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How to Get More Views on YouTube: Top 10 Most Effective Tips

Views on YouTube are the primary driver of success. While subscriptions might affect the YouTube algorithm more than views, getting the former without the latter is nearly impossible. Unfortunately, producing quality video content might not be enough.


Everyone wants to get more views on YouTube, which includes your competition. They will also do their best to produce the highest quality video content and use every other trick in the book to get an edge on your YouTube channel.


To get you the most out of your channel, we’ve collected the most useful tips for those looking to find out how to get more views on YouTube. By applying them, you’ll be able to improve your YouTube channel significantly.


1. Clean up your profile and channel


There’s plenty of room for adjusting all sorts of things in your YouTube channel to make it more attractive - a good logo, a great banner, plentiful description, contact details, etc. These may seem like minor adjustments that won’t have much of an impact on YouTube views and subscriptions.

Such a thought process is correct if we consider only short-term gains. These optimizations will bring in a few percentage points more YouTube views and subscriptions. Over a year, however, these can result in tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of newcomers.


2. Keep narrowing video content down to your niche


One of the most prominent answers to how to get more views on YouTube is to find a niche. You’re extremely likely to be outmatched if you go for generic topics such as fitness, finance, and cat videos. There are so many established channels that beating them out in YouTube search is going to be nearly impossible.


There’s still plenty of room in the more narrow areas that can attract plenty of people. You can find a YouTube channel for nearly anything as the audiences even for extremely niche fields (e.g., supplement reviews, quantitative finance, etc) are still relatively large.

So, it’s best to narrow down your YouTube videos to a highly specific niche. Once you get your YouTube channel established, expand to more general videos if you like.


3. Take advantage of YouTube SEO


YouTube search follows much of the same principles as most search engines. After all, the company is owned by Google, so you can rest assured that there are ways to optimize video titles, descriptions, keywords, etc.

With careful research, you can create the same YouTube videos you were going to anyway, but get more out of them. YouTube SEO is intended to make your videos and other content easier to discover.

In simple terms, video titles and descriptions can be optimized in a way that reflects the way users use YouTube search. Using the relevant keywords you can also optimize YouTube video tags, making your content even easier to find. Finally, you can discover topics that get a lot of hits, allowing you to push your own YouTube videos towards trends, resulting in more views.


4. Use automation


Interacting back with your audience is a surefire way to keep them coming back to your YouTube videos. Unfortunately, that quickly becomes a slog that might take dozens of hours. Hearting each comment is going to detract you from more important tasks like YouTube SEO.


Luckily, there’s plenty of YouTube automation tools like Jarvee that can take care of the entire process. They might not be able to write in-depth and detailed comments, but can do pretty much everything else.


Take advantage of automation, but with some care. The YouTube algorithm is pretty good at detecting bot-like activity, so you don’t want to go overboard with it. Automation, however, can give you so much more time that you can spend on developing that perfect YouTube video.


5. Create playlists for specific subjects


When you’re just starting out with YouTube videos, creating playlists for your channel might seem like a waste of time. Once you get a couple dozen YouTube videos down, however, your viewers will start struggling.


Sometimes they want to delve deeper into your thoughts on a specific topic, but going through all of the related YouTube content manually would take enormous amounts of effort. So, the users click out and go to another channel.

Creating playlists for YouTube videos is a relatively easy way to ensure you get more interaction on each one. You’re essentially guiding users through your channel in a straightforward fashion, making it easier to use.

If there’s one thing that always works online that thing is simplification. Users will flock to the YouTube channel that makes consuming its content easier than the competition. No one wants to waste time scrolling through YouTube video sea and be unable to find what they want.


6. Use end cards and recommendations


Just like with playlists, you want to use YouTube video end cards to guide users towards consuming additional content. There’s no better way to squeeze out more YouTube views than making sure there’s always something more to watch.

Additionally, you should remember that you’re always competing with the suggested videos in the sidebar. Some of them will be yours, which is always nice. There’s, however, a nearly infinite number of suggested videos, most of which are competition.


With YouTube video end cards, you can draw attention away from the sidebar and other content. While it’s not a surefire way to boost views on YouTube, you’re at least minimizing the impact competitor videos have on your channel.


7. Promote on other social media channels


While you can build a successful YouTube channel purely on the platform, you’d be shooting yourself in the foot. There are so many social media platforms that perfectly embed YouTube video content that making use of them can result in exponential growth.


Additionally, you nearly guarantee more YouTube views by sharing on social media platforms. They will independently promote your YouTube video, attracting users through their own algorithm.


Make sure, however, to optimize the descriptions and tags. YouTube video descriptions appear as the preview text. Failing to get a good description will likely detract from getting views on YouTube.


Finally, posting content on social media platforms improves accounts there as well. As such, with consistent posting you’ll not only get more views on YouTube, but get a bigger audience on social media. These two processes will keep feeding itself, constantly resulting in more YouTube views.


8. Learn YouTube analytics


If you don’t use data, all of your attempts at scaling are guesswork. Luckily, the platform has an in-depth analytics section, allowing you to find out what works and what doesn’t. Through the usage of data, you can attract more YouTube users.

You’ll need some baseline YouTube content, however. Data gets more accurate if you have more sources and more volume. Basing conclusions on a single YouTube video would likely lead you astray.


With enough information, you can find out target keywords, best performing YouTube video tags, and much more. Then you can apply the same principles to all of your YouTube video content, making sure to net more views overall.

In fact, making use of analytics is the true answer on how to get more views on YouTube. They will show you what works for your channel and audience to a much greater extent than any article ever could.


9. Partner up


Collaborating with other YouTube channel owners is a surefire way to get more views. Even if your industries and niches are close, there’s likely a significant audience available for both. Some of it will overlap, but you’re likely to get tons more YouTube views by simply making a video together with someone else.

There are some caveats, however. Constantly partnering up with the same person will have diminishing returns. There’s only so many YouTube users to go around, so eventually the strategy will run dry.


Luckily, there’s nearly an infinite number of channels who are also looking for how to get more views on YouTube. Simply reach out to them and start collaborating. Both parties will get more views on YouTube, so they will be likely to lend you a helping hand.


10. Make use of the video description field


Too many people use the video description field to drop a single sentence that does nothing to keep attention. You can get a ton more views on YouTube by taking time to fill out descriptions.

For longer videos, add chapters and timestamps. Many users will quickly click out of an hour-long video if they can’t find what they want. Timestamps ensure that those people will stay and give you more views on YouTube.

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Additionally, it will make the video work better in embeds and when shared. Proper video descriptions can entice users on other websites to click on the content and bring in even more views on YouTube.

By Oliver Jones
Oliver is someone you would call a tech-wizard. Fascinated with everything computer and machine related, he has been involved in the industry for ages. Proxies and data are his two newest interests that have carried him to the field of writing. Oliver believes that all the knowledge in the world is worth nothing if it can’t be shared!