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5 Best Instagram Growth Services For 2022

Instagram and growth are two words most frequently associated with the social media platform. Users chase growth for numerous reasons, but, primarily, due to the incredible marketing and business opportunities provided. Influencers can net up to millions of dollars per year, so it’s not surprising that both regular people and businesses are looking to grow their accounts.


Growth, however, doesn’t come easy. Even with the best intentions, incredible posts, and great timing, Instagram followers will trickle in slowly. Organic Instagram growth can be seen as a pipe dream - something only achievable by those who got in early and difficult for all newcomers.


As such, there’s no surprise that people are looking for shortcuts like Instagram growth services. Others look for Instagram growth tools (i.e. mostly bots) that give them more control over the process but are more difficult to use. In this article, we’ll go through Instagram growth services and leave bots on the wayside.


What’s an Instagram growth service?


Instagram growth services (or Instagram marketing services) are individuals or businesses that help others grow their accounts on the social media platform. Usually, these growth services use bots or other tools to bring in new followers to an account. They may also provide other improvements to an Instagram profile such as story views, post likes, etc.


Unlike Instagram growth tools, services take care of the entire process. Users just simply select what they want to receive - new followers, engagement, or anything else the business offers. Everything else is taken care of by the Instagram growth service.


All growth services, however, are a little more expensive than running a tool or a bot. They also give less control over the process as some companies have been providing fake followers and there’s no way to check legitimacy without trying. It is, however, much more convenient and quicker than any bot.

How do Instagram growth services work?


Instagram growth services only exist because there’s a financial incentive for creating a great account. Instagram profiles with lots of followers and engagement can be used to market products and services, which can be beneficial for both influencers and businesses alike.

Additionally, the Instagram algorithm works a lot like Google or many other social media platforms. An account’s engagement rate is measured as a way to decide whether it’s useful to promote that profile. Buying real followers, likes, and views turbocharges the algorithm.

If running an Instagram growth tool were easy, however, no services would exist. Since they require Instagram proxies, lots of management, multiple accounts, and many other things to run properly, services have cropped up. As few Instagram users have the tech-savvy required to use bots, growth services let those who can’t take advantage of the same process.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to check for legitimacy. The best Instagram growth services will provide real followers that boost engagement and help users build up their account. There are, however, lots of low quality services that provide fake followers that do nothing outside of building up the count.

Separating the wheat from the chaff is difficult, which is why we decided to make our own list of the best Instagram growth services. Since most of them are nearly identical, we’ll only go through the most important differences between the growth services. After all, they are all different flavors of mostly the same.


Best Instagram services for growing followers


Before heading onwards, we should note that there’s no particular order. The entire list of best Instagram growth services should be looked at as a collection of legitimate businesses. Each of them offer something unique, so we recommend looking for the one that seems to match your particular needs the best.


Social Buddy




Pricing: $99 per month

Social Buddy is a unique Instagram marketing service that doesn’t provide farm followers. Instead of selling real or fake followers in bundles, they opt to work as a company that boosts your content.

In essence, it’s like applying a megaphone to your content. Social Buddy automatically finds real followers that are using Instagram for their daily purposes and markets your content to them. It’s no different than getting a friend to keep talking about your Instagram profile to relevant audiences.

There’s several benefits to using Social Buddy. First, since they don’t use bots to get Instagram followers, there’s absolutely no risk posed to your account. You shouldn’t ever get banned for using Social Buddy.


Additionally, you get the highest quality organic followers. There’s no botted Instagram accounts in use and no people liking or following your profile as part of their job. It’s as good as getting organic followers by any other method.


Unfortunately, there’s a couple of drawbacks as well. Social Buddy states that generating unique content is the responsibility of the buyer. Not generating content means no Instagram followers as Social Buddy has no way of working.

Additionally, it’s way slower than any other Instagram growth service out there. It may take months to build a sizable following. While it’s still way faster than any organic Instagram strategy, it lags behind other growth services heavily.

All in all, Social Buddy is the most legit and reliable service where you can buy Instagram followers. They don’t take everything off your hands, however, so you’ll have to put in some elbow grease yourself.





Pricing: Three plans available, starting from $49 per month.


Kicksta is another Instagram growth service that provides a solution rather than followers directly. They sell software that purportedly matches and engages with audiences.

The entire business model is quite similar to Social Buddy. They provide real Instagram followers by promoting and engaging with content. While you need to post your own, however, Kicksta seems to rely more on engaging with others.

That way instead of getting bought ghost followers, you eventually acquire large amounts of real ones. According to the reviews, the generated followers are a lot more valuable than any bought ones as they care and continually engage with brands.

Most of the drawbacks are the same as with Social Buddy. First, you still need to generate content frequently in order to look legitimate. Kicksta won’t do much if your Instagram accounts look like bots or low effort profiles. 


