel and want to stay safe. VidIQ doesn’t break YouTube Term’s in any way, allowing everyone to make use of it without fear.


Additionally, while it won’t skyrocket your channel, proper use of the extension will put you on the good side of YouTube’s algorithm. SEO optimized content naturally attracts more views and likes, which is the key to getting your video content promoted by the platform.


All of these benefits don’t come automatically, though. VidIQ is a YouTube automation tool that provides recommendations. You can buy the most expensive package and still get nothing from it if you don’t put any effort into it.


All in all, VidIQ is something we can recommend for nearly every YouTube channel, creator, manager, and everyone else in between. It’s simply great software that’s certified by the platform that can help you grow your business.


3. Tube Buddy




Pricing: Free extension available. Three paid plans:

  • Pro - $9 per month or $7.20 per month if billed annually
  • Star - $19 per month or $15.20 per month if billed annually
  • Legend - $49 per month or $39.20 per month if billed annually


Tube Buddy is another YouTube automation tool that doesn’t sell any views or likes, but optimizes channels. They provide a multitude of suggestions and quality-of-life features that make video content easier to make.


It functions as an extension that’s added into a browser, making Tube Buddy unique in that regard. There’s no software or any additional stuff to be downloaded. Although we should note that they do have dedicated apps for both Android and iOS.


As a YouTube automation tool it’s quite similar to VidIQ. The goal of the software is to help you produce as many highly optimized YouTube videos as possible. As a result, they provide numerous suggestions for optimization, provide publishing templates, and one-click promotions to other social media networks.


Again, you won’t be getting much out of it if you just get the app or the extension. It provides recommendations and ease-of-use to a YouTube channel. It doesn’t go much further than that, which means you have to put the elbow grease in to get some benefit out of the automation tool.


It’s definitely a worthwhile addition to the arsenal of anyone who takes YouTube marketing and content production seriously. If you already use VidIQ, however, you might not be getting full value out of Tube Buddy as some of the features overlap. In many cases, you’re better off using one or the other.


Finally, one important note about Tube Buddy - they are YouTube certified. It’s a fancy way of saying that the platform has given them the thumbs-up. As such, you won’t get banned for using the automation tool as there’s no conflict with YouTube’s terms.


4. Media Mister




Pricing: Varied.


Media Mister is one of the most well-known YouTube automation tools. They actually cover nearly every social media website, app, and platform in existence. YouTube channel services are just a small part of what they do.


Out of all the automation tools out there, Media Mister has the highest variety of packages and services you can buy. They not only offer the classics like views, subscribers, and likes, but also auto commenting, dislikes(!), watch time and many other services.


As such, the company has every niche except for YouTube ads covered. Proper use of the services might help YouTube users skyrocket their channel in mere weeks. Unfortunately, Media Mister isn’t on the good side of the platform, so it carries some inherent risk.


Outside of the variety of growth services offered, the platform isn’t anything special. There’s lots of options to choose from and the prices are solid, however, that’s where the ride ends. It’s great for someone who wants unlimited access to growth and who doesn’t have any fear of getting banned.


As such, it’s a reliable service that delivers what they sell. You can use them on multiple accounts or a single channel equally well. But if you want organic growth, you have to look for a different automation tool.


5. Jarvee (Service permanently closed)





  • Free trial available for 5 days.
  • Starter plan - €29.95 (~$34.60) per month.
  • Regular plan - €49.95 (~$57.80) per month.
  • Professional plan - €69.95 (~$80.90) per month.
  • VPS & Jarvee plan - Custom.


Jarvee is a one-size-fits-all automation tool. It’s an industry giant that offers automation tools for most social media websites, YouTube included. Additionally, it’s one of the few that work like an actual bot instead of being a service.


As such, setting up and using Jarvee takes some technical expertise. But once that’s over it can do more than most other automation tools out there. It can help you manage multiple accounts with ease, automate liking, viewing, and sharing. Jarvee also boasts several features incredibly useful for YouTube such as auto commenting.


While some may consider the automation tool to be a bit pricey, especially since you’ll want proxies if you use several accounts, Jarvee provides unmatched flexibility. You can even become your own growth service with some work.


We should note that automation tools like Jarvee are still against the Terms of Service, even if you use it on one account. All social media networks regard automation with some suspicion. However, there’s an even slimmer chance you’ll get banned for using Jarvee, unless you do something highly unusual.


All in all, Jarvee is a great automation tool for those who want to take matters into their own hands. It does everything you ever need and is essentially the foundation of other growth services. You will need some technical skill to use it, though.


Proxies for YouTube automation tools


Some automation tools will require proxies. If you use a growth service that does auto commenting, viewing, subscribing all for you, proxies won’t be necessary. On the other hand, automation tools like Jarvee almost always require them.


You might get away without using proxies with a single account. But if you manage multiple, there’s no way to avoid it. YouTube will be able to detect that a single person is using many accounts, which usually means automation. As a result, all of them will get blocked.


YouTube tracks you by, in large part, following the IP address of your device. If a single IP address logs in to numerous accounts, that’s a dead giveaway that a single person is managing them.


Proxies work by relaying your IP address. A specific type of them, residential proxies, come from regular household devices such as tablets, mobile phones, and personal computers. All of them have IP addresses if they are connected to the internet.


Since they relay your connection request, the server thinks it has originated from the proxy. As a result, the IP address is changed each time you connect to the proxy server, which makes it significantly harder for YouTube to track your actions.

Get residential or mobile proxies for just $2.

Some providers have dedicated YouTube proxies. These are the residential type just with a couple of optimizations and an additional vetting process. Generally, they make automation a lot smoother in the long-term and reduce the likelihood of getting a ban from the social media platform.


In the end, while you won’t need proxies in every automation tool, they will become an absolute necessity once multiple YouTube profiles come into play. We highly recommend using proxies with automation tools like Jarvee.

By Oliver Jones
Oliver is someone you would call a tech-wizard. Fascinated with everything computer and machine related, he has been involved in the industry for ages. Proxies and data are his two newest interests that have carried him to the field of writing. Oliver believes that all the knowledge in the world is worth nothing if it can’t be shared!