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10 Best YouTube Views Bots

YouTube is an attractive place for many content creators, and it also has a lot of potential for making a good profit. But the start on this platform may be bumpy, just as most things are worth working hard for. Seeing only a few views and small numbers of followers on their YouTube channel may be discouraging even for the best content creators.


The good news is that YouTube view bots are here to give you a head start on the platform. And even if you're an experienced YouTuber, you can still take big advantage of the bots. What exactly are these, and which YouTube view bots are the best. We’re about to cover everything you need to know about YouTube view bots and review ten of the best ones available on the market.


What is a YouTube bot?

YouTube bot is an automated software. It runs in the background, grows YouTube video views, adds comments, shares videos, and expands the subscriber base. The bot automates various processes and can be scheduled to perform tasks at a certain time.


YouTube view bots are so popular because it’s difficult to rank high on the search page and get many views. Especially if your YouTube channel is not on the most popular list. Even if your content is brilliant, getting noticed organically may be nearly impossible. This is where YouTube views bots come in handy. Many YouTubers use bots to get more views, even though it may sometimes go against YouTube’s terms of service. 


What can a YouTube bot do?

YouTube bots can increase video views, post comments, add subscribers and likes. The bot does all of these tasks automatically. It can run in the background and does not require much maintenance.


Are there risks in using a YouTube view bot?

Using a YouTube view bot comes with risks because YouTube’s terms of service do not allow the use of bots. And even if your bot is described as almost undetectable, you should know the risks you may encounter:


  • Removed content. Your YouTube videos may be removed if the platform suspects that bots are involved.
  • Loss of monetization. These may be removed if you’ve been granted the right to monetize your content.
  • YouTube ban. If YouTube repeatedly catches someone using view bots, the account can be banned from the platform.
  • Lower rankings. A YouTube view bot only clicks on videos, and its clicks do not count as watching a full video, which means the content may appear lower on the search page.


However, you should not be afraid of using bots. Most of the bots on the market offer automation settings close to human-like behavior, making the video platform think that no third-party tools are included in the process, and the user is running the activity manually.


Can YouTube detect bot views?

In short — yes, YouTube can detect bot views. There are key indicators that YouTube trusts to spot the bots, but they’re not always accurate. 


For example, if a video receives more views than any other videos on the same YouTube channel, the platform may suspect that this happened because someone is buying views. However, this may also happen organically if a YouTube video goes viral or someone sponsors the content with on-platform ads. 


Although YouTube flags content that might go against its terms, the creator should not be worried, as sometimes the content filtering bots might flag it without any valid reason.


How proxies help you when running YouTube bots

Even when running a human-like YouTube bot, you should take all possible security measures to ensure that the channel growth won’t be interrupted by temporary account restrictions or, worse, a permanent ban.


The best way to build an invisible shield against virtual YouTube compliance bots is to use residential proxies when running automation tools. As the residential proxies are real users’ IP addresses, websites like YouTube treat your request as a unique visitor, eliminating the risk of getting to enter CAPTCHA or locking out your account.


Providers like Metrow offer an extensive IP pool, customizable IP rotation of up to 30 minutes, and unlimited proxies with every subscription. When the proxies are operating, users can run YouTube bots, conduct competitor’s research and avoid geo-restrictions.

You can learn more about proxies for YouTube by clicking here.


Best YouTube views bots

Now that you know what a YouTube view bot is, let's see which ones are the best for growing your channel.



Socinator YouTube marketing platform provides helpful metrics to analyze your social media accounts’ performance. It also helps grow the subscriber base, automates various tasks, and allows adding an HTTP proxy to ensure anonymity. 


The platform focuses on social media marketing professionals, and it shows. Socinator has an extensive FAQ section, offers a chatbox for support, and their tool covers most social media platforms, not just YouTube.


Provides activity statistics and reports

Automates views, subscriptions, likes, and comments

Allows managing multiple accounts



No free trial (but offers the first five days for $1)



Although SidesMedia does not offer an extensive automation features list for YouTube, it is great when you need to grow your channel subscribers fast. The platform allows you to grow followers on the most popular social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, promising to grow engagement by up to ten times.


A large user base

Offers engagement services for more than 20 platforms

Guaranteed engagement growth within 72 hours

Simple user interface

Fast-responsive support



No automation features

Free trial not available



If you’re just starting with YouTube view bots, UseViral is a simple-to-use solution. Their offering is pretty standard: automated YouTube view bots, comments, likes, and subscribers. UseViral is the best YouTube views bot for beginners. You can even get separate UseViral subscriptions for different tasks. This means that if you’re only looking to get more views, you don’t need to pay for other features that may be irrelevant to you.



