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3 Best Instagram Bots for 2022

Professional Instagram users always look for one thing - growth. Whether that’s more followers or more likes, the goal is the same. As such, various strategies were developed for maximizing Instagram growth.


Yet, natural Instagram growth is slow and difficult. That’s why a lot of people turn to using an Instagram bot. It makes everything a lot easier, especially if you have multiple accounts. Instead of having to do everything manually, you can leave Instagram growth to software that takes care of nearly everything.

Developers have noticed that a lot of people pursue Instagram growth, but don’t want to deal with all the manual work. As a result, a lot of Instagram marketing tools have cropped up. In this article, we’ll be reviewing some of these tools. In particular, we’ll be looking at the best Instagram bots on the market.


What is an Instagram bot?


An Instagram bot is a piece of software that’s intended to automate most of the actions you take on social media. Usually, they include features such as auto comment, post scheduling, and numerous other automations.

Of course, since engagement and interaction are the primary source of Instagram growth, these bots have become extremely popular. Those who manage multiple Instagram accounts will find bots to be irreplaceable as performing all the tasks manually can be nearly impossible.

Even businesses that market themselves as an organic Instagram growth service likely use such software for their goals. There’s simply really no other great way to manage multiple accounts.

We should note, however, that Instagram bots are against the social media’s Terms of Service. They closely track anyone who might be abusing even the most rudimentary artificial intelligence for Instagram growth. 

If found, the social media site might consider banning the user. Of course, the best Instagram bots will be less likely to trigger a ban, therefore picking the right ones is vital.


What are Instagram bots used for?


An Instagram bot can be used for all sorts of Instagram automation. Of course, the end goal is always growth, however, the process is achieved by implementing an Instagram strategy.

Usually, bot users will use post scheduling features to fill in a que of posts that should attract high-quality followers. Additionally, they may use auto comment features to keep followers engaged.

These, however, are fairly basic uses of an Instagram bot. The Instagram marketing industry has developed many advanced uses for these bots. For example, some may start creating hundreds of accounts. Each of the accounts creates an Instagram bot follower, which can be sold to others or used for personal gain. Of course, an Instagram bot follower will never be as good as real Instagram followers, but they can work in the short-term.

Additionally, some companies or people use an Instagram bot to automate early parts of their sales pitch. If they use their Instagram account as a way to connect with customers, the Instagram bot can be used to automate direct messages.

Automating direct messages is incredibly effective for the early parts of the sales process, especially if the Instagram account is a business. After all, customers are, at times, even glad to receive a few automated responses that make the flow easier.


Other users may seek to automate Instagram stories. Since they are an effective way to grow engagement, posting Instagram stories automatically is attractive. Additionally, an Instagram bot may offer features that allow for mass-viewing.

In short, there’s so many ways to use an Instagram bot that it’s hard to enumerate them all. We can, however, outline the primary goal - Instagram growth. While other purposes now exist, these bots were first developed as a way to implement an Instagram strategy a lot easier.


Best Instagram bots


Ingramer (Inflact)



Pricing: Variable, subscription-based service with plans for 1 week, 1 month, and 3 months. Includes several add-ons. No free trial.


Inflact (previously, Ingramer) is an Instagram bot that comes with a full-suite of features. They are as legitimate as Instagram bots go.

Their feature suite includes important ones like post scheduling, hashtag generation, an automatic Instagram stories viewer, etc. They, however, are almost all priced separately. So, if you want to get everything, you’ll be paying a fortune.

Additionally, they include a lot of quality-of-life features. You can use their downloader on a multitude of social media sites to get all of the content locally.


Like any other Instagram automation software, you will need to use proxies in order to stay safe. Since all Instagram bots are against the ToS of the social media platform, doing otherwise means running the risk of getting banned.

Unfortunately, you will have to figure most things out on your own. Ingramer do have a beginner’s guide in their Lab section. It’s the only guide, however. It doesn’t seem to be very welcoming to newcomers.

All in all, Ingramer is a powerful Instagram bot that brings with it all the essential features. Yet, it might not be the best one for newcomers.


Jarvee (Service permanently closed)




  • Free trial available for 5 days.
  • Starter plan - €29.95 (~$34.60) per month.
  • Regular plan - €49.95 (~$57.80) per month.
  • Professional plan - €69.95 (~$80.90) per month.
  • VPS & Jarvee plan - Custom.

