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5 Best Twitch View Bots (2022)

Twitch viewer bots are a quick fix for those looking to build their channel. Since Twitch truly works on the “rich get richer” system due to the way live streams are suggested, view bot services have unsurprisingly cropped up to help the struggling creator.


They are, however, against the Terms of Service of Twitch. As such, using view bot services can cause an account to be suspended for some period of time or, in some cases, indefinitely.


Additionally, since Twitch viewer bots are a grey-area industry many of purported companies are fake. They might be created to pocket your money or steal personal information.


In order to help you stay safe, we decided to review the best Twitch viewer bots on the market. We’ve picked out ones that provide legitimate services that boost livestreams. However, even with the best Twitch viewer bots, you still run the risk of getting banned so be careful!


What is a Twitch viewer bot?


A Twitch viewer bot performs one simple task - opens a livestream. As a result, the Twitch channel boosts its viewer numbers. Viewer numbers, of course, have a large impact on the success of Twitch streams.

Live Twitch streams are ordered by number of viewers. As people are naturally drawn to the ones that are first or at the top, viewers have a large impact on the long-term success of the channel. If the streamer maintains the quality of their content, he’ll be able to get a lot of real Twitch followers over time.

As such, a Twitch viewer bot seems very enticing to any streamer. Twitch viewer bot services can boost numbers by hundreds or even thousands. Additionally, advanced services provide not only more Twitch viewers, but also chatters. As the lack of a chat is the easiest way to notice the use of bots, these features become indispensable.


How does a Twitch viewer bot work?


Twitch viewer bots are exactly what it says on the tin. They are pieces of software that perform Twitch automation tasks such as viewing, chatting, and interacting with the stream. Of course, since these are not real Twitch viewers, some human-like, realistic algorithms are used.


Additionally, owning and using a Twitch viewer bot is not enough. The platform would quickly catch on that something is amiss. After all, they track, at least, the IP address of Twitch accounts and viewers. If they saw hundreds of users from one IP address, they would be able to quickly ban them.

As such, the software employs the use of proxies. They are intermediary servers that hide the real IP address and can be bought in bulk. Datacenter proxies are a popular option since they are cheap and fast. They, however, can still be tracked because they come from servers that belong to businesses. Obviously, they don’t look like real viewers.

The better option is getting a residential proxy plan. Residential proxies are a little bit slower, however, they come from household devices. They get real IP addresses assigned to them by Internet Service Providers. So, they look a lot more like real Twitch viewers.

While they still break Twitch’s Terms and Conditions, they are a lot harder to detect, greatly reducing the likelihood of a ban. Finally, a truly advanced Twitch viewer bot might swap between using residential proxies and mobile proxies to simulate different devices.

All of the Twitch viewer bot services work in the fashion outlined above. Of course, they might have more advanced features. The foundation, however, remains the same.


Best Twitch view bots





  • Free trial available for 1 day.
  • Trial - $10 per week or $25 per month.
  • Basic - $15 per week or $45 per month.
  • Pro - $20 per week or $60 per month.
  • Partner - $30 per week or $90 per month.


Streambot is a Twitch viewer bot service that provides three different participants. Each plan (except for Trial) grants live viewers, chatters, and followers. They, however, can’t provide a ton of either even with the biggest plan.


They do, however, have a lot of customization features. Streamers can pursue Twitch growth on numerous channels as the software can move the bots across them every 2 days. Additionally, all features can be controlled from the dashboard without any downloads.


Finally, since Streambot provides chatters, their lines can also be customized. Streambot accepts Pastebins for these purposes. As a result, the chat feature can be fully utilized in order to create human-like Twitch automation.






Pricing: Variable.

Media Mister is a multi-purposed social media engagement generation platform. They offer all kinds of engagement for nearly all social media networks, Twitch included. For the latter, Media Mister offers followers and views.


As a Twitch viewer bot, however, it doesn’t have a lot of customization. There’s a follower bot and a viewer bot. That’s about it. Not a lot of customization.