Activity statistics

Tips for promoting your YouTube channel

Separate pricing plans for views, subscribers, and likes



No free trial

No live support



FollowingLike has a tool called TubeAssistPro. This tool makes YouTube marketing easier by automating multiple accounts. They offer different plans depending on how many accounts you’re going to manage: one, five, or as many as you want. The YouTube bot helps find users interested in your selected keywords and subscribe to their channels to bring more attention to your account. 



Provides various statistics

Offers to customize the tool for your needs

Constantly updated to add more features


Pricing plan is not flexible

Might be pricey for managers with a few accounts 



Stormviews promises to deliver genuine YouTube video views, likes, and channel subscribers. Getting attention from real users does not break YouTube’s terms of service, and Stormviews says to provide 100% real views from genuine users rather than YouTube view bots. One of the best things about Stormviews is instant delivery. Reviews say that clients got likes and views on their YouTube videos minutes after purchasing the service.  You can separately buy whatever service you need: likes, views, or subscribers. The pricing depends on how many of these you’d like to get. You can buy from as little as 50 to 1,000 of each and quickly build your following empire.



24/7 support

Straightforward pricing

Genuine views, likes, and subscribers



No free trial



If you’re hesitant about YouTube bots and buying views, you may want to get free views to see how they work before committing to a paid service. Then, SubPals is a good option. They offer a free plan that delivers ten new subscribers every 12 hours. You can get a paid plan if you are looking for faster growth. The version that delivers free views functions is based on a YouTuber community network. You get added to a network where other users are looking to get more subscribers. You subscribe to their channels, and they subscribe to yours. 


Get free views

User-friendly interface

Free video training courses


A small number of subscribers

Slow subscriber growth



Growing video views too fast can be risky. YouTube uses algorithms that flag channels if their views, subscribers, or likes grow suspiciously fast. Followersup offers a safe way to grow your channel by working around the algorithm. Followersup also offers bots for other social media platforms: TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, and Spotify. If you purchase views for YouTube videos, they grow steadily. Five hundred views come in around 72 hours, while 25,000 views appear in up to ten days.


Lifetime warranty on YouTube views

Steady views growth

Live chat with support



No free trial



YTMonster views bot offers two paths for growing your channel. You can create an account and grow your channel steadily or opt-in for instant growth with their Express Campaign. How does this tool work? You get credits by viewing, commenting, and liking other users’ YouTube videos. Another way to get the credits is by buying them. Once you collect the credits, you can start your campaigns.



Choose between instant or steady growth

YouTube-focused tool

Over 2.2 million users



With campaigns, it takes from 24 to 72 hours for views to start growing



Many YouTubers choose to grow their channels by running views bots or simply buying views from other users, but there’s another way. Promolta is a self-service advertising platform. It offers to share your YouTube videos on various platforms to bring more attention to your content. Your video gets shown on social networks, websites, blogs, mobile apps, and similar places with their service.  This is a good way to get more views from people interested in your content. However, the results may not always be as you expected because it’s not an automated service.


Get your videos shown to a relevant audience

You can target specific countries and keywords

Minimum campaign budget starts as low as $10


No guarantee of how many views you’ll get

Media Mister

One of the largest platforms for social media bots is Media Mister. They offer bots for Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and many other platforms, including YouTube.  They offer a bot for different views, including high retention, Premiere waiting views, Google Ads, and even helping to increase live stream views. All you need to do is pick the view’s type and enter the URLs of your YouTube videos. The views will grow in a few days, depending on how many you purchase. If you get 1,000 views, they’ll be delivered in 2-3 working days, while getting 50,000 video views will take up to 22 working days.



Money-back guarantee

Easy to use

Separate pricing plans for views, subscribers, comments, etc.



Slow growth


Proxies for YouTube Bots

While by setting up your first YouTube bot, you might feel like you can conquer the world, you should know that the virtual shield is important to secure your account. Residential proxies are a perfect way to mask your identity and run bots on YouTube without any inconveniences in your way.


The best thing about proxies is that they appear as regular internet users and can come from anywhere around the world. For example, if you want your video to get subscribers from Brazil, you can easily do it with proxies, even if you’re based in Europe. This way, you can sit back at home while getting the views your content deserves.


Moreover, YouTube proxies are irreplaceable when it comes to market research. They can help you scrape information from YouTube and gather all the data you need — ranking keywords, royalty-free videos, and more. 

By Oliver Jones
Oliver is someone you would call a tech-wizard. Fascinated with everything computer and machine related, he has been involved in the industry for ages. Proxies and data are his two newest interests that have carried him to the field of writing. Oliver believes that all the knowledge in the world is worth nothing if it can’t be shared!