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Best Instagram Story Viewer for 2022

There are many reasons to roll with an Instagram story viewer. Some of them give you complete anonymity when viewing Instagram stories. Others give you the ability to automate and watch Instagram stories anonymously without having to lift a finger. Some of them give you all of the above.


Regardless of your reason, many teams and developers have created an Instagram story viewer. Picking one out of many can be quite difficult as some of them come with a hefty price tag. We decided to review the selection to give you options for the best Instagram story viewer that would fit your needs.


What is an Instagram story viewer?


An Instagram story viewer is software that primarily lets users look at stories either automatically or without revealing their identity. Many of such software essentially double as an anonymous Instagram viewer.

Additionally, viewing Instagram stories anonymously is often not the only feature. Many such tools include various automation, quality of life, and business features. These may include location and likes tracking, automated commenting, an Instagram story and post downloader, etc.


Finally, for some of them you won’t need an Instagram account to access the platform. Not only does it add to anonymity, but it also allows you to get all of the content from IG stories without having to go through the trouble of having an account.


Why use an Instagram story viewer?


Primarily, people use an anonymous Instagram story viewer to bypass account requirements without giving away data. As these tools allow users to look at IG stories without a specific account, the creators of that content never know who’s actually looking.


It may seem like a minor thing, but Instagram stories have a clear indicator who has viewed the content. Many people would like to watch any Instagram story anonymously, because it not only provides data to the platform, but the content creator as well.


As such, an IG viewer does exactly that. There’s no need to get an account. All you need is the Instagram username of the person or business who’s running the stories and that’s it.


Finally, an Instagram story viewer might also allow you to download the content found. As Instagram stories only last for 24 hours, having them permanently could be beneficial to businesses and individuals alike.


5 story viewers for Instagram


1. Qoob Stories





  • Free plan available.
  • Personal - €8.47 per month.
  • Professional - €30.25 per month.


Qoob Stories is an incredibly popular anonymous Instagram story viewer. Initially, they started out as a single service, allowing users to view any Instagram story, however, now they have also expanded to cover TikTok as well.

As an Instagram story viewer, they offer a multitude of features that go beyond simple content watching. Primarily, they have various downloading and automation features with a lot of customization. Users can specify what content they want downloaded, which can include posts, hashtags, Instagram stories, captions, etc.


Additionally, Qoob Stories allows users to bypass the Instagram account requirement. All it takes is an Instagram username of the people or businesses that run whatever content needs to be viewed. The user will never appear in any viewer lists where they could be tracked.

Finally, the software makes it easy to backup any Instagram account. As these are quite frequently hacked, stolen, or otherwise lost, Qoob Stories can make restoration processes easy. All it takes to download an entire Instagram account is just a few clicks.


All in all, Qoob Stories is a decent choice for anyone looking for an Instagram story viewer. They offer all of the basics such as anonymous viewing, but they also add the benefit of being able to customize automated downloads.

2. Glassagram




Pricing: Free plan available. Paid versions require contacting.


Glassagram is an anonymous Instagram story viewer. They offer the basic package of viewing stories without an Instagram account for free. All it takes is the Instagram username of the person creating the content.

They also can bypass privacy requirements on an Instagram account. In other words, Glassagram lets you view Instagram stories even of accounts that have set their profile to private.

Additionally, the paid versions include downloadable software that’s easy to install and performs much of the same functions of an advanced Instagram viewer. No accounts required, complete anonymity, and automation are all included in the package.

Glassagram does set themselves apart from the regular run-of-the-mill Instagram story viewer, though. They offer a few advanced features such as a location tracker, likes logger, and several others that help users collect extensive data.


All in all, it’s a great Instagram story viewer if you can go through the hassle of buying the full package. There’s a lot of great features included that do more than any simple Instagram story viewer.


3. Dumpor





Pricing: Free.

Dumpor is a completely free anonymous Instagram story viewer that works as a web-based application. All of the regular features are available through a simple interaction with a search-like field.

Like any other Instagram story viewer, Dumpor offers most of the important features. Users can view any story without an Instagram account, download the stored content, and collect data. Dumpor even allows users to collect information about profiles and posts.

Since it’s a web-based application, the features are still quite limited. There’s fairly little Instagram story download customization available, there’s no automated hashtag collection, and no location tracking features.