There are a lot of different packages, though. There’s a lot of different pricing options for the follower bot and the viewer bot. There’s nothing for live viewers, however.

Essentially, it’s buying a set amount of either followers or viewers. They offer great prices. So, if that’s all you need for Twitch growth, the company is a great choice.



Stream Chaos Bot



  • Free trial (demo) available.
  • Bronze - $9.99 per month. 75 viewers, 50 chatters, 1000 followers.
  • Silver - $19.95 per month. 150 viewers, 100 chatters, 2000 followers.
  • Gold - $28.99 per month. 250 viewers, 200 chatters, 3000 followers.
  • Platinum - $38.99 per month. 400 viewers, 300 chatters, 4000 followers.


Stream Chaos Bot is a Twitch viewer bot that provides a large amount of viewers, chatters, and followers. They provide unlimited use and customization options in all of the packages.

Among Twitch viewer bots, Stream Chaos Bot is one of the cheapest and highest value for money providing ones. You’ll barely find one that grants so much for so little. Additionally, it provides unlimited usage and channels - something other Twitch viewer bots do not provide.


However, Twitch viewer bots need a lot of maintenance due to changing detection algorithms and platform coding. Unfortunately, Stream Chaos Bot seems to have highly sluggish update schedules. According to the website, the last update was back in 2016.

While Stream Chaos Bot might still function and offer great prices, there’s an inherent risk in using it. We could only recommend it to those who really want to budget themselves heavily and not waste any penny.





Pricing: Variable (uses a tiered pricing system).

FollowersUp is a multi-purpose engagement tool for almost all social media platforms. Essentially, it’s nearly identical to MediaMister. They both use similar pricing models and offer nearly the same features.

They help boost Twitch growth with three primary methods. FollowersUp offers channel views, video views, and followers. As with their direct competitor, there’s really no customization available.

They do have a drawback outside of customization. FollowersUp provides no live viewer package. Channel views and followers will never be as great for Twitch channel growth as live viewers.


Fortunately, FollowersUp has great prices for what they offer. So, while you’re not getting a lot of features, you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck. As a result, they can be used as a replacement for MediaMister if you want to mix things up.



Viewer Boss



Pricing: Tons of different packages. All paid monthly. No free trial available.

Viewer Boss is one of the best Twitch viewer bots on the market. They are a highly professionally made service that provides two primary packages. These are an “all-in-one” package that includes live viewers, chatters, and followers.

Additionally, they provide a follower-only package. Each of these have lots of tiers, providing a lot of options for their users. Finally, in regards to pricing, some of the packages can also be bought for varying amounts of time, ranging from one month to an entire year.


They also provide a lot of great features. Chat bots can be edited to produce more realistic results, viewers fluctuate over time, etc. All of them provide a great way to safely boost your Twitch channel.

Viewer Boss users, purportedly, never get their Twitch channel banned. We find this statement to be doubtful, however. While it may be true, always stay on the safe side and don’t overuse Twitch booster services like these.

All in all, Viewer Boss is a little on the expensive side, however, they more than make up the cost with all the features and customization they provide. Due to the numerous pricing tiers available, almost everyone will be able to find something for their Twitch channel.


Free Twitch view bots


There are no free Twitch view bots being maintained currently. We wouldn’t even recommend using them, however. Proxies are essential to avoiding getting channels and accounts banned, but high-quality ones cost money. There’s no way a free Twitch bot would be able to maintain itself.


Get residential or mobile proxies for just $2.

One option, however, is available if you have coding experience. There are quite a few GitHub repositories with Twitch viewbots available. Of course, you’d have to edit, compile, and make use of them yourself.

But if you do have some coding experience, using these repositories as a foundation for your own bot is worth a try. Remember, however, that no matter how good the code is, you’ll still need proxies. Residential proxies are the preferred option.


By Oliver Jones
Oliver is someone you would call a tech-wizard. Fascinated with everything computer and machine related, he has been involved in the industry for ages. Proxies and data are his two newest interests that have carried him to the field of writing. Oliver believes that all the knowledge in the world is worth nothing if it can’t be shared!