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6 Sites to Buy Reddit Accounts (Karma & Aged)

Reddit marketing is trickier than on most other platforms. They have implemented heightened security measures that greatly reduce the impact of using multiple accounts. Reddit takes into account a multitude of factors such as established account status, age, frequency of upvotes, post and comment karma. All of these influence what the upvote button does.


For those that are not aged, do not have enough karma, or aren’t in any way established accounts, each upvote will add significantly less than 1 to each score. Only high karma reddit accounts that don’t upvote everything in their path add a lot to the score.


As such, if you want to do Reddit marketing efficiently, you need to buy good accounts and use proxies to manage them. Since Reddit, however, is such a popular website, the results can be tremendous.


Best sites to buy Reddit accounts


App Sally





  • $60 for an aged Reddit account (older than 1 year).
  • $55 for a high karma Reddit account (more than 2k karma).


AppSally is a service that offers many ways to market your business on any social media platform and various websites. They even offer services such as business listings in specific domains and marketing for ecommerce companies.

For our purposes, AppSally also offers high quality Reddit accounts. While you can only buy one at a time as there are no large packages, they do have two options. Accounts can be aged or with karma. Both of these qualities are of the highest caliber.

Unfortunately, that is also the drawback of AppSally. Since there are two options that offer either aged accounts with a history of 1 year or more or Reddit accounts with 2k+ karma, their services are quite expensive and limited.

Costs would quickly scale up in most cases. Dozens of aged accounts might be necessary, which would make the associated costs quite inordinate. Thus, AppSally is best used for smaller projects or if you want to buy your own Reddit account.

High-quality Reddit accountsExpensive
Trustworthy businessLimited options
Fast processing timeLimited locations
Several payment options 
Free replacements (up to 48h) 







Pricing: Variable.


AccsMarket is an account service marketplace. Various accounts, even social media accounts, are sold on the marketplace. Notably, AccsMarket only helps connect their partners with buyers.

They have one of the largest selection of Reddit accounts available. You can purchase Reddit accounts with all kinds of features, starting from completely fresh to low karma to aged ones. There are so many listings and different pricings for them that it’s impossible to list them out.


Additionally, AccsMarket supports bulk buying. If their vendor has a large number of accounts, you can buy as many as needed. Established Reddit accounts will usually only have highly limited stock, though, and will be unavailable for bulk buying.

Pricing for each Reddit account is amazing. They are one of the cheapest services on the market, especially when volume is taken into consideration.

Finally, while the website is quite simplistic, it seems trustworthy. There have been reports online, however, about possible scams. Therefore, while they have a long-standing reputation, some care should be taken when buying accounts from AccsMarket.


Lots of choices to buy Reddit accounts fromShaky reputation
Great pricingNot the best customer support
Lots of volume 
Fast order times (~15-30 minutes) 







Pricing: Variable.


PlayerUp is another marketplace for accounts. While they focus mostly on video games, they do have Reddit accounts for sale. Most of them are focused on cryptocurrency-related subreddits, however, they are available for all sorts of purposes.


Unlike AccsMarket, PlayerUp is akin to a forum. They have even copied most of the design elements from proper forums. Users can post threads (and in them) for their offerings. Contacting sellers off-site is not required, however, as there is a nifty “buy now” button on nearly every listing.


Most of the accounts sold on the marketplace are of high quality. Listings are usually for aged Reddit accounts with high post karma. As such, they are fairly expensive and are best used by those experienced in Reddit marketing. Another option is to simply buy your own Reddit account for personal use.


From what we’ve gathered, PlayerUp is highly trustworthy. They do, however, only work as a middle, so the quality of services rendered might differ wildly between sellers.


All in all, it’s a great place to purchase Reddit accounts as long as the price isn’t too much of a concern. Getting lots of them might be tricky but definitely doable if enough scouting is done for great deals.


High quality Reddit accountsExpensive
Lots of listingsOnly a middleman service
Great variety of aged accountsSlow loading times
Doubles as a social media platform (forum) 
Easy to contact sellers 


Acc Farm


Acc Farm.png


Pricing: Variable

AccFarm is another account marketplace. It might even seem familiar as they seem to have taken a page out of AccsMarket’s design book. Nevertheless, it’s a great place to purchase Reddit accounts with lots of comment karma, post karma, or aging.

They have a unique position in the market as they seem to have the cream of the crop for Reddit accounts. There are listings for accounts with lots of Reddit activity and over 10k comment karma. Unsurprisingly, these are also insanely expensive and doing any type of Reddit marketing with these will greatly cut into profits.


