5 Best Pinterest Bots for 2021

Pinterest has been slowly catching on with businesses. Comparatively few are using the social media website to gain traction and market themselves, however, that doesn’t mean the platform isn’t useful.


Yet, just like with all other social media platforms, building up a profile is required. Otherwise, getting referral traffic from the social media website will be an issue. Of course, most businesses and professional marketers turn to Pinterest bots.


These bots are intended as a profile building automation tool. Users can set schedule posts, automate pins and follows, etc. As such, they are perfect for those who want to reduce the time they spend doing repetitive tasks on Pinterest.


We’ve decided to look into the most popular Pinterest bots on the market and review them. We have focused, however, only on those tools that provide automation features. Many lists of this type include services that provide Pinterest followers or likes. We won’t be delving into those.


The 5 best bots for Pinterest






  • 5-day free trial.
  • Starter plan - €29.95 (~$34.60) per month.
  • Regular plan - €49.95 (~$57.80) per month.
  • Professional plan - €69.95 (~$80.90) per month.
  • VPS & Jarvee plan - Custom.


Jarvee is one of the most popular and well-known social media automation tools out there. It used to be used primarily for Instagram marketing, however, they have branched out to cover more social media platforms. While it’s Instagram utility might have waned, it still works perfectly fine as a Pinterest marketing automation tool.


Listing out all of the features available would be nearly impossible. Many of them, however, can be condensed into scheduling, following, and commenting automation. Basically, most of the interaction you do on any social media site can be automated through Jarvee.


They do offer a few fairly unique features, however. Spin Syntax, sometimes also called Spintax, is one of them. It’s essentially a way to automate the creation of basic sentences by providing a set of keywords and allowing the software to randomize them. Jarvee also provides full proxy customization, allowing users to take advantage of premium IPs with ease.


Yet, all the fancy Pinterest bot features do come with some drawbacks. First, due to the complexity of the software, it takes quite a bit of time to get the hang of things. Second, it only supports Windows natively. All other OS’ have to use workarounds (or not use the software at all). Finally, the pricing can be a bit steep for smaller marketing teams as there’s no package for someone with less than 10 accounts.


All in all, Jarvee is pretty good for Windows users that are planning to manage a lot of accounts. Additionally, as they have extensive proxy support, you don’t need to fear bans from any social media platform.






  • Free plan available (without Pinterest support!)
  • Plus plan - $7.48 per month (annual billing) or $9.99 per month (monthly billing)
  • Premium plan - $37.48 per month (annual billing) or $49.99 (monthly billing)
  • VIP plan - $74.98 per month (annual billing) or $99.99 per month (monthly billing).


Crowdfire is a piece of software that is a little more than a Pinterest bot. They provide not only basic Pinterest bot features, but also management tools for nearly all social media. You can even integrate your own website or blog into the solution.


It’s essentially the Swiss army knife of Pinterest bots and automation tools. Their primary selling point is that you can manage every social media site and your own blog from one place. Crowdifre provides curation, publishing, and scheduling features that make it easy to manage your Pinterest content.


Additionally, they provide fairly extensive analytics tools that allow you to measure a multitude of metrics. For example, Crowdfire provides a report building tool that gives insight into social media engagement, changes in Pinterest users, and the effectiveness of your social media strategy.


Unfortunately, most people might find Crowdfire a little too expensive. Since they provide features for all social media platforms, their prices are quite a bit higher than most other Pinterest bots. Additionally, the Plus plan provides no support, which means you’d have to figure everything out on your own.


Crowdfire is pretty good for those that want to manage more than just a Pinterest account. If your work or business includes multiple accounts scattered over several social media sites, then Crowdfire can be a great choice. If you just want something to automate your Pinterest board, other bots might be better.





  • Free plan available
  • Pro plan - $9.99 per month (annual billing) or $19.99 per month (monthly billing)
  • Advanced plan - $19.99 per month (annual billing) or $39.99 per month (monthly billing)
  • Max plan - $39.99 per month (annual billing) or $79.99 per month (monthly billing)


Tailwind is an automation tool for Instagram and Pinterest marketing. Unlike other Pinterest bots, it is, apparently, an approved partner of the social media sites. That means you don’t need to go through a lot of sneaky processes to avoid bans. All you need to do is login with your Pinterest account.


As a Pinterest bot, they provide most of the essential social media marketing features. You can schedule upcoming pins for the entire week or even more, set up automatic pinning, and sharing on relevant Pinterest boards. Additionally, they have a dedicated “Tailwind Create” tool that generates and optimizes posts and pins.


Tailwind also provides access to Pinterest communities, making it easy to connect with other creators. As collaborating with other creators is such an effective Pinterest marketing strategy, the feature makes getting accounts off the ground nearly effortless.


Unfortunately, they do have quite a few drawbacks. First, it’s extremely pricey for a tool that only supports Instagram and Pinterest automation. Without annual plans, you’d be paying more than for almost any other Pinterest bot.