It is, however, completely free, making it stand out from any other Instagram story viewer. As such, it’s a great proving ground for those looking for an Instagram story viewer for testing purposes. While others may be able to offer better and more extensive features, Dumpor will be able to do the necessities.

All in all, it’s a basic Instagram story viewer that covers the necessities for free. So, if you’re looking for something to start with to see if such a tool is even needed, Dumpor can be a good choice.

4. Instadp




Pricing: Free.


Instadp is an Instagram viewer with several additional features. Unlike the other completely free competitors, Instadp does a little bit more than viewing Instagram stories as it allows users to download reels, photos, pictures, etc.


While it still primarily functions as an Instagram story viewer, it’s a minor feature for Instadp. It works exactly as you’d expect - enter a username and you can view all the Instagram stories you want. No Instagram account required.

Unfortunately, Instadp has no tracking features. You won’t be able to see any long-term data about an Instagram account such as the location, amount of likes received, etc. All it does is view Instagram stories and allow you to download some of the content.

As a result, it may be said that Instadp doesn’t even cover the necessities of an Instagram story viewer. It is, however, a great tool for those looking to get a lot of content stored locally for completely free. Other entries in the list that can download Instagram stories and other content require some form of payment.

In turn, Instadp is great for those looking to download content from an Instagram account. It can access more or less any content stored on an Instagram account without requiring you to have one yourself. Instadp can even double up as an easy-to-use Instagram viewer.

5. Inflact




Pricing: Subscription service. Plans for 1 week, 1 month, and 3 months are available. Includes several add-ons. No free version.


Inflact is a dedicated marketing tool that has a ton of features for automation and Instagram account management. It is much more than a simple Instagram viewer, although it can still perform that task just as well.


It’s best to look at Inflact as a bot and automation tool that includes the possibility of viewing Instagram stories as part of its services. While you can buy Inflact just for Instagram stories, it would probably be a little overkill.

For those looking to squeeze out the most out of their Instagram account, Inflact will be a godsend. Out of all the entries in our list, it has the most features as it can schedule posts, search for influencers, generate hashtags, view Instagram stories, etc. Enumerating all of the possibilities would take a considerable list.

As such, it's best used by the seasoned marketer who wants to boost their Instagram account. Inflact, however, is quite expensive when compared to other viewers of Instagram stories. Couple that with the unusual subscription-based model with add-ons and it can get quite expensive.


In the end, it’s definitely the best tool for Instagram stories, account boosting, etc. Yet, its hefty price tag should dissuade those only looking for anonymous viewing of Instagram stories. But for those who can make use of the many automation features for their Instagram account, it’s by far the best choice.


Picking the right proxies


Most Instagram viewers will not cause any issues when you try to use them for a little while. If you want to use something like Inflact, however, proxies will become necessary.


Instagram proxies are intermediary servers that let you change your IP address on demand. They take any request and forward it to the intended destination as if they were the originator. Proxies, however, don’t reveal the original IP address, rather they use their own.

While there are many different types and kinds of proxies, Instagram automation is an important part of daily operations for many businesses. As such, proxy providers have opted to create an optimized solution for these use cases. So, you don’t need to know everything about these solutions to pick the right one as the perfect option has already been created.




Instagram stories are short-term content that only exist for 24 hours and track the users who have viewed them. Viewing them without an Instagram account is impossible unless a story viewer is used.

We have reviewed 5 great tools for viewing and downloading stories without an Instagram account. Inflact is the only Instagram story viewer that will require an account, however, it’s primarily used for marketing and automation.

Get residential or mobile proxies for just $2.

So, while Inflact is by far the best Instagram story and content viewer, it may be a bit expensive just for that purpose. For free anonymous viewing of Instagram stories, Dumpor or Instadp are great choices. For a budget version Instagram stories viewer, Qoob Stories is the best one. 


Glassagram is a bit of a mystery as they do not state their pricing explicitly anywhere. They have great reviews for an Instagram stories viewer, however, so the hassle might just be worth it.


By Oliver Jones
Oliver is someone you would call a tech-wizard. Fascinated with everything computer and machine related, he has been involved in the industry for ages. Proxies and data are his two newest interests that have carried him to the field of writing. Oliver believes that all the knowledge in the world is worth nothing if it can’t be shared!