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How to Find Someone's IP Address on TikTok [2022 Guide]

There are several ways to find someone’s IP address on TikTok. Some of them require some technical knowledge and knowing your way around computers and the TikTok app. Others require you to simply copy a suitable URL from the TikTok app and paste it into an IP grabber.


We’ll go through the two primary methods of capturing IP addresses from TikTok and how they work. We’ll also give you the tools needed to prevent IP tracking if others were to do the same to you.


Use an IP grabber


There are tons of IP grabber applications out there, but Grabify is likely the simplest and most popular option. It’s also extremely easy to use due to the intuitive interface.


Grabify works by creating a URL with a tracking code that’s used to collect data from people who click on it. As such, you’ll have to have a conversation or any other interaction with the person whose TikTok IP address you want to capture.


Getting to the conversation is the hardest part. If you’ve established a connection with the person, you can go to Grabify and input a URL. It can be anything the person would be interested in. After that, click “Create URL”




You’ll have to agree to Grabify’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Doing so will bring you to a new page, which will have a changed URL. Click on the “Copy” to get the new URL to your clipboard.




After that, to grab someone’s TikTok IP address all you have to do is have them click on it. The Grabify IP logger will do its magic. You’ll be able to see all IP addresses that have clicked on the link with some additional information as a bonus.

Additionally, if you close out of the tab, you can get back to the same IP tracking page by using the code assigned to the URL. If you input it into the home page, it will bring you back to the Link Information page.




How to Find Someone's IP Address 2.png


That’s all it takes to use a TikTok IP finder!


Using Command Prompt


A more complicated way of doing things is to use internal network tracking software stored in each OS. We’ll be going through the Windows version of using Command Prompt (CMD) to track someone’s TikTok IP address.


Note that you will have to be using TikTok on PC for this method to work. Android and iOS devices aren’t going to work.

First, you will need to open up Command Prompt, which can be done by using the Search function (clicking the Windows button also works) and typing in “cmd.exe”. Press enter to get the app started.




Then you’ll need to close as many apps as possible, except for CMD and TikTok. You can do most of the closing through Task Manager by quitting processes or by simply exiting out of applications the regular way.


Once that is completed, you’ll need to get the person whose IP addresses you want to track on a call. You can also try connecting to an online chat, but it usually works best with video chats or calls.


After that is done type in “netstat -an” and you’ll receive a list of IP addresses to choose from. One of them will be the one you’re looking for. It will work best if you have as little open applications as possible.




Why would I need to find someone's IP address on TikTok?


Most commonly, you’ll want to grab someone’s IP address if you want to verify their location or report them for some sort of misdemeanor. For example, someone might be pretending to be someone else and attempting to scam you. With an IP, you can check their location to verify claims.

Additionally, if you suspect someone’s account might have been hacked, you could try grabbing the IP address. If the IP and location has changed significantly, it’s likely that another person is using the account. Although we should note that this wouldn’t be conclusive proof.


How can I prevent my IP being tracked?


While there are no methods for preventing IP tracking entirely, you can easily spoof your address. There are several tools that can be used to hide your IP, depending on how much anonymity is needed.

One of the easier ways is to use a VPN. If you already have one, enabling it while having conversations or calls with others will change your IP address to the one of the server.

Unfortunately, VPNs are mostly notoriously slow. Video and audio calls might struggle to keep up, significantly reducing quality of service. Additionally, a truly savvy person might be able to figure out you’re using VPNs since some of the IPs might be public.

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The best option is to use a proxy service, namely residential proxies. These are IPs acquired from household devices (just like yours), so the addresses aren’t public and are not associated with any company. Additionally, they will likely not reduce connection speeds in any way, allowing you to maintain high quality calls and TikTok usage.


Since these IPs belong to regular household devices, even if someone were to track you, all they’d get is a realistic looking address and location. They might be tricked into thinking that’s your real IP address and location.

Finally, it’s important to note that both of these options also prevent TikTok from logging your IP address. The platform, however, might use other ways to track you, so the protection isn’t as foolproof as against another regular user.


By Oliver Jones
Oliver is someone you would call a tech-wizard. Fascinated with everything computer and machine related, he has been involved in the industry for ages. Proxies and data are his two newest interests that have carried him to the field of writing. Oliver believes that all the knowledge in the world is worth nothing if it can’t be shared!