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How to Bypass Instagram IP Ban?

Managing multiple social media platforms comes with risks. One of the most common issues with Instagram is bans. Companies that manage multiple accounts simply cannot afford to have their Instagram accounts blocked because it may mean losing customers and revenue.


How to detect an Instagram ban, what to do if your IP gets banned, and how to avoid it in the first place? We’re about to answer all these questions.

How to tell if your IP has been banned?

There are two ways in which Instagram can ban you. You can get an action ban or an IP ban. The worst thing is that you won’t instantly know which ban you got, so you need to take multiple steps to find out. First, let’s look into both types of bans to find out what they are:

Action block


Action block means that Instagram has restricted your activity. You will get a notification saying that your actions have been blocked or your account has been temporarily blocked. You can choose to tell Instagram if you think the block is a mistake.

If you get action-blocked, you won’t be able to comment, like, or follow profiles for a limited time. 


IP ban


Instagram IP ban blocks any connections coming from a blacklisted IP address. This means that no matter what way you try to connect to Instagram, via a web browser or the Instagram app, you won’t be able to do it. 


This may happen if you violate Instagram's terms of conditions. If your IP address is blocked, don’t try to add a new account with the same IP address. This way, you’ll get the new account blocked too.


So finally, how to detect Instagram IP ban? Firstly, you need to find out whether Instagram suspended your actions or banned your IP address. There are multiple steps to confirm that:


  1. Clear your browser from the cookies. If your account has been banned, once you clear your cookies, you’ll be logged out from your Instagram account. You will then be able to access Instagram as an unregistered user. If you still cannot access the site even as an unregistered user, your IP has been blocked.
  2. Use a different web browser. Open a browser that you’ve never used for connecting to Instagram before. Go to the Instagram's site and check if it works for you. If it’s unavailable then you can be sure your IP address has been banned.
  3. Watch out for a notification. In some cases, and not always, you may receive a notification from Instagram. It will say that your IP address has been flagged as a proxy. If this notification appears on your screen, Instagram has banned your IP address.

Most plausible reasons for the ban


Your IP address may get an Instagram ban for multiple reasons, but ultimately, it boils down to suspicious activity on the platform. Let’s look into the most common actions that may lead to the IP ban:


  • Spam

Excessive comments, especially if they contain the same text, is a common reason for Instagram blocks. A regular user would not be able to post loads of comments at the same time but automated tools do that and Instagram finds it suspicious. The same applies to performing any other actions, such as sending direct messages or following too many profiles. To avoid that, try to bring as much organic engagement to your account as possible.


  • Overusing Instagram bots

Instagram bots automate a lot of actions, which is a great help to companies and individuals who manage multiple accounts. However, bots are restless, and some of them are set to work around the clock without any breaks. Constant activity on your accounts sends a red signal to Instagram.


  • Simultaneous actions

Logging in to your account from one device is fine, but if you perform actions from different devices, that’s a red flag. Especially if those devices are in different places at the same time. So if your comments, likes, and follows come from multiple devices that are located in different places, you are likely to get an account ban.


  • Only using public Wi-Fi

It’s fine if you connect to your Instagram profile from public Wi-Fi from time to time. But if you constantly log into the site via public internet networks instead of using a single IP address or mobile IP addresses, and especially if you combine this action with other activities that Instagram finds suspicious, you’ll receive an IP block.


  • Recent action blocks

If you recently received an action block, and perform bot-like actions right after accessing Instagram again, you are likely to get your IP banned. All in all, an Instagram IP ban occurs when you combine multiple actions that the platform finds suspicious. And if you perform these right after an action block, then you’re basically doomed to get an IP ban.

How to avoid getting IP banned on Instagram?


There are ways to avoid an Instagram IP ban. Here are some ideas:


  • Behave like a regular user

The platform flaggs suspicious activity or any account that breaks Instagram terms of service. Imagine that every account has a trust score. Every action that seems suspicious to the Instagram community adds to negative trust score factors, which end up in an IP address ban.


So the best idea is to try to appear as much of a regular user as possible, even if you’re using automated bots for your social media account management. Have your bots take breaks between actions, don’t abuse the automation, and you may avoid the IP block.


  • Use proxies

Proxies are essential if you wish to keep your Instagram accounts active. When you use proxy services, you connect to intermediate servers and then to your target website. Social media proxies are a great help if you manage multiple Instagram accounts and want to protect your IP addresses from Instagram blocks.


However, not all proxy service providers are equally good. You should look for a trusted proxy provider, and avoid free proxies since they are most likely to be already blocked. 


Also, you should know what proxies to get. Residential proxies are perfect for social media management, while data center proxies are not the best since they quickly get flagged and blocked.


Residential IPs are assigned to all residential home addresses by an internet service provider, so they help your connection appear as coming from a regular internet user.


  • Use a VPN

Another way to avoid an IP ban is using a VPN service. Both VPN and proxies work well to shield your original IP addresses. However, a VPN service works best if you manage only a small number of social media accounts.


In most cases, VPN providers use data center proxies rather than residential proxies. So if you plan on growing your social media business and use software programs to automate your accounts, you should look for a proxy provider.

What to do if Instagram blocked your IP?


  • Change your IP address

Internet service providers and mobile network operators do not provide permanent IP addresses, they change them. It’s hard to tell when they do it, but sooner or later, they do. Also, try switching to your mobile data connection. Mobile IPs get changed more frequently than other IPs, so you may not have to wait for too long before you get a new IP address. 


  • Contact Instagram

If you believe that you did nothing to deserve an IP ban, you can contact Instagram and let them know about your case. They will review the details and may return your access to Instagram.


  • Wait out

Most Instagram account bans are temporary. So you can just wait to get your ban lifted. However, if Instagram is your main business and you need your accounts working as soon as possible, this may be an expensive option.

How long does the Instagram IP ban last?


Different Instagram bans can last for around 24 to 48 hours or longer. The period mostly depends on your actions, so sometimes, by trying to fix the problem, you may have your bans extended.


Instagram action bans usually only last for a short period of time, while IP bans can last longer. But it all depends on your actions, so often it’s best to wait and see. Maybe you’ll get the ban lifted sooner than you expected. But if you see that the IP ban continues, you’ll need to look for a solution.

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By Oliver Jones
Oliver is someone you would call a tech-wizard. Fascinated with everything computer and machine related, he has been involved in the industry for ages. Proxies and data are his two newest interests that have carried him to the field of writing. Oliver believes that all the knowledge in the world is worth nothing if it can’t be shared!