There are packages, however, for lower quality accounts. Yet, most of these seem to be inactive and pop up every once in a while. The only stable offers are for those with insane post karma and Reddit activity.

We would recommend keeping an eye on Acc Farm, but only using their services if you need to buy Reddit accounts you can’t get anywhere else. Otherwise, you’ll likely get a better bang for buck on other sites.


Can an established account for any Reddit marketing purposesExtremely expensive
Lots of high value Reddit accountsLimited supply for low value Reddit accounts







Pricing: Variable.

Soar is a marketing services agency focused on building up startups through any social media platforms, SEO, and other strategies. They do offer Reddit accounts as part of their services, however, it makes up a small portion of their solutions.

They have a fairly unique approach to selling Reddit accounts. Instead of simply stating the amount of karma on them, they list out a lot of features. Every account is an aged Reddit account with several types of karma on it. Additionally, the country and suggested industry is shown.


Soar’s accounts are great for serious Reddit marketing. As they are stratified by industry, each Reddit account can be used to its utmost potential. They even state where the account got most of its karma.

While there’s a ton of listings that will suit anyone looking to buy Reddit account, most of them are fairly expensive. Soar doesn’t seem to enjoy listing low value accounts, which is understandable. They are a company focused on bringing the best results out of Reddit marketing.

All in all, it’s one of the most trustworthy and reliable providers if you are looking to buy Reddit accounts. Buying them in bulk might be a little difficult, however, they are still worth every penny. If you are willing to pay a lot to buy Reddit accounts, that is.


Huge selection of Reddit accountsOnly high value Reddit accounts
Awesome for any marketing campaignFairly expensive
Highly respected siteComplicated Reddit account data
Created by marketing professionals 
Lots of other services 


Reddit Secrets


Reddit Secrets.png


Pricing: Variable.


Reddit Secrets is a marketplace where people can sell and buy Reddit accounts, if that wasn’t obvious already. They also sell upvotes and some crypto marketing services, however, Reddit accounts seem to be the primary business model.

Like most such services, they list the karma for each account. All of their Reddit accounts, however, have only post karma. Additionally, while the age isn’t shown, you can detect it by checking the trophies section. Some of them are awarded for Reddit accounts that have existed for years.

Additionally, while not directly available, they offer a way to bulk buy Reddit accounts. They have to be contacted for that, however, so we have no way to check for legitimacy. Although they seem to be a reputable service for Reddit accounts in general.

Most of the Reddit accounts they sell, however, are extremely pricey. It’s understandable as they list no softreg or new ones. All of the Reddit accounts currently on offer are at least 4 years old. Thus, it’s no surprise that each Reddit account sports a hefty price tag.

Again, it’s a service best used when you need to buy Reddit accounts in small batches. While they offer high quality ones, bulk buying Reddit accounts from them would cost insane amounts of money. As such, we recommend these Reddit accounts if you know what you are doing and can extract lots of value from each.


Great place to buy Reddit accounts with high valueNot even one low value Reddit account
Easy-to-use websiteHard to bulk buy Reddit accounts
Several payment methodsExtremely expensive
Each Reddit account is old and with trophies 




Before you buy Reddit accounts and head off to marketing, we have to inform you that the platform tracks your IP address. Even if you have the best Reddit account for each occasion, the website will have an easy time banning you.

Using proxies with each Reddit account is essential for any marketing strategy. Proxies change your IP address, which is the main thing used to track users outside of accounts. We highly recommend using residential proxies. They are proxies that come from household devices. As such, they look natural to Reddit and you run nearly no risk of getting banned.

Residential proxies will send connection requests on your behalf. As such, if you use them for each Reddit account, the website will have a hard time detecting that it’s the same person using them. 

Of course, all actions have to seem natural and human-like. If you simply login to the Reddit account and instantly upvote all of your posts, it won’t be hard to detect even with proxies. As such, plan the usage of your Reddit account ahead of time.


Final thoughts


Of course, there are more services out there. Getting a Reddit account is quite easy, if you’re not looking for high quality or great value. But if you want to buy Reddit accounts en masse and be certain about their quality, use the providers we have listed above.


We have tried to list services where you can buy Reddit accounts for various purposes and reasons. If you are a beginner looking to start marketing with them, pick the highest value provider and buy Reddit accounts off of them. Experiment with each Reddit account to see what works and what doesn’t.

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By Oliver Jones
Oliver is someone you would call a tech-wizard. Fascinated with everything computer and machine related, he has been involved in the industry for ages. Proxies and data are his two newest interests that have carried him to the field of writing. Oliver believes that all the knowledge in the world is worth nothing if it can’t be shared!