It’s also never going to be fast. Any organic growth marketing strategy will struggle with speed. If you want to get something right now, you’re definitely better off finding some other Instagram growth service that will sell real followers.

All in all, Kicksta is a safe Instagram growth service for those looking to for a boost in Instagram followers without any potential trouble from the social media platform. Use them if you want to grow your number of followers slowly and surely. If you want to skyrocket your number of followers, pick another option.






Pricing: Variable. Dozens of options available.


Buzzoid is one of the best Instagram growth services for those that want a quick and easy way of gaining followers, likes, or views. Unlike the previous two, Buzzoid is a growth service that sells all of them directly.


The process is incredibly simple. Users select the desired type of package for their Instagram page. They then select out of dozens of possibilities for highly varying prices. Once the purchase is complete, Buzzoid delivers the selected services within a certain timeframe. If something goes awry, contacting them is possible to resolve any issues.


Their primary benefit over other growth services is the pricing. They can deliver incredible amounts of likes and followers for great prices. You can even avoid getting ghost followers by paying a little extra.

They even offer a tool for automatic and free Instagram likes. While we haven’t tested it yet, it seems to work along the lines of Social Buddy and Kicksta. Again, all the Instagram likes you get would likely amass themselves over a significant amount of time.


In addition to all the services listed above, we should note that they have fairly flexible options. While there’s no PayPal, they do have regular credit or debit card payments and lots of cryptocurrency choices. As such, you’re likely to find your preferred payment method at Buzzoid.


In summary, it’s a solid Instagram growth service that sells everything you need to skyrocket your profile. However, we should note that buying such services is against the Terms of Service of Instagram, so there’s some inherent risk.


Mr. Insta




Pricing: Variable. Several different services available, each with a dedicated package.


Mr. Insta is a high quality Instagram growth service that offers several different ways to boost your profile. They don’t use one growth strategy, but implement all of the ones outlined above into one platform.


You can buy Instagram followers, likes, and use their proprietary growth tool as ways to boost your profile. They’re a lot like all-in-one marketing services that you may find for other social media platforms and websites.

As such, Mr. Insta is great for all kinds of Instagram account owners. It will work whether you have a marketing strategy in place or don’t. In other words, both beginners and professionals will be able to get some value out of Mr. Insta.

Additionally, they sell a ton of different services for all social media platforms. For those with multiple accounts and lots of social presence, Mr. Insta can become a one-stop-shop for all their marketing needs.

Pricing-wise Mr. Insta is about average when compared to their competitors. There’s decent small packages that are worthwhile for the budding entrepreneur and social media influencer. Yet, there’s just as many packages for the top-end for those willing to invest a couple of thousands of dollars.


Overall, Mr. Insta is a solid Instagram marketing and growth service that you can use to buy real followers, likes, or views. With all the packages on offer, you’ll certainly find the perfect way to grow your own Instagram profile without getting banned.





Ampya is one of the best Instagram growth services for minimalists. If you don’t want to spend tons of time browsing through dozens of offers, packages, and settings, Ampya is the choice.


It’s so simplistic and basic (in a good way) that there's nothing much to write about. There’s only one growth service offered by Ampya - real Instagram followers. They, however, don’t sell them directly. It’s a growth service that lets you target accounts. They are then managed by a person that helps you get targeted followers, relevant to the content you post.

They seem to have been one of those Instagram growth services that sold real or fake followers back in the day as the FAQ reflects that. They have, however, moved on to providing organic growth through regular Instagram marketing.

As such, they might not be as fast as services that let you buy Instagram followers right off the bat. Just like Social Buddy and Kicksta, you’ll have to take your time and develop a content strategy while the company drives up your engagement rate through targeted Instagram marketing.

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These drawbacks, however, do come with their benefits. As it’s an organic growth service, it’s a lot safer. There’s almost no risk of getting banned by the social media platform as you’re essentially just handing over the account to a marketing professional.

On the other hand, it all depends on quality content. If you can’t post frequently enough, you won’t get a lot of targeted followers. If your quality content isn’t up to snuff, you might lose out on a lot of efficiency. As such, it’s not a hands-off process. You’ll have to put in some work yourself.


Overall, Ampya is a fairly strong contender for those who want to pursue an organic growth strategy without the use of Instagram bots. While the business has experience with building organic instagram followers and selling botted ones, they seem to have chosen the former, because it’s the more effective approach in the long-run.

By Oliver Jones
Oliver is someone you would call a tech-wizard. Fascinated with everything computer and machine related, he has been involved in the industry for ages. Proxies and data are his two newest interests that have carried him to the field of writing. Oliver believes that all the knowledge in the world is worth nothing if it can’t be shared!