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Where to Buy Instagram Accounts? 4 Best Sites

Social media has become one of the primary sources for customer research. According to Hubspot’s 2020 research, 42% of shoppers go to social media to research products. Instagram, being such a visual platform, can be seen as a great way to market products.

Reaching large audiences, however, takes a lot of time. Instagram accounts can take months to build up. They also need constant management so as to not lose the audience and fall off in the engagement rate. So, there’s no surprise that people are turning to buying Instagram accounts.


Why should you buy Instagram accounts?


As mentioned above, social media platforms are great for product marketing. There’s a reason why influencer marketing has become so popular in recent years. Social media, and Instagram in particular, draw highly engaged and converting audiences.

Calculating the ROI of these marketing efforts is quite simple. Companies can add tags to their campaign, allowing for easy data collection. Then, all you need to do is contrast the amount paid for the marketing campaign with the profit gained.

There used to be two ways to get the same benefits as influencer marketing, but without actually doing it. One of the ways was purchasing Instagram accounts. It still works and is more popular than ever. The other choice was to buy followers. Unfortunately, the social media giant has gotten better at tracking and removing these.


So, there’s plenty of good reasons why you’d want to buy Instagram accounts. We would like to note, however, that buying and selling Instagram accounts is against the platform's Terms of Service. As such, some care has to be taken in order to avoid getting banned.


Is it legal to buy Instagram accounts?


While buying and selling accounts breaks the Terms of Service, it’s not illegal. In extreme cases, companies can take some individuals to court, however, the platform would never pursue such a route just for Instagram account trading.

Additionally, several federal judges in the US have ruled that breaking Terms of Service is not a crime. As case law plays an important part in judicial decisions, it’s likely that the trend will continue.

That doesn’t mean these platforms have no power at all. They always reserve the right to block and continue blocking access to their services for anyone who breaks the Terms of Service. As such, it’s possible to get an account banned or, at times, even your IP address blocked.


Best sites to buy an Instagram account






Fameswap is a marketplace for Instagram accounts, TikTok and YouTube channels. They always have a ton of listings going with many different accounts available. There’s so much to choose from that nearly anyone can find the right account for their marketing purposes.

Additionally, the user interface and experience is simple and efficient. While the website doesn’t look like some hyped up startup, it does the intended job without overloading the user.

As Fameswap is an Instagram account marketplace, they essentially act as a middleman and escrow service. They themselves hold no accounts, but only provide certain guarantees to the buyers and sellers.

Each Instagram account has a short description and some statistics. Usually, the description includes industry-related information, posting preferences, and some data on the followers (i.e. male/female split, demographics, etc.).


All of the listings are aged Instagram accounts. There’s very few accounts available that don’t have thousands of real followers and a rich posting history. Unfortunately, that also means Fameswap leans into the more expensive side. A good, aged account could set you back several thousand dollars.


As a result, Fameswap might not be the best choice for those who are looking for massive amounts of Instagram accounts for sale. While it can be possible to buy dozens of accounts from Fameswap, the initial costs would be absurdly high.


Thus, the marketplace is great for those who are looking to buy an account or several at most. Additionally, Fameswap also works great for those that want to test out or market to niche audiences.

Can both buy and sell accountsOn the expensive side
Lots of nichesCan be difficult to buy accounts in bulk
Trusted website 
Lots of positive reviews 







123accs is a website that sells a multitude of accounts for various services, one of them being Instagram. They even have more niche products such as SEO link building and content generation.

There’s nothing much to write about 123accs. They only have one package of accounts available. It includes 5 aged accounts with a Gmail email address. Additionally, they are not phone verified accounts (non-PVA).

We should also note that, according to the website, the accounts are from 2019, but haven’t been used. There are no posts or followers. As such, these accounts might be best used for botting or other purposes. Marketing with these accounts will be troublesome.

Fortunately, the pricing for them seems great. While with Fameswap and many other websites where you can buy Instagram account you will be spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars, 123accs will provide you with 5 for close to $20.

All in all, the website is okay if you need to buy Instagram accounts in bulk for botting purposes. For everything else, we’d recommend looking elsewhere, especially if you want to do high ROI marketing.