Additionally, using multiple Pinterest accounts is only possible with Advanced and Max plans. Even with the latter, only 3 accounts for Instagram and Pinterest can be used. Therefore, for those looking to manage many accounts, it’s just not the right Pinterest bot.


As such, it’s a decent choice for those who have a single Pinterest account and want to test out an automation tool. Those who want to manage unlimited accounts will have to skip over Tailwind.





  • Seven day free trial available.
  • 1 Pinterest account - $28 per year
  • Up to 5 Pinterest accounts - $40 per year
  • Unlimited accounts - $99 per year


NinjaPinner is a social media automation tool that provides botting features for Pinterest, Instagram, TikTok, and Tumblr. They are mostly focused on building up their Pinterest bot features, though.


As a Pinterest tool, NinjaPinner provides everything a botter needs. Features such as automatic following, auto repin, automated commenting, and many others are included. Ban evasion features are provided through a “break” system and proxy support.


Additionally, like all the best Pinterest bots, they provide access to in-depth data and analytics. These can be used to see how well your social media marketing is going and to find areas for improvement.


Finally, their pricing model is incredible. Even the unlimited account plan is fairly cheap. So much so, that it beats out almost every other Pinterest bot in the market.


Unfortunately, all of that comes with a different price. NinjaPinner is a bit outdated and old nowadays. A lot of the features are quite basic for a Pinterest automation tool and the design feels like something out of Windows XP. Additionally, the support provided both on page and through email is a little lackluster.


As such, NinjaPinner is best used for those starting out with Pinterest bots. Automation tools get a lot better, but also a lot pricier, making NinjaPinner a decent starting ground for those who don’t want to shell out too much money.


Pin Dominator




  • Basic plan - $9.95 per month
  • Agency plan - $79.95 per year


Pin Dominator is an all-in-one social media automation tool that can be used as a Pinterest bot. They are headed under Dominator House and offer a lot of solutions, each for a different social media platform.


They provide a multitude of tools that can be used to drive Pinterest engagement. Pin Dominator has an automated system for pretty much everything you can do on a Pinterest page. You can automate commenting, following, repinning, liking and unliking pins, etc.


A nice set of engagement features isn’t everything that Pin Dominator has to offer. There’s a lot of ease-of-use included as well. For example, all accounts and campaigns can be managed from the same place. Additionally, they support all types of HTTP(S) proxies, which is great for staying safe.


Like any Pinterest Bot, Pin Dominator has its own drawbacks. Most of the features they offer are fairly basic for modern Pinterest bots. Automation tools nowadays provide extensive guides, easy-to-use UIs, and in-depth data analytics. All of which is lacking in Pin Dominator.


In the end, it’s a decent Pinterest bot for someone that has a lot of accounts and proxies, but doesn’t need advanced features.


Block-free Pinterest automation


Even if you have the best Pinterest automation strategy and the best bot with the most positive reviews, you are likely to get banned if certain steps are not followed. Social media sites don’t take too kindly to people using automation tools. Pinterest bots are included in that list.

Additionally, managing many accounts through the same IP address can also be frowned upon. Social media websites might turn to blocking IPs and accounts due to security reasons.


The only real way to avoid consistent bans is to use proxies, which is why most Pinterest bots provide the ability to use them. Proxies are essentially devices that the bot connects before connecting to the social media website. They then see traffic coming from the proxy instead of the real machine.


As a result, using proxies circumvent the usual limits on account creation and management. Additionally, if the proxy provider has enough IPs around the world, they can be localized to arouse even less suspicion.


For every Pinterest bot, the best proxies are social media proxies. These are residential IPs (coming from the devices of regular internet users) that are scattered across the globe. 


Unfortunately, many providers sell either shared proxies or ones that change IPs automatically with each request. That means the social media site would see your IP address constantly changing and would likely ban you as well.


At Metrow, we’ve handpicked a pool of social media proxies and added a few features to make them more suitable for Pinterest bots. Most importantly, we have added sticky sessions that allow our users to use the same IP address for up to 30 minutes, which greatly reduces the likelihood of a ban.


Additionally, we have a proxy pool that covers, more or less, the entire world. We have implemented geo-location targeting so users can take advantage of localization when necessary. Finally, our IPs work with every Pinterest bot on the market, as long as they have generic proxy support.




Pinterest bots are a great way to quickly build up a social media profile. Out of the 5 we’ve reviewed in this list, there will be a Pinterest automation tool for everyone. Now, armed with all the best botting features, all it takes is having good content.


Yet, Pinterest automation shouldn’t ever be done without proxies. The risk of getting a ban is so high that it’s nearly inevitable. All the hard work and content will thus go to waste.

By Oliver Jones
Oliver is someone you would call a tech-wizard. Fascinated with everything computer and machine related, he has been involved in the industry for ages. Proxies and data are his two newest interests that have carried him to the field of writing. Oliver believes that all the knowledge in the world is worth nothing if it can’t be shared!