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14 Best Twitter Bots for 2022

Visibility is one of the critical factors for success on social media platforms, including Twitter. Engaging with other accounts, tweeting, and commenting are essential if you want to grow your Twitter followers and get attention. However, these actions are time-consuming, and if you have more than one Twitter account to manage, you’ll need help. 


Twitter bots are a perfect tool for growing your social media account. They automate various tasks and help you gain more followers quickly. 


What exactly are Twitter bots, and how do they work? And, most importantly, how to choose the best Twitter bot? We’re about to review the 14 best Twitter bots for task automation, which will help you decide what tool to select to boost your Twitter account.


What is a Twitter Bot?


A Twitter bot is a software that automates various actions on social media accounts. Twitter automation services can post tweets, follow profiles, retweet, comment, like, and send direct messages to other accounts. Twitter bot users can automate these tasks, schedule them, and control what they want the bots to do. 


Social media marketing experts use Twitter bots to help grow Twitter followers by automating tasks, especially if they manage multiple Twitter accounts. 


What are Twitter Bots good for?


Twitter bots are good for a few things:


  • Social media marketing

Companies have social media strategies and targets they want to reach. Twitter automation helps reach those targets faster.


  • Managing more than one Twitter account

Marketing experts often manage more than one account because they work with multiple brands. Twitter automation services combined with proxies can help manage multiple profiles.


  • Twitter growth

Twitter bots can comment, follow, like, and perform other actions that increase the visibility of your account and increase your Twitter engagement. This way, you get more Twitter followers.


  • Twitter engagement

Sending direct messages and retweeting can be done automatically by Twitter bots. This means that bots can interact with other Twitter accounts and make your account more visible.


  • Growing Twitter followers

You can set Twitter bots to follow accounts that are engaged in conversations that include your set keywords. Once you follow these accounts, they notice you and may follow you back.


  • Overall Twitter automation

A Twitter bot automates most of the actions that people can perform on the social media platform. Bots can perform these actions much faster and also on multiple accounts at the same time. This means that your Twitter profile can also grow much more quickly.


Top 14 Twitter Bots


We have reviewed the 14 best Twitter bots. Our selected tools vary in complexity and prices, so that you can pick the best service for your case. We also listed the pros and cons of each Twitter bot for your convenience.






If Twitter growth is your goal, Twesocial will help you get more followers. The tool promises to deliver real Twitter followers relevant to your industry. 


For Twesocial to work, you need to fill out a form about your target audience. Once you do that, they ask you to focus on creating high-quality content targeted at your specific audience. 


Even though the tool promises to deliver real Twitter followers, it cannot tell exactly how much attention you’ll receive. Twesocial works on Twitter accounts across all industries, so our guess is the more people are interested in your industry, the more Twitter followers you’ll get. Also, the numbers depend on the quality of your content.


Twesocial subscription prices start at $49 a month for a Standard plan if you pay monthly.



  • Organic Twitter growth
  • Free 3-day trial
  • Relevant followers



  • No guarantees for the number of new Twitter followers
  • The standard plan has considerably fewer features than the Premium plan






SocialViral Twitter bots offer three types of services: Twitter followers, likes, and retweets. You can purchase any automated system separately.


Any of the services get delivered within 12 hours since the purchase. You can buy the services in bulk and get from 50 up to 1,000 Twitter followers. The more you get, the cheaper you pay per follower. 



  • Three types of Twitter bots
  • 24/7 support
  • Quick delivery



  • No free trial







If you’re worried that a Twitter bot will bring you fake followers, Tweeteev offers to boost your Twitter account with active followers. The tool brings you targeted followers that match your profile. 


Tweeteev advertises that none of their users have ever had a ban on their account on the social media platform. The tool offers weekly subscriptions, and you can cancel their services at any time. The regular plan costs $15 per week. The pro plan charges $25 a week.


Both plans offer Twitter automation services, such as hashtag targeting, automatic likes, unfollows, comments, and blacklists.



  • Twitter automation services
  • No fake followers
  • Weekly subscriptions, cancel any time



  • No free trial



Media Mister



Buying Twitter followers from Media Mister is simple. All you need to do is set a target country and enter the URL of your Twitter profile. You can pay with popular payment cards or with digital coins. 


Media Mister works on most popular social media platforms: YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Reddit, and others. For Twitter automation, the service offers to automate followers, retweets, comments, likes, views, and even poll votes. Delivery time depends on the number of followers you purchase. The fewer you buy, the sooner they’ll start appearing on your account.


The tool is simple to use, so it’s one of the best Twitter bots for beginners.



  • Buy up to 2,500 Twitter followers
  • Great user reviews
  • Purchase different types of services separately
  • Location targeting



  • No free trial







Followersup is a Twitter bot that offers automatic likes, followers, and retweets. Their pricing is straightforward, and they offer a money-back guarantee.


However, Followersup only ensures a 30-day warranty for the followers you buy. It means that even if you get 5,000 Twitter followers from them for $199, they may not stick.



  • Dedicated support
  • Up to 5,000 Twitter profile followers
  • Money-back guarantee



  • No free trial
  • Only a 30-day warranty



Dominator House




TwtDominator by the Dominator House is a Twitter automation tool for social media marketing experts. The tool has a handful of features, including the standard task automation and more advanced services for marketers. The Dominator House software offers advanced filtering, scheduling tasks, and scraping. The tool supports proxies, so you can easily manage multiple social media accounts at once. 


The tool comes with two subscription plans, a monthly and an annual billing option, including the exact same features. 