CheapLimited choices for accounts
Several trusted payment methodsNot the best reputation
Accounts for several social media websites 
Customer support available 







AppSally is a huge marketing services agency. They are actually better known for scaling business over account selling. They do, however, have a lot of accounts to sell for various social media sites.


Instagram accounts are, obviously, a part of their packages. AppSally provides much more than that as users can buy Instagram accounts, followers, likes, views, etc. They only offer, however, aged PVA accounts.


There are no Instagram accounts that instantly have followers. All of them, that are bought in bulk, have 0 real followers. There’s a lot of bulk, though. You can buy packages of up to 100 accounts (aged) or even 200 (fresh).


If you want to buy an account with followers, however, you’ll have to go to another listing. Unfortunately, that makes bulk buying unavailable. AppSally can only give you Instagram accounts with followers one at a time. Additionally, they don’t seem to state (at least anywhere obvious) how much of them you’ll be getting.

AppSally also stands out from the competition by the great customer service they offer. They are one of the few sellers of Instagram accounts that have a chat function and highly responsive support.

Finally, they seem to be the most well-established websites out of all the entries in this list. After all, AppSally is a website for a marketing agency. Selling Instagram accounts is just a minimal part of their business model.


Great bulk optionsNot enough options for accounts with followers
Lots of servicesNot the best reviews
Established business 
Extensive customer service 
Lots of information 



Insta Sale


Insta Sale.png


Insta Sale is a platform for both buyers and sellers. As such, it’s simply another marketplace for Instagram accounts with a great UI and low learning curve.

Just like most other marketplaces, Insta Sales works mostly as an escrow and middleman service. They protect the buyers and sellers from scams. Additionally, the website provides an easy way to trade Instagram accounts.

Insta Sale also has not only a lot of listings, but a lot of various filters. Buyers can filter Instagram accounts based on category, price, follower count. The website even provides data such as average number of likes per post and how many posts the account has.


Prices on Insta Sale aren’t that insane, either. An account with close to 10 000 followers will set the buyers somewhere between one to several hundred dollars. When compared to providers such as Fameswap, these prices can be considered more accessible.


Finally, since Instagram doesn’t take too kindly to people buying and selling accounts, Insta Sale attempts to reduce any possible data leaks. No data about the buyer and seller is shared and all of it is kept as private as possible.


All in all, Insta Sale is a decent place to buy several accounts. You’ll likely be able to get a few great ones without risking a significant portion of your marketing budget.


Lots of listingsSimplistic
Great prices 
Customer support available 


Proxies for Instagram accounts


Buying and selling accounts isn’t the only thing against Instagram’s Terms of Service. Most bots and automations can lead to a ban. Most importantly, however, managing several accounts can cause all of them to get banned, especially if you use scheduling, botting, or any other software.


The primary way the social media platform keeps track of what you’re doing is by recording the IP address being used to access accounts. An IP address is a combination of numbers assigned to your device when it connects to the internet. In many cases, it remains static for long periods of time or, in some cases, it’s permanent.


As such, if you manage multiple accounts without changing your IP address, the website will have an easy time knowing that the same person is controlling them. That’s where residential proxies come in.


Residential proxies are household devices, ones that you likely have yourself. They have an IP address assigned by an internet service provider. By using a residential proxy, you essentially gain its IP address. They work by first routing your connection to the aforementioned device. It then works as a relay between you and the website, but without revealing your identity.

In short, residential proxies are an intermediary between you and the website. Proxies, however, won’t reveal that your device is sending the connection requests, but make it seem that they themselves are doing it.


Therefore, residential proxies are vital for multiple account management. However, there’s an even better option - Instagram proxies. They are residential proxies, but ones vetted and dedicated to Instagram botting and account management.




Before you launch headfirst into Instagram marketing with accounts, we recommend that you tick all the boxes in the preparation checklist. You’ll need proxies, management software, and some ideas for marketing. Once you’ve got those going, nothing will stop you from making use of Instagram accounts.

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By Oliver Jones
Oliver is someone you would call a tech-wizard. Fascinated with everything computer and machine related, he has been involved in the industry for ages. Proxies and data are his two newest interests that have carried him to the field of writing. Oliver believes that all the knowledge in the world is worth nothing if it can’t be shared!