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9 Best Reddit Bots to Check Out in 2022

Reddit is one of the largest platforms for online forums, clasping loads of different communities. People turn to Reddit to ask any questions and look for answers in subreddits. The Reddit community shares ideas, recommendations and draws people into the most varied discussions.


Getting your content upvoted or downvoted on Reddit may define how visible your posts are. With such a large community, it’s no surprise that people look for ways to get more popular. Posting popular content is not enough to get noticed. That’s why Reddit bots are becoming more and more popular. 


What is a Reddit bot, and what can it do? How does it automate Reddit accounts, and why do so many people use it? We’ll answer all of these questions and list the best Reddit bots to boost your social media account. 


What is a Reddit Bot?


A Reddit bot is software that automates various tasks on the platform. The bot can automatically upvote and downvote posts and comments, search for specific keywords, and comment on related posts. 


Reddit automation is popular among internet marketers because it helps accounts gain more visibility. More upvotes also bring posts and comments higher up on the page, so they may also appear on search engines when someone searches for related questions.


What can a Reddit bot do?


A Reddit bot can automate actions on Reddit. The main automated features that users turn to Reddit bots for are:


  • Upvoting
  • Downvoting
  • Commenting
  • Posting
  • Replying in threads
  • Contacting other users


Reddit bots can search for your set keywords and upvote/downvote posts and comments that include these keywords. They can also contact users or start conversations in subreddits.


Is it against Reddit's policy to use bots?


Reddit does not ban all the bots. The Reddit content policy says: “do not cheat or engage in content manipulation.” It forbids spamming and any type of harassment. Reddit’s policy also does not allow any form of voting manipulation. So automated comments, if they’re not spam, seem to be allowed. But automated upvoting or downvoting may get your Reddit account banned.


The platform offers Reddit API that developers can implement into their code. This bot works in line with Reddit’s policy and does not allow actions that would go against it. For example, the public API does not work for mass creating accounts. Also, if you want to get Reddit API for commercial use, you need to get special permission. The platform also reserves the right to charge fees for their public API.


Best Reddit Bots


1. Media Mister

Reddit post upvotes are the most important during the first 24 hours. If you manage to get the upvotes during that time, your post is likely to succeed. But these upvotes must be authentic. Otherwise, you risk getting your Reddit account blocked.


Media Mister offers getting authentic post upvotes for your fresh posts to give them an initial boost. The service is only available for upvoting posts and not comments, but it promises to bring authentic reactions, which are safer than getting upvotes from Reddit bots.



  • Upvotes, follows, and subscribes from real Reddit users
  • Easy to use: all you need is a post, channel, or profile URL
  • Affordable prices: from $2 for 10 new Reddit followers



  • Cannot upvote comments, only posts
  • Max 200 post upvotes



2. Followersup

Followersup has a good reputation in the Reddit bot industry. They focus only on providing Reddit upvotes and nothing else, but they also offer loads of automations for other social media platforms, such as YouTube, Twitter, Tik Tok, Instagram, and others.


The platform offers a free trial, but only for Tik Tok and Instagram bots.



  • Reddit upvotes with a lifetime warranty
  • The average delivery time is one week
  • Easy buying process



  • Limited information about the origins of their service


3. Reddit Marketing Bot

Are you looking for a Reddit bot that you could manage on your mobile? Reddit Marketing Bot works with all operating systems and on mobile. This social media automation tool has proxy support from 500 US IP addresses. 


You can either buy or rent Reddit bots. Pricing depends on the time you wish to use the bots. You can have them for one, three, six, or 12 months.



  • Scheduling posts or other tasks
  • Client support around the clock
  • Reddit bots get updates



  • The bot gets set up in 12 hours


4. ASB Reddit Bot

ASB Reddit Bot stands for Auto Social Bot. It has a bunch of features, such as mass creating accounts, scheduling posts, dropping comments, proxy support, and even CAPTCHA support. 


If you’re running more than one Reddit account, you’ll need to get a private proxy for your ASB Reddit bot. The bot does not work with a public proxy.



  • Loads of features
  • 7-day money-back guarantee
  • You can manage unlimited Reddit accounts



  • Does not work on Mac OS


5. Somiibo

If you’re looking to grow your social media accounts for free, Somiibo is one of the best Reddit bots for you. The tool allows managing multiple Reddit accounts, scheduling posts, dropping comments, and has proxy support.


You can choose between different Reddit modules that each automate different tasks: Reddit view generator and Reddit promo. Mix these modules for customized social media marketing.



  • Free basic option
  • Quick service delivery
  • No credit card required



  • No live chat


6. RedditDominator

Internet marketers will love RedditDominator because it’s clearly targeted at them. The social media automation tool is available on Windows and Mac OS and offers all the main Reddit bot features. 


It covers multiple account management via a convenient dashboard. The tool also has an auto comment feature, can drop comments for you, and offers scraping posts to get all the information you need for your Reddit marketing strategy.



  • Compatible with automatic CAPTCHA solving services
  • URL scraper
  • Works on both Windows and Mac OS



  • More expensive than other Reddit bots


7. FollowingLike

If you manage social media accounts on multiple platforms, FollowingLike will definitely make your life easier. You can manage tasks across various platforms with one software, as this tool automates tasks for Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and other channels.


It also offers a free version but only for Instagram and Facebook automations. Reddit users can automate sending messages, searching for users, and post submissions. 



  • Works across many social media platforms
  • Many features



  • The website is a pain to use
  • No clear pricing


8. Socinator

Socinator is more than a casual Reddit bot, it’s a premium marketing software. If Reddit is a social platform where you run your marketing campaigns, Socinator offers to track your activity statistics and reports. 


Automate your Reddit account with many Socinator’s features: auto comment, find and extract, subscriptions to communities, and even automatically share pictures from your folders.



  • Premium tool for Reddit automation
  • Advanced marketing features
  • Extensive knowledge base



  • More expensive than other Reddit bots


9. Upvotes Space

Upvotes Space offers to set up a custom speed for your Reddit bot actions and boost the karma of your accounts. This Reddit bot allows automating upvotes, downvotes, and subscribes. You can rent the social media automation tool and pay by cryptocurrency. 



  • Fast service delivery
  • You can choose the upvoting speed
  • One day trial



  • The pricing is unavailable on their website


Do I need proxies for a Reddit Bot?


To effectively use Reddit bots, you need proxies. With proxies, you may get a different IP address for each of your Reddit accounts, and this way make the most of your bots.


The most experienced Reddit users create an account for different subreddits and actively participate in discussions that contain their targeted keywords. This way, the profiles appear more organic and lower the chances of getting blocked. And if your account does get blocked, you can still keep the other profiles. If you’re using proxies, Reddit cannot trace the accounts back to you. 


Reddit proxies are also handy in scraping posts. You can use a proxy to scrape posts and find trending topics or long-tail keywords that you can later use in your growth campaigns. 

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Make sure to work with a reliable proxy provider and avoid free proxies. If you get a free proxy, you risk getting your social media accounts banned in no time. Since many people share the same free IPs, they’re extremely unreliable. To get proper proxy support, choose a reliable provider. 


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By Oliver Jones
Oliver is someone you would call a tech-wizard. Fascinated with everything computer and machine related, he has been involved in the industry for ages. Proxies and data are his two newest interests that have carried him to the field of writing. Oliver believes that all the knowledge in the world is worth nothing if it can’t be shared!