Jarvee is a long-standing member in the social media automation and growth industry. They might even be the oldest Instagram bot in the market.

That’s partly the reason why Jarvee became so popular for social media automation. They replaced another bot and rose to prominence. Now, Jarvee has expanded to cover most social media websites instead of being only an Instagram bot.


Additionally, Jarvee was once one of the best Instagram bots on the market. A lot of people doubt its efficacy nowadays. From our research, however, it seems to still work great. Instagram, however, has gotten a lot better at detecting botting since Jarvee appeared. As such, many of the old school Instagram bot users might be getting punished by the social media website.

Feature-wise Jarvee has everything you need to do Instagram automation. You can do nearly everything, from automatic liking and commenting to post scheduling, hashtag research, and advanced Instagram searches. Just like Ingramer, it comes with the full Instagram bot feature suite.


It also has dedicated custom proxy support. While you might need to tinker with other Instagram bots to get proxies working, Jarvee understands that they are essential in order to avoid bans. As such, proxies are a lot easier to use with Jarvee than with any other Instagram bot.


All in all, Jarvee is still one of the leading bots in the Instagram software market. You might need to, however, be more careful while using the bot than previously.




Pricing: Two products. Scheduler is free. Growth has a free plan and two additional paid ones.


Combin is a lesser-known Instagram bot and automation tool. Instead of providing the full suite of features like the previous best Instagram bots, Combin focuses on two primary aspects. These are scheduling and Instagram growth.

Features for the former are quite simple. You can set up posts and stories ahead of time, tag users, etc. It’s also completely free! However, if you want all the features a regular Instagram bot offers, you’ll have to buy the growth tool as well.

The Instagram growth tool is a little more complicated. Combin include a multitude of features to it, most of which is used to track engagement with your account and ways to find new and better audiences. With both products combined, you get something akin to a regular Instagram bot.


Additionally, they have, just like Jarvee, native proxy support. You can use any Instagram proxies you like with their service. So, you don’t need to worry too much about making your security measures work in the way they’re supposed to.


Finally, Combin has a dedicated tutorial and learning page that’s filled with in-depth guides and information. Since it has a very reasonable feature set and all the guides you need, Combin is great for beginners.

As such, Combin is a great Instagram bot that offers a lot of good features and works well for beginners. Professional and highly skilled Instagram bot users might find other software more beneficial, though.

Do Instagram bots still work in 2022?


The short answer is - yes. As per usual, the reality is a little more complicated than that. Instagram bots are being used daily by many people and companies. Yet, sometimes people conflate an Instagram bot with an Instagram growth service.

You can still buy an Instagram bot online. Managing one, though, requires some know-how and a reliable proxy provider. Preferably one that has social media proxies that can help users evade bans from Instagram. Of course, a proxy provider that has dedicated Instagram proxies is an even better option.


So, while an Instagram bot provides incredible flexibility and much greater adaptability, some people prefer to go the easier route, even if it’s more expensive and not as safe. There are Instagram growth services. They, supposedly, mostly give you real Instagram followers.

Yet, most of these services will often be using an Instagram bot. It could be a generic one or it could be a proprietary one. But it will be an Instagram bot. There’s simply not a lot of other options available if you want a scalable Instagram growth business.


Additionally, you really have no way to verify their claims, most of which are quite lofty. Every service will tell you they provide real Instagram followers. Yet, how would you know if all of them are real Instagram followers? In most cases, it will be hard to detect a bot Instagram account. 

So, we highly recommend getting a real Instagram bot. While it may take some learning and necessitate proxies, the power, flexibility, growth provided cannot be matched by most services. Also, you’ll always be able to get real Instagram followers if you do botting properly.

One final note - keep an eye out for Instagram bot updates. Social media platforms are known for constantly updating their anti-bot tactics. Instagram is no different. As such, you should be always ready to switch to a better Instagram bot if the opportunity arises.




Instagram growth agencies are seeming to push real bots out of the market. While those companies are easier to use, they provide no control over the process and are generally more expensive than an Instagram bot. As such, we’d highly recommend going with a legitimate Instagram bot for your marketing strategy purposes.

Get residential or mobile proxies for just $2.

By Oliver Jones
Oliver is someone you would call a tech-wizard. Fascinated with everything computer and machine related, he has been involved in the industry for ages. Proxies and data are his two newest interests that have carried him to the field of writing. Oliver believes that all the knowledge in the world is worth nothing if it can’t be shared!