  • Simple pricing
  • 32 bit and 64 bit compatible
  • Features for social media marketers
  • Supports proxies



  • No free trial



Jarvee (Service permanently closed)




Jarvee is one of the best Twitter bots for marketers. Their tool offers helpful features that save time and make managing Twitter accounts easier. 


Along with the usual automation that any Twitter bot can offer, Jarvee also has advanced features. The tool allows monitoring results, pulling tweets from the RSS feed, and sending direct tweets to your targeted Twitter accounts.


Each of Jarvee’s plans works on nine of the most popular social media platforms. The pricing only differs based on how many social accounts you need to use the tool. You can manage from 10 social accounts with the smallest plan to as much as you need with a custom plan.



  • Advanced features for marketing
  • 5-day free trial
  • Proxy support



  • Aimed at larger businesses that manage from 10 social media accounts







If you’re looking to boost your Twitter profile, check out Hypegrowth. Their service offers Twitter growth for a single account. All you need to do is sign up and fill out a form about your Twitter account. They’ll do the rest.


Hypegrowth researches the market based on the information you provide and launches a campaign for you. The first results show up after 24-48 hours. You can expect to get from 250 to 500 Twitter followers a month, depending on your account and its content.



  • No fake followers
  • Simple pricing



  • Expensive
  • Only works on Twitter growth







Somiibo is a free Twitter automation tool, so if you’re not willing to pay for something you haven’t tried, this may be one of the best Twitter bots for you. 


This tool automates Twitter followers, likes, reposts, and video plays. It also supports proxies, so you can automate as many accounts as you need. 



  • Free Twitter bot
  • Automates followers, likes, retweets, and video plays
  • Supports proxies



  • May get your Twitter account blocked if used carelessly







Circleboom is a Twitter management tool that stands out. The tool focuses on the features that are the most useful for Twitter users. With Circleboom, you can get the follower insights and Twitter user analytics. The tool also offers a smart search to find your targeted audience and engage with them. 


One of the best of Circleboom’s features is a mobile app for iOS, available on the App store. The Twitter app has an easy-to-follow interface and allows efficiently managing your Twitter profiles on the go.



  • Offers a free version
  • Mobile app for iOS
  • Provides insightful user analytics



Tweet Attacks Pro




Tweet Attacks Pro 5 calls itself the best Twitter bot on the market. Whether it’s true depends on what you want to achieve with your account. The tool covers all the basic Twitter automation features and offers even more functions.


With Tweet Attacks Pro, you can manage multiple Twitter accounts, search for users, keywords, and hashtags. The tool also offers a smart tweet feature that allows auto-spin content, tweet pictures, and videos. 


Before committing to Tweet Attacks Pro, you can try out their limited version for free or get a complete package for a 3-day trial for $7.



  • Free trial
  • No need to install any software
  • Complies with Twitter API



  • No pricing on the website



Social Oomph


Social Oomph.png


Whether you’re looking for a Twitter bot for one account or want to work with a team, Social Oomph has you covered. The tool works across the most popular social media platforms and has a free version.


The free plan covers the basic automation features, so if you’ve just started looking at Twitter bots, it’s worth giving Social Oomph a go.



  • Built to cover single and team accounts
  • Can cover multiple social accounts
  • The free plan covers most of the basic functions



  • Limited Twitter automation features







If growing Twitter engagement is your goal, SocialPilot is one of the best Twitter bots for you. Their automated system focuses on scheduling posts and engaging with other Twitter users.


SocialPilot’s Twitter analytics feature allows mining the best-performing Tweets for retweeting, tracking accounts that mention you, monitors Twitter follower growth, and helps find the best time to schedule your Tweets.



  • 14-day free trial
  • Tweet scheduling and insightful analytics
  • Browser extension



  • Not built for managing a single personal account







ManageFlitter is an easy-to-use Twitter bot. It has three main features that cover everything you may need from a Twitter automation tool as a social media marketing specialist. You can manage multiple accounts at the same time, track your performance by watching analytics and schedule Tweets for optimal engagement.


The tool offers two pricing plans. The Pro subscription costs $12 a month and has limited features. If you want to enjoy the whole package, the Business plan is $49 a month.



  • Multiple account management
  • Post scheduling
  • Performance tracking



  • Does not support following and unfollowing
  • No free trial


Proxies for Twitter Bots


Using Twitter automation tools alone may get your Twitter account blocked in no time. To successfully utilize the bots, you also need proxies.


Residential proxies are the best for Twitter automation because these IP addresses come from Internet Service Providers and are connected to residential addresses. Datacenter proxies would easily get blocked on Twitter.


Proxies not only help with saving your Twitter account from getting banned, they also help you reach Twitter users all around the world. Some countries such as Iran, China, and North Korea block Twitter so you can use proxies and connect to the world without any trouble.

Get residential or mobile proxies for just $2.

Another great thing that proxies can help you do is collecting data from Twitter. You can scrape information from this popular social media platform and use it for your social media marketing strategy. 


Free proxies are never a good idea, especially for social media management. We recommend only getting IPs from a trusted proxy service provider. Metrow has a pool with over 10M IPs from all over the world, so you can be sure to get the best Twitter proxies on the market. 

By Oliver Jones
Oliver is someone you would call a tech-wizard. Fascinated with everything computer and machine related, he has been involved in the industry for ages. Proxies and data are his two newest interests that have carried him to the field of writing. Oliver believes that all the knowledge in the world is worth nothing if it can’t